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Positioning the organisation to meet the goals of the One Tertiary agenda Wayne Collyer Managing Director Polytechnic West TAFE Governance & Regulations.

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1 Positioning the organisation to meet the goals of the One Tertiary agenda Wayne Collyer Managing Director Polytechnic West TAFE Governance & Regulations Forum 24 – 25 February 2010

2 Leadership in today’s VET Today’s high performing training providers have leaders who… – Use the idea of serving society to enrich and inform business strategy – Maximise capabilities and clout for economic and social good – Understand the strengths of the people through strong culture, innovation, collaboration, high performance and professionalism – Achieve consistent long term measurable results

3 The Crux It is my experience that the most successful high performing VET leaders are those that are attuned to trends and shifts in the market place and position their organisation to strategically respond.

4 “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

5 Status of the brand Government focus is Training WA – more than just TAFE More competitive training environment – establishing a point of difference Improve organisational appeal to diverse markets and clientele One Tertiary system – blurring of the boundaries Developing an integrated and meaningful image

6 Incentives came from… Federal Government: Julia Gillard, Deputy Prime Minister “We have a world class VET system but we can’t rest on our laurels because relentless technological, economic, and social change is placing new demands on our VET system that will increase in the decade to come” 5 March 2009

7 Towards One Tertiary The Bradley Report advocates a new vision for an Australian Tertiary Sector more commonly referred to as “One Tertiary” The context of One Tertiary is: 1.Examining relationships between VET and Higher Education 2.Definitions of Tertiary 3.Qualifications Framework 4.National Protocols 5.Institutional recognition, accreditation of qualifications and quality of provisions 6.Funding 7.Accountability reporting and sector driven requirements 8.Strengthening pathways for students

8 WA State Government Peter Collier, Minister for Training and Workforce Development: “Today’s unveiling of Polytechnic West marks a fundamental change in Training not only for the organisation but for the sector state-wide. It contributes greatly to raising the status of training and TAFE while providing the opportunity to present itself as a centre of excellence” 25 November 2009

9 Our Clients Domestic International Industry Private Training providers Government - Local - State - Commonwealth Schools Universities Industry Training & Skills Councils Communities

10 Research on TAFE Brand Community attitudes to TAFE (April 2009) Researcher: Sue Lukomitis Key findings emerged on: 1.Awareness and participation in TAFE 2.Attitudes to TAFE 3.Attitudes to TAFE relative to University 4.Matters raised by the Bradley Review

11 Findings Whilst the TAFE Brand is held in high regard this was primarily in Certificate I, II and III qualifications. As you move into Higher Qualifications the brand recognition of TAFE diminished Sue Loukomitis April 2009

12 TAFE Brand “The community does not hold negative attitudes towards TAFE: it simply lacks knowledge about the course and programs available “ “There is a disconnect in community attitudes regarding the quality of a TAFE qualification and education versus the acceptance of the qualification in the workplace” Sue Loukomitis April 2009

13 TAFE Brand Key messages from Higher Education in TAFE research: “Almost every person consulted raised the issue of TAFE’s profile and its perceived lower status compared with universities” Tom Karmel Managing Director NCVER

14 Market Analysis Market analysis undertaken by the organisation in some of these sectors has indicated that promotional campaigns have been inhibited by the lack of an effective trading name that appeals to a wide and diverse clientele.

15 Getting it right !!! College of TAFE? College of Technology? Institute of Training? Institute of Technology? Polytechnic? University College?


17 Appeals across all markets – well recognised internationally Represents all levels of the proposed new qualifications framework – as well as only publicly funded provider of applied Higher Education qualifications in the State Unique in WA – A point of difference from other recently re-branded TAFE colleges and private providers Why Polytechnic? poly-technic n. Many skills.

18 Changing Landscape of VET in WA “Training WA identifies strategies to increase the skills and participation of all Australians in the workforce and the community driven by a flexible and innovative training system. They include recognising the contribution that all providers of training will make to achieve the outcomes of the plan” Keith Spence, Chair State Training Board May 2009

19 Polytechnic West’s Resilience Plan 20082009201020112012 State Revenue 85%70%65%60%55% Fee for Service (includes Contestable Funding from State and Commonwealth) 5%17.5%20%22.5%25% International 5%7.5%10%12.5%15% Student Fees 5%

20 Maintaining Relevance in the Market Take advantage of significant opportunities in domestic and international fee for service markets Enhance the polytechnic’s prominence as the state’s leading provider of trade skills training Convey a meaningful and contemporary image to students, staff and the wider community of applied Higher Qualifications

21 Gaining ownership A critical component of the journey was engagement with key staff and consultants to review concepts and develop shortlist of names and logos

22 Engagement and Endorsement The new name was chosen after some considerable internal debate and discussion. Workshops were held with the college leadership group and focus groups with frontline college staff and students. Appointment of visual communications company (Forbes) re: design signage style guide and commercial trading names Governing Council endorsement Ministerial approval Government Gazette Regulatory bodies

23 Leadership and communication Staff Students Industry Public and Private Training Providers Politicians (Federal, State and Local) Broader community

24 Synergies through the right logo

25 Examples


27 Review of our products and promotion Rebranding provided an opportunity to Review our pathways to ensure meaningful skills development and job relevant exit points Engage articulation arrangements with other providers Build stronger pathways to further education through applied qualifications Review our “gateway” for an expanding client market

28 Website homepage


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