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FY 2011 I NDIAN A FFAIRS B UDGET Mary Jane Miller (Budget Officer)

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1 FY 2011 I NDIAN A FFAIRS B UDGET Mary Jane Miller (Budget Officer)

2 FY 2011 IA B UDGET – GOAL Improve Indian Country while supporting Secretarial Initiatives Focus on Secretarial Priorities Empowering Native American Communities Creating a New Energy Frontier Tackling Climate Impacts & Water Conservation Creating a 21 st Century Youth Conservation Corps Promote Indian Country Priorities

3 FY 2011 IA B UDGET – D ECISION -M AKING P ROCESS Approach Input from Tribal Budget Advisory Committee (TBAC) & tribal budget subcommittee Focused on Tribal & Indian Affairs’ Priorities Priorities aligned with Secretarial Initiatives

4 FY 2011 IA B UDGET – D ECISION -M AKING P ROCESS National Budget Meeting – May 2009 Top 5 Priorities from Tribal Presentations at TBAC: Natural Resources (11) [Water (7)] Public Safety (11) [Tribal Courts (7); LE (7)] Education (10) [JOM (8) Scholarships (6)] Economic Development (7) Contract Support (4) OVERALL TBAC Priority: Tribal Priority Allocations

5 FY 2011 IA B UDGET – D ECISION -M AKING P ROCESS Gathered regional & central requirements Coordinated with Tribal priorities Senior managers & regional directors (3) negotiations Tribal subcommittee negotiations with ASIA PPA sought out performance info from individual managers (needs to be better) Final Tribal/Indian Affairs 2011 proposal At TARGET, +5%, and Over Target levels

6 FY 2011 IA B UDGET – T ARGET S UBMISSION Target: $2.57B $33.1M increase over FY 2010 Pres Budget Target +5%: $2.694B Increase of $123.6M Additional Over-target: +$881M Made up primarily of: ILCA ($197M) Forestry ($125M) Construction ($254M) Irrigation & Dams ($89M)

7 A T ALL L EVELS $52.4M in 2011 Cost Savings $50M -- one-time TCU forward-funding $2.4M – completed Pueblo of Isleta Settlement $27.9M in Fixed Costs (pay adjust; etc)

8 2011 Budget Aligned with Priorities

9 E MPOWERING N ATIVE A MERICAN C OMMUNITIES Protecting Indian Country Target: +$2.0M $1M – Contract Bed Space $1M – Correctional Officers +5%Over-target +$26M +$71.8M Detention/Corrections: +$10M LE Special Initiatives+$10M +$ 5.0M Indian Police Academy+$ 1M Native Falcon (IT) +$ 5.1M Facilities O&M (detention)+$ 5M +$ 7.0M Fac Replace/New Construct +$54.7M

10 E MPOWERING N ATIVE A MERICAN C OMMUNITIES Advancing Indian Education Target: +$9.9M $3.9M – ISEP Security Issues $2.0M – EQ audits at schools $4.0M – Tribal Grant Support costs +5%Over-target +$33.7M +$159.6M Tribal Grant Spt Costs+$ 4.8M Facilities Operations+$ 4.0M Haskell & SIPI (Fwd Fund)+$13.0M Haskell & SIPI (new pgms)+$ 1.9M +$ 4.1M Education IT (Bright Eagle) +$ 1.9M Replacement Schools+$10.0M +$ 24.4M Replacement Facilities +$ 62.9M FI&R +$ 66.3M

11 Education Construction Replacement Schools: Circle of Life School, MN Blackfeet Dormitory, MT Beatrice Rafferty School, ME Replacement Facilities at 5 schools Major Facilities Improvement and Repair at 7 schools. Funding for advance planning & design, emergency repairs, & portable classroom buildings. A DVANCING I NDIAN E DUCATION

12 E MPOWERING N ATIVE A MERICAN C OMMUNITIES Advancing Nation to Nation Relationships: Target: +$19.2M $10.0M – Contract Support $2.0M – Indian Self Determination Fund $1.0M – Awarding Officials (P.L. 638 contracts) $1.0M – Rolls Research; Museum inventory compliance $5.0M – TPA – Small & Needy; Current Services $250K – Self-Governance Committee +5%Over-target +$29.6M+$121.0M Contract Support+$15.0M+$ 35.0M Social Services+$ 30.0M TPA Current Services+$10.0M+$ 10.0M TPA Small & Needy+$ 4.0M Facilities Replacement/Qtrs+$ 46.0M Various Admin Needs (ongoing) + $.6M

13 E MPOWERING N ATIVE A MERICAN C OMMUNITIES Trust Land Management Reform Target: +$3.0M $1.5M – ILCP acquisitions $1.5M – Education in estate planning +5%Over-target Indian Land Consolidation +$ 3.0M +$197.0M

14 T ACKLING C LIMATE I MPACTS Trust Land Management Reform Target: +10.6M Former Bennett Freeze -- $1.2M Rights Protection -- $5.0M Rangeland Development -- $4.0M Tar Creek Superfund Staffing -- $400K +5%Over-target + $17.6M+$185.8M Endangered Species+$ 4.0M GIS & ESRI Licenses+$ 2.8M Rangeland Development +$ 3.1M NIIP On-Farm Lab +$ 4.0M Invasive Species/Nox Weed +$ 5.0M +$ 5.0M Minerals & Mining Projects +$ 0.5M Forestry Programs & Projects+$125.5M LTRO+$ 5.0M Lease Compliance +$ 5.0M+$ 1.0M Cadastral Surveys+$ 5.0M Navajo Indian Irrigation Project+$ 37.6M

15 E MPOWERING N ATIVE A MERICAN C OMMUNITIES Fulfilling Ongoing Commitments Target: +$5.2M Public Affairs/Data Management -- $700K Acquisition/Property Workforce -- $2.5M Building Trades training -- $1.5M National Indian Program Training Center -- $500K

16 C REATING A N EW E NERGY F RONTIER Target: $2.5M $1M – Fort Berthold Staff Agency work on Indian Mineral Leasing & Development Activities $500K – Fort Berthold “one-stop shop” Oversee & expedite oil & gas development Congressional initiative $1M – Tribal Minerals & Mining Projects Evaluate & develop energy & mineral resources on trust land for economic development

17 W ATER C ONSERVATION Target: $3.8M+5%: $6.2MOver Target: $118.9M Reduce overall risk of dams in BIA inventory to downstream communities Repair & rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure Assist tribes in efficient utilization of their water resources Establishing and defending Indian water rights through negotiations and/or litigation Operation & maintenance costs on NIIP and other irrigation delivery systems

18 21 ST C ENTURY Y OUTH C ONSERVATION C ORPS Target: +$1.5M +5%: $3.5M Over target: +$16.7M Fund training of unemployed and underemployed tribal members in a building trade. Provide meaningful training opportunities in construction maintenance with OJT workforce training. Provide career oriented youth work experience in natural resource conservation Continues work begun with ARRA funding

19 I NFORMATION T ECHNOLOGY +5%: $4.0MOver Target: +$10.2M Provide increased bandwidth for data circuits that support Indian Affairs Internet connectivity Consolidate, optimize, & virtualize data centers and implement portals to replace current Intranet. (Green IT) Improve security of Indian Affairs and Indian Education IT information & provide content filtering. Provide disaster recovery support for the Information Portal Intranet and Internet sites through establishment of a second site.

20 S UMMARY Indian Affairs has historically been underfunded Buying power has decreased over last 10 yrs 2010 budget is the first increase in at least 5 years Need to maintain the momentum 2011 budget is focused on priorities Advances Vision & Mission Ensures Trust Responsibilities met Supports Secretary’s Initiatives Reflects needs & concerns of Tribal constituents Preserves and enhances support functions which directly impact programs

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