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AdvanceNOLA Celebration Ralph’s on the Park December 6, 2011.

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1 AdvanceNOLA Celebration Ralph’s on the Park December 6, 2011

2 Partner High Schools Edna Karr Sci Academy Sci High O. Perry Walker

3 AP Course Offerings in our Partner High Schools 2006-07 School Year 2011-12 School Year 0 21

4 Why Advanced Placement? “... schools in the new National Math and Science Initiative on AP are great examples of the power of quality instruction, more time spent on task, and rigorous, content-focused teacher training. The NMSI schools are having phenomenal success in raising AP scores among minority students. In the single year of implementation to date, the number of African-American and Latino students who scored a 3 or higher on AP exams in math, science, and English jumped more than 70 percent.” U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan July 15, 2010 College Board AP Annual Conference

5 Partner High Schools: Demographics

6 Successes: Programmatic  Increases every year in numbers of  students taking AP courses  students earning qualifying scores  AP courses offered  student volunteers  Increased school buy-in  Introduction of pre-AP courses


8 Successes: Programmatic  Students have stopped saying “I can’t take AP classes” and have started saying “I can’t take four AP classes.”  At two partner schools, at least 95% of returning seniors are taking at least one AP course.

9 AdvanceNOLA in action


11 Response to Challenges: School-Based  Teachers  Parents  Counselors  Students

12 Response to Challenges: Policy  High mobility rates due to school choice model  Lack of feeder patterns

13 Looking Forward: Spring 2012  National Student Clearinghouse  Mock exams: January 2012  Saturday sessions  Volunteer opportunities  AP exams to be taken on Tulane’s campus  AP student celebration?

14 Looking Forward: Long-term  Development of pre-AP programs in high schools and partner middle schools  Expansion of current AP programs to include foreign language, social sciences, and art  Cohort of AdvanceNOLA scholars who become mentors  Increased collaboration among AdvanceNOLA schools, AP teachers, and AP students  Alignment of remediation, common core curriculum, state testing, and Advanced Placement

15 AdvanceNOLA Celebration Emily Remington Assistant Director, Programming 504-701-0460

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