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Please tweet using #GAVSTweetUp throughout this presentation

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1 Please tweet using #GAVSTweetUp throughout this presentation #GAVSTweetUp #SPLS14 @MsMitchellBio @cmadz

2 Q1: What would you most like to learn about during this session? #GAVSTweetUp Best Practices Student/pa rent access to twitter Or tweet something original! Tweet Chats

3 Twitter in the Online Classroom LaEla Mitchell Carrie Madden Leslie Houck

4 Q2: Why Use Twitter in the Online Classroom? Communication Backchannel/engagement Resources: Current events/realia Writing skills Feedback Research Collaboration Grow your PLN What do you think? #GAVSTweetUp

5 Before you start … know your policy Georgia Virtual Learning Employee Social Media Policy Georgia Virtual School acknowledges that websites and social media tools have a useful role to play in educating students. Students need to have appropriate web usage modeled for them. Teachers are bound by the Code of Conduct for Educators in all interactions with students. Therefore, teachers must be above reproach in all web activity that involves students or can potentially be seen by a student.

6 Advertise (ahem, convert) your Students & Parents Communicate your twitter handle –Within the Course –Email Siggy –Newsletters You can also embed your live twitter feed in your course, blog, etc.

7 How to participate without being a twitter user “Fast follow” (SMS) – articles/20170004-fast- following-on-sms articles/20170004-fast- following-on-sms Keep up with Tweets online –Tagboard –Evernote For U.S. only – other countries, look up carrier short code

8 Example of embedded feed in D2L Widget:

9 #hashtagsarekey Uses: –Course section –Content topic to discuss –Assignment names –Asking questions –Poll students List of educator hashtags: comprehensive-dictionary-of.html

10 Classroom Applications

11 Communication from Instructor Notifications Office hours Reminders Pop quizzes for bonus points Feedback for students


13 Student Communication Collaboration (#ourawesomegroup) Discussion Questions Notepad: brainstorm, collect

14 Resources Research current events or historical figures –#cosmos –#Darwin Experts (@TheScienceGuy) –For information (@GrammarGirl) –For networking (@gavirtual) Searchable conversations are a study tool for review

15 Writing Skills: 140 characters or less Define vocabulary words Post word games for bonus points Summarize a(n)… –Concept –Reading –Opinion with link Create –Microreviews –“art” shows –Poetry (Haiku)

16 TweetChats (or Twitter Parties)

17 What is a TweetChat? Live, topic-based chat via twitter Uses common hashtag Set time each week, month or scheduled time 9 Steps to Organize a Successful Tweet Chat

18 TweetChat Guide: Log on to Twitter at correct time –Alternatively, use Twubs or TweetChat Follow host and/or sponsor(s) Introduce yourself and answer questions from host via tweeting! –Use chat hashtag –Reference question if you are answering (Q1, Q5 are answered with A1, A5 respectively) Search for chat’s hashtag to follow along; respond to others, converse

19 Content-specific Groups & Chats #scichat #tlchat #educhat #lrnchat #gtchat #yalitchat #hsc #engchat #CollegeChat #edchat #musedchat #mathchat

20 Let’s take a look at #scichat

21 Q3: What’s your take-home twitter inspiration for today? How will you use twitter in new ways? Will you try a twitter chat/party? How will you reach more students with twitter? What new thing did you learn today that was key? Answer any of the above for us! #GAVSTweetUp

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