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CQU Portal Task Experience IV Putting it all together.

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1 CQU Portal Task Experience IV Putting it all together

2 Final year focus Consolidation of skills which support and underpin the work of a Learning Manager Being workplace ready and futures oriented

3 Remaining final year experiences PTE IV – Formal supervised placement – 5 weeks Mentor Teacher provides regular feedback, daily reviews, etc PTE V Internship – guided partnership – 5 weeks BLM student prepares a mid-point progress report, Mentor Teacher provides feedback to that and brief final statement (the workload for them in relation to provision of feedback is minimal).

4 Expectations You must have a current blue card You need to be at school 45 mins before start of day and available for discussions/meetings after school You need to make up any days off for illness etc (not public holidays) You need to let us know of any variation of Internship dates

5 PTE IV - 4 week block Planning and engaging in all aspects of the Learning Managers role In primary teaching role for 50% of the time Involvement at other times is still in an active role – co-teaching, working with small groups, observing, involvement in co-curricula activities etc

6 PTE IV Demonstrating you can do the whole job – not just whats in the booklet Embracing the role Asking the question How am I seen as a professional? How do I get to do the job?

7 BLM must demonstrate satisfactory: Curriculum knowledge Planning, preparation and record keeping Implementation of learning experiences Interpersonal skills with students and teaching colleagues Personal attitude and commitment to teaching Classroom management development

8 Portal Task Components Appropriate progress during the five week continuous block (including maintaining the Professional Folder) ILP (each discipline area) Completion of formative report (each discipline area) Professional Review (summative report)

9 What the BLM student will do: Plan and implement a section of a unit of work in each of the teaching areas (concluding in internship??). Plan and deliver discreet learning experiences (lessons) to a chosen class cohort as required. Deliver other learning experiences (lessons) collaboratively as the teacher, at the discretion of Mentor Teacher.

10 Observations, reflections Observations of your Mentor Teachers and teachers in other areas if possible. Reflections on your own teaching and lesson plans (discuss these with your Mentor Teacher/s). Handout 1

11 Professional folder - working document to record planning and reflections PTE notes/requirements Teaching preparation Observations and daily reflections Resources Show to LLM and Mentor Teachers for comments/guidance

12 Final Year Professional Portfolio NOT a collection of everything Selection of key materials and examples related to QCT standards QCT standards Specific evidence Handout 2

13 Term planning – engaging in different levels of planning Teachers engage in long, mid and short term planning – you need experience in all these levels Long term plans – Year Plan, Semester or term plan, unit plan The usefulness of the term plan for your work – so you know the scope of the learning intentions for the whole of the planned curriculum (for the 10 weeks) and know what kind of data you need to collect

14 Planning - (10 week term plan) Year plan How do I create opportunities that allow students to demonstrate the exit criteria by the time they finish? Handout 3, 4 Semester/term plans Engage with your source documents - syllabus, work programs, ELs. How does it all fit together? How am I attempting to create opportunities for students to demonstrate success?

15 Shorter term planning Unit plans Engage with work programs, task sheets, criteria and standards documents Consideration of need of resources, access to them, booking Meeting objectives Weekly plans what else occurs outside the unit Im working on? Lesson plans – connections to unit planning, curriculum requirements, student needs.

16 Planning for the term? You need to be organised for the 10 weeks You will need to plan the term, the units as required, weekly plans, lesson plans, as negotiated with your Mentor Teachers (Handout 5) Learning

17 If you know where youre headed… It makes all the other levels of planning so much easier You map out the term calendar, see what time you have Work out the goals/outcomes for each week Work out the goals/outcomes for each day Work out the goals/outcomes of each lesson

18 E.g. of part of a term plan Unit title and key questions Outcomes, key objectives Key learning experiences ResourcesAssessment Tasks Term 1 Studies in Archaeology What is archaeology? What are primary and secondary sources and how valuable are they to archaeology? How does archaeology contribute to Ancient History Declarative: Define the concept of archaeology. Describe primary and secondary sources. Procedural: Identify primary and secondary sources and give examples. Evaluate the value of sources. Evaluate how archaeology contributes to the study of Ancient history Archaeology Arrives! Students will describe the concept of archaeology and will meet a real archaeologist who will talk to them and participate in questionand- answer activities. Dreary Documents Students will learn how to distinguish between primary and secondary sources by participating in a class discussion of items and photos that will be passed around and displayed using PowerPoint and be able to give examples. Archaeology and Ancient History Students will participate in a class discussion on how they think archaeology contributes to the study of Ancient History. Student modules, pens, archaeologis t, PowerPoints of Dreary Documents (computer, projector), primary and secondary items such as photographs, journals etc. Informal observations will be made throughout the unit as formative assessment. Other formative assessment pieces include participation in class discussion and question-and-answer activities. Formal summative task: Multi-modal presentation. This will be an authentic assessment with a problem presented

19 Planning for assessment for learning and data gathering Formative Summative Handout 7

20 Classroom management strategies Preventive Supportive Corrective What has worked, what has not? Handout 6

21 What you need to do now Go through PTE IV requirements with your mentor teacher Be part of planning for the term You need to be involved in long term and short term planning in both teaching areas Negotiate time for sharing planning before the beginning of term You need to engage in the full cycle of learning management (including assessment and data gathering)

22 Start getting organised for employment applications Forms for EQ from their website ex.html Forms for Queensland College of Teachers (Provisional registration) Catholic Education tionkit/Final_Employment%20Applications.htm You need certified copies of a range of documents Dont leave it until the last minute!

23 Any issues, concerns or cause for celebration let us know!!!

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