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Shopping Mall (Bear left) TV Studio (Bear right) Levittown By: Mia Shoshany Hannah Bley Hannah Swieca.

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2 Shopping Mall (Bear left) TV Studio (Bear right) Levittown By: Mia Shoshany Hannah Bley Hannah Swieca

3 TV Studio Next Slide

4 The Automobile Industry in the 50’s Sports cars were created There was competition between American Car makers Ford launched the new Edsel in 1958 click here to see it! The growing economy called for newer, flashier, longer, sleeker looking cars Next Slide

5 Home (Levittown) Come and join us as we take a ride to the Suburbs TV Studio Or Main Menu “Car Crazy”

6 During the 1950s there was a boom in the growth of the suburbs. Levittown was an example of such a suburb. Levittown The Levitt Family Next Slide

7 It took only 16 minutes to construct each house and $8,000 To buy it The homes were initially small but over time when Bill Levitt decided to make them larger, they were built upward and then wider. They soon became four bedrooms. Click on the arrow to see the inside of a Levitt house Constructing Levittown Next Slide

8 During World War II, Bill Levitt learned construction techniques using standardized parts, tightly controlled suppliers of goods and services, and a workforce with highly specialized skills. When Levitt began to build Levittown, he structured the houses all to look identical Click Here for more information about Levittown

9 The First televised presidential debate was in the 1950’s. At the time of the first debate, Kennedy was running against Nixon. Nixon was not able to speak properly while the cameras were rolling. He was sweating and unable to get used to being filmed. Kennedy was handsome, well spoken and perfectly capable of being filmed live. TV Studio Or Main Menu

10 Shopping Mall In the 1950’s many families spent the day in the mall shopping. The economy boomed !!!! Click this box to learn more about the Automobile industry in the 50’s

11 Click here for the Control Room First Televised Presidential Debate Next Slide

12 Lets talk scheduling…By 6pm “Father Knows Best” should be airing. Next, at 7pm you’ll see “The Honeymooners.” “Lassie” and “I Love Lucy” should be next on the run. Don’t forget to tune in. TV Studio Great John! Isn't it very interesting that about 10 years ago, nobody ever had the idea about Television. And today there are presidential debates on Television. Television really changed an average Americans life. Main Menu NextNext Slide

13 V.S Listening to the radio? Watching TV? Click on the arrow to see more information about the radio and music in the 1950’

14 TV Studio Or Main Menu Next Slide

15 R ck Music During the 1950’s Elvis Presley Chuck Berry Buddy Holly Next Slide Click on their names to see more information

16 His sophomore summer he recorded “My Happiness” and “That’s When the Your Heartaches Begin” at Memphis Recording Studios, a sideline Sam Phillips had started at his Sun Records studios where anyone could record for four dollars. Back to Rock Music

17 Buddy Holly As 1954 progressed, Buddy began to sing more blues and “bop” numbers on the station. Although Montgomery was the principal composer during their partnership, Buddy also began to write. Two of these three songs were “Heartbeat” and “Love’s Made a Fool of You” which were both recorded several years later. Click on the guitar To learn more about Buddy Holly Buddy Holly was born on September 7, 1936 in Texas. He was one of four children. The Holly’s had a rich musical tradition. By the time Buddy entered high school, he was writing many songs with Bob Montgomery. Local radio stations also gave Buddy and Bob airtime. KDAV, the nation’s first all-country radio station gave them their own half-hour program each Sunday. Their music remained Country. Back to Rock Music

18 Chuck Berry Chuck Berry was born on October 18, 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in The Ville. Berry sang in St. Louis church’s Baptist choir (6). He learned to play the guitar while attending Sumner High School. Berry learned the basics of the instrument on a four string tenor guitar. By 1950, however, he had changed over to a six-string electric. Click on the revolving guitar to learn more information about Chuck Berry Chuck Berry’s music included blues, country, and funny songs that were written as a teen point of view. Chuck Berry’s music was a huge influence on other musicians. Chuck Berry was the first guitarist to “reach the charts”. Chuck Berry was the first rock and roller to write words that were entertaining to his white audience without turning away from his black audience. “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry” – John Lennon. Back to Rock Music

19 “Here is a popular, affordable washing machine. This is a practical and efficient appliance.”washing machine. Next Slide

20 Barbie signaled the changing times and the focus on fashion and finding love to start a family…….. Next Slide

21 New Inventions!!! First Barbie Super Glue Videotape Recorder Mr. Potato Head Colored Kitchen Appliances Home Microwave Velcro AA Batteries First Non Stick pan Laser Washing machine AM Radio

22 The baby boom of the 1950’s followed World War II. Improvements in electrical appliances, transportation, health care, education, housing and shopping made it easier to raise a big family. Next Slide

23 Lets go have some fun!!! Does the soda shop sound good? The word “teenager” was created in the Fifties I cant wait to get a new dress for prom! Next Slide

24 Christian Dior created a new fashion look with the tight short jacket and the cinched waist long skirt

25 QUIZ ??? Next Slide

26 QUIZ!!! How long did it take to build a Levitt house? Answer 1 ________ 16 minutes Around how much did a Levitt house cost? Answer 2 ________ $ 8,000 When Bill Levitt decided to make the houses larger, how did he do it? Next Slide Answer 3 ______ He built upward and then wider

27 QUIZ!!! How did Bill Levitt know how to construct Levittown? How did all the houses look like (hint: were they all different or did they all look the same? Answer 4 ______________ ______________ Answer 5______ He learned construction techniques during WWII The same Next Slide

28 QUIZ!!! Who ran against Kennedy during the presidential election? Answer ________ Nixon

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