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Direction Words Are Your Guide!

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1 Direction Words Are Your Guide!
CRCT Vocabulary Practice

2 On the CRCT, EXPLAIN means:
In your own words, tell how or why Tell about Discuss

3 On the CRCT, SUMMARIZE means:
Give the short version Tell the main ideas or the most important parts Sum it up So, what happened was . . .

4 On the CRCT, COMPARE means:
Give all the likenesses or similarities between two or more things How are they alike?

5 On the CRCT, CONTRAST means:
Tell all of the differences between two or more ideas How are they different?

6 On the CRCT, DESCRIBE means:
Tell about using the five senses (touch, smell, scent, sound, and look) Paint a picture using words

7 On the CRCT Conclusion means
The end or the close The final part The result The outcome “What is the conclusion of the story?”

8 On the CRCT, PREDICT means:
Tell what you think will happen next Make a guess about the next event Think ahead

9 On the CRCT, SUPPORT means:
Back up with details Give reasons for Give the facts about Defend your ideas/ beliefs

10 On the CRCT, EVALUATE means:
Tell the value of In your words, tell the good and bad parts Put in rank order Judge or rate

11 On the CRCT, ANALYZE means:
Break into parts Study the individual pieces Take apart Look at closer

12 On the CRCT, INFER means:
Read between the lines Make an educated guess Look for hidden information Figure out Be a detective!

13 On the CRCT, FORMULATE means:
Put together Come up with Create Make Design Well, in my opinion . . .

14 On the CRCT, TRACE means:
Write in order from beginning to end List in steps Outline Track or follow

15 On the CRCT, COMPOUND means:
More than one Look for two! Compound subject? Compound predicate? Compound sentence?

16 On the CRCT, the QUOTIENT is
The answer to a division problem! 8 ÷ 4 = 2

17 On the CRCT, DIVIDEND means
Divide this number It’s under the division bar! It’s probably the largest number! It comes first in the division sentence! 45 ÷ 9 = 5

18 On the CRCT, a DIVISOR is the number you are dividing by… the number of groups you are creating when you divide… 16 ÷ 2 = 8 The number that sits outside the division bar!

19 On the CRCT, DIFFERENCE means
The difference is the answer to a subtraction problem! 24 – 14 = 10

20 On the CRCT, PRODUCT means
The answer to a multiplication problem! 5 X 6 = 30

21 Add the numbers together to get your answer!
On the CRCT, SUM means Add the numbers together to get your answer! The answer to an addition problem… = 15

22 On the CRCT, BEST choice means
The might be more than one that works, but which one works better than all the others?

23 On the CRCT, Also watch for…
Which does NOT… Which has the MOST… Which is BEST… You might see questions about content written two different ways on the same test! Example: Which of the following is NOT a compound sentence on the same test that asks which of the following is a compound sentence…The information is tested two different ways.

24 you are going to be a star!!!
On the CRCT, you are going to be a star!!! Good Luck!

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