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Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Accomplishments Twenty-Sixth President 1901-1909.

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1 Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Accomplishments Twenty-Sixth President 1901-1909

2 In 1904, Theodore Roosevelt won the Presidency by a landslide.

3 As President, he considered himself a "steward of the people." He felt it was his duty to take whatever actions necessary for the public good — unless expressly forbidden by law or the Constitution

4 While in office, Roosevelt became a "trust buster" by forcing the great railroad combination in the Northwest to break apart.

5 As President, Roosevelt saw himself a representative of all the people, including farmers, laborers, white collar workers, and businessmen.

6 One of President Theodore Roosevelt's most lasting and significant contributions to the world was the permanent preservation of the some of the most unique natural resources of the United States. According to the National Geographic, the area of the United States placed under public protection by Theodore Roosevelt, as National Parks, National Forests, game and bird preserves, and other federal reservations, comes to a total of approximately 230,000,000 acres or about 84,000 acres per day!

7 President Roosevelt was aware of the need for a shortcut between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as a means of connecting the world. As a result, in 1903, construction of the Panama Canal began.

8 By the end of his first term, Roosevelt had solved many international problems. He had a firm hand on domestic affairs and became known for his famous "walk softly and carry a big stick" attitude of running the country. He was also very popular with the public.

9 Interesting Facts He graduated from Harvard College in 1880. He was Vice President under William McKinley His efforts brought about the treaty between the U.S. and Panama for creating the Panama Canal and setting it up to be under U.S. control. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 1906 for the work he did to help end the Russo-Japanese war. He is the youngest U.S. president – having been elected when he was just 42 years old. The iconic teddy bear toy that we all know and love was named after him. He was the first president to travel outside the United States. He make the trip to Panama. He lost the sight in one eye while boxing in the White House one day. He had a photographic memory and could read an entire page in the time it took most people to read a single sentence.

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