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About Me Terry Brothers. About IT Take Away Office 365 Migration Challenges.

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1 About Me Terry Brothers

2 About IT

3 Take Away Office 365 Migration Challenges

4 Office 365 Deployment Phases Plan Prepare Migrate

5 Challenges and Solutions Shared mailbox permissions Multiple mobile phone models BlackBerry activations ConnectWise and CWAdmin Outlook version SMTP relay blocked Users Do Not Read Instructions Routing addresses Restoring from old Exchange server Mail flow setting didn’t migrate Managing distribution lists Mostly PowerShell script management Exchange or Windows PowerShell O365 admin or Exchange admin CRM integration Shared mailboxes with voicemail Old Outlook rules reactivated

6 Shared Mailbox Permissions Permissions of shared mailboxes did not migrate Document delegated permissions We used PowerShell to quickly add back the necessary permissions

7 Configure Mobile Phones Multiple mobile device models Users Do Not Read Instructions Document the most common devices Email instructions to your users Email instructions to your users … Again Be ready for the oddball or uncommon device that you don’t know how to configure

8 Outlook Version 2010 SCCM did not update all PC’s Outlook would not connect to O365 Be prepared to manually apply updates This occurred on about 5% of our systems

9 Outlook Web Access blocked by customers Field techs could not access OWA Used the Global Federated Services URL

10 Routing and Email Addresses UPN (User Principal Name) User’s email address Routing address We manually verified these settings in each user object A number of accounts were incorrect Manual verification made the migration more smooth

11 Mailbox “Mail Flow” Settings Mail Flow settings may not migrate forwarded to Manually reconfigured mail flow settings We learned of this on the fly

12 Outlook Rules OLD Outlook rules reactivated Had to convince users that IT wasn’t screwing with them

13 Managing Distribution Lists “Managed by” no longer works Since the migration – IT manages membership for all distribution lists

14 PowerShell Management Most admin functions are performed via PowerShell Just prepare yourself if you are strictly a GUI person PowerShell is easy … Once you know what you are doing We have scripts you can modify and use for your organization

15 ConnectWise Mailbox delegation and SMTP configuration ConnectWise works just fine We have the configuration settings Ask me if you need them

16 Dynamics CRM Email Router Configuration Installed and configured the CRM Email Router Tetyana with Catapult helped ESI

17 Bandwidth for Data Migration No Issue Informational Only We were able to migrate 45 GB in 6 hours across a 45 MB pipe This was consistent for each day we migrated mailboxes

18 The End Wake up! It’s lunch time

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