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Please join my Adobe classroom to participate in this session … and prepare to interact!

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1 Please join my Adobe classroom to participate in this session … and prepare to interact!

2 What would you most like to change about your synchronous sessions? Increase Attendance Increase Attendance Be Better Prepared Design Engaging Interactions Design Engaging Interactions Make Students More Comfortable Gamify! Learn new Best Practices

3 Strategies for Student Engagement using Adobe Connect @cmadz #SPLS14

4 GAVS Synchronous Learning Statement We believe synchronous learning is important because it provides students the full benefits of our highly qualified instructors. The synchronous interaction provides immediate instructor and student feedback, reduces the feeling of isolation, fosters a sense of community with the learners, and offers a forum for student collaboration. By incorporating live and interactive learning opportunities in the online environment, teachers are leveraging synchronous learning to enhance learning and promote student engagement. Our synchronous sessions should be personalized for the individual learner’s needs. We feel it is important to allow the teacher flexibility to determine what should to be covered, what students should be targeted, and when the sessions should be held to reach these students. We encourage teachers to create engaging lessons to meet the needs of all learners. We advocate the use of the tools available in the synchronous platform to promote active engagement, social learning, and continuous feedback. Teachers should be creative and hold sessions that accommodate the different learning levels (high, average, and low). The synchronous classroom can be an equalizer for students of all abilities. We encourage collaboration between our teachers to discuss best practices for holding successful synchronous sessions. By working together, we can determine what works best for students with different learning abilities and styles. Click here to link to GAVS teacher handbook/policy

5 Pathway for Successful Chats PrepareAdvertise Get them Comfortable Engage

6 PrepareAdvertise Get them Comfortable Engage Prepare Data Adobe Content: pre-load & recycle! Survey Collaborate

7 Use Layouts to Your Advantage! Organized Flow Differentiation/V ariety Lobby Presentation Video Game Whiteboard

8 Adobe Connect Resources Adobe Connect Custom Meeting PodsAdobe Connect Custom Meeting Pods: Within GAVS Adobe Connect:

9 Kindly share which method you primarily use to inform students about your chat Use the poll pod to answer A. Office Hours posted in Course Information B. News Announcement C. Email D. Other E. More than one of the above PrepareAdvertise Get them Comfortable Engage

10 Be Your Own Mad Man: Advertise! Twitter Chat announcements with videos or teasers Chat recording posts Newsletters Calendar invites Reference in student feedback Put it on course schedules!! PrepareAdvertise Get them Comfortable Engage

11 Use catchy videos or pre-load students with questions/content in News Tweet out chat reminders

12 What’s in Your Lobby? How are students “greeted” when they enter your classroom? Audio/Technical Setup Information? Music? Video or other Graphic? Agenda? Icebreaker/Warm Up? PrepareAdvertise Get them Comfortable Engage

13 Get Comfy: Sprinkle in Some Starbucks! Lobby or Lounge Welcome Sign Helpful Directives (Agenda, Setup) Atmosphere –Music –Images –Sponge/warm-up activity –Encourage chatter! PrepareAdvertise Get them Comfortable Engage

14 Engage! with Healthy Manipulation Why? –Meaningful, Informative Experiences for all –Effective use of data for student improvement –Backchannel for students –Feedback The “How”: –Utilize Adobe Tools (Whiteboards, Pods, Polls, Files) –Provide practice, resources PrepareAdvertise Get them Comfortable Engage Students will need guidance, guidelines and practice with the interaction at first.guidelines

15 Tool: Whiteboards Link to this image in the files pod Make students *Presenters*, but support their effort.

16 Whiteboard: Match it! Students use pencil tool to draw lines; different color per student

17 Whiteboard: Check it off! Students use stamps or text tool (student color-coded) to complete checklist Uses: Collaboration, pre-assessment, formal assessment, discussion

18 Whiteboard: Tag It! Students use “stamps” (symbols) to tag objects for an activity

19 Whiteboard: Venn Diagrams Students use text tool; collaborate, revise Word Bank in Notes Pod:

20 Whiteboard: Labeling Students annotate image or document with text and/or line tool Use notes pod if a key is necessary

21 Case Studies Use in place of a “lecture” Problem based learning Realia and Current Events

22 Video: Provide focus and follow-up. Focus: –Clues –Answers –False statements –Observations Follow-up: –Chat live –Live Student Notetaker –Opinion –Review

23 Example: Video Analysis Perform or watch experiments with the class; Guided analysis or data collection

24 Gamify! Why? –“Brains on” engagement –Competition/motivation –Grabs Attention –Feedback/Formative assessment –Fun! –Repeat attenders! When you gamify your classroom, remember to make it a versatile tool for YOU! Almost any f2f game will translate. Plan to re-use, recycle and adapt!

25 Scratch-off Courtesy of Joyce Bearden Create a Wordle with vocabulary. Each student assigned a highlighter color. Teacher reads definition. All students scratch of correct word.

26 Who Am I? Game board with categories, people, concepts, vocabulary Word or picture clues, definitions or questions Teacher reads “clue Students tag correct answer with shape tool or their name

27 Bingo! Word or picture clues, definitions or questions/problem s Create a Bingo Board Add words of your choosing Teacher reads question and student answers. Chip is moved to correct answer.

28 Animal Race Courtesy of Joyce Bearden Each student chooses a row 5 questions posted Students race to fill out their row and get to the finish Used for: Verb conjugations 5 Examples of ___. Ordering of events

29 Beat the Timer! Courtesy of Joyce Bearden Teacher posts problem to solve. Timer begins. Students race to beat the timer using the pen and/or text tools.

30 Candyland becomes Bioland! Game boards Pawns Spinners Dice

31 Questions Welcome! #SPLS14 @cmadz

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