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Welcome to Decent Exposure : High School, Volume IV Decent Exposure will help you teach words explicitly and thoroughly, so that students will remember.

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1 Welcome to Decent Exposure : High School, Volume IV Decent Exposure will help you teach words explicitly and thoroughly, so that students will remember and use them. The words have been chosen on the basis of their frequency in serious literature, the kind of books that students read in school. Also, these words have synonyms, antonyms, associations, components, and forms that extend beyond just the single word that might appear on a vocabulary list. By showing how these words are used in several contexts, students derive a 360° perspective as well as model sentences from great literature.

2 Contempt Ceremonious Morose Vapid Bereft Genial Nettles Welcome to Decent Exposure Volume I Countenance Profound Manifest Serene Sublime Prodigious Clamor Condescend Languor Allude Feeble Alight Apprehension Sabotage Liberal Acute Emphatic Reproach

3 countenance The The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald of a stout old lady beamed down into the room. countenance. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe It was easy to see joy and courage in the fellows countenance. A look of boding uneasiness took possession of every The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain countenances clouded with the tales of misfortune. The officers were impatient and snappy, their The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane countenance: facial expression Synonym: visage Slang: mug, kisser Sometimes used as a verb: to approve of to sanction to endorse Our school does not countenance bullying. Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 127 pages of text.

4 profoundcalm which only apparently precedesThe and prophesies of the storm is perhaps more awful than the storm itself. Moby Dick --Herman Melville profoundThe stillness was so animal twittering somewhere nearby under the snow. that he heard a little Ethan Frome Edith Wharton There was a silence, prolonged and unbroken. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain profoundprofoundlyMy mother couldnt have more disagreed with that. One Writers Beginnings by Eudora Welty profound: deep; deeply meaningful Synonym: unfathomable Antonyms: shallow; inane, superficial; facile; simple; obvious; glib Forms: N: profundity V: OO Adj: profound Adv: profoundly Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 155 pages of text.

5 The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne The physician a strong interest in the young clergyman. manifested The reason for its unpopularity was soon made The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy manifest will bear chestnuts this year or not. Walden by Henry David Thoreau no concern whether the woodsThe squirrelsmanifestation The it took was of great interest to them. Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison Manifest: to show; to reveal manifest Historical References: Manifest Destiny: The belief that God intended for the United States to extend its territory from coast to coast (Western Expansion) Communist Manifesto: The statement of the beliefs and goals of communism, written by Karl Marx and Fred Engels Synonyms: (adj) obvious; overt; demonstrable (v): demonstrate; reveal Antonyms: (adj) covert; hidden; subtle; obscure Forms: N: the manifestation Adj: manifest V: manifest, manifests, manifested, manifesting Adv: OO Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 126 pages of text.

6 The William Wordsworth sky and verdant fields filled me with ecstasy. The ocean rolled toward me in a thousand hues of blue. Moby Dick by Herman Melville serene serenely Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad The moon seemed to gloatover the spectacle. serene: calm; peaceful Walden by Henry David Thoreau Myis rippled but not ruffled. Synonym: tranquil Antonyms: turbulent; chaotic; tumultuous; agitated Forms: N: serenity Adj: serene V: 00 Adv: serenely sereneity serene Synonym: tranquil Antonyms: turbulent; chaotic; tumultuous; agitated Forms: N: serenity Adj: serene V: 00 Adv: serenely Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 449 pages of text.

7 I cannot believe that I am the same creature whose thoughts were once filled with and transcendent visions of the beauty and majesty of goodness. Frankenstein by Mary Wollenscraft Shelley Seeing the Grand Canyon at sunrise was truly The best cooking comes from the simplest but freshest ingredients and a sense of combining them just right. Such dishes are sublime When I heard the choir sing in St. Patricks Cathedral, I was overcome with a sense of beauty and spirituality. I dreamed of a vision that delivered peace to me in my time of grief. sublime: elevated; high-minded; spiritual Synonyms: heavenly; celestial Antonyms: mundane; vulgar; earth-bound Forms: N: OO Adj: sublime V: 00 Adv: sublimely Etymology: Sub: Under Lime: Line under the line that divides heaven and earth Related word: subliminal (under the line of conscious awareness) Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 320 pages of text.

8 prodigious: plentiful; productive; bountiful; lavishly fruitful prodigioustheuproar of battle… The Red Badge of Courage -Stephen Crane ly. Pride and Prejudice -Jane Austen I like them Each lad had an income now that was simply a dollar for every weekday. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer -Mark Twain prodigious-- …ablood-dripping mass Moby Dick -Herman Melville prodigious Synonyms: abundant Antonyms: meager; puny; scarce Related Word: prodigy Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 474 pages of text.

9 Moby Dick -Herman Melville The sailorsed for pardon on the decks of the dock. Hamlet -William Shakespeare …an instant burst of clamor: to create noise because of eagerness or excitement clamorto be allowed to be let out. The animalsed Animal Farm -George Orwell His feelings Native Son -Richard Wright ed for an answer his mind could not give. From the first, I was One Writers Beginnings -Eudora Welty ousto learn. Synonym: uproar Antonyms: tranquility; serenity Forms: N: clamor Adj: clamorous V: 00 Adv: clamorously Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every pages of text.

10 condescend: to express a feeling of superiority when interacting with others condescending Men should speak to women in the language of truth and soberness, and away with the lullaby strains of Vindication of the Rights of Women -Eudora Welty endearments. condescendingA sort of Moby Dick -Herman Melville concern and compassion…condescendingly.He would answer Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie condescendThese two great commanders did not The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain to fight in person. condescendedJem To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee to take me to school on the first day. Synonym: deign Antonyms: revere; respect Etymology: con: with descend: down Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every pages of text.

11 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce of sleep weariness of afternoon musicthe grace the a languor languid languor languorous The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde …dreamy,eyes… languor. Uncle Toms Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe She opened her eyes in a state of dreamy, delicious languor. The Return of the Native Joseph Conrad Eustatia Vye drooped again into a languor: a state of laziness or inactivity Synonyms: lassitude; torpor Antonyms: energy; intensity; industriousness Forms: N: languor Adj: languorous V: 00 Adv: languorsly Frequency: Forms of this 1,762word appear once in every pages of text.

12 allude: to refer to something indirectly, expecting the audience to understand the true intended meaning alluded A Separate Peace John Knowles to last night only by asking how Phineas was. He allusions. A Passage to India E.M. Forester They attacked one another with privateallusion Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte was made to the subject over which I brooded. No newallusions Catch-22 Joseph Heller to prior communications that Major Major had never even heard of. The vast majority consisted of Synonyms: refer; imply; hint at Antonyms: stipulate; indicate Forms: N: allusion Adj: 00 V: allude, alludes alluded, alluding Adv: 00 Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 181 pages of text.

13 feeble: weak, usually referring to the aged body, but often applied to speech or ideas feebleness in his muscles. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain He had only just reached middle age, and there was no sign of enfeebled. with your children when you became Homeless Anna Quindlen Up until that era, where you lived was at least where your parents lived, and you expected to live there Great Expectations Charles Dickens Mr. Wopsle cried out, No! with the malice of a tired man. feeble start a conversation. Great Expectations Charles Dickens Three or four times I thought I wouldfeebly Synonyms: decrepit; debilitated Antonyms: robust; strong; healthy Forms: N: feebleness Adj: feeble V: enfeeble; enfeebles enfeebled; enfeebling Adv: feebly Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 187 pages of text.

14 alightedI hadfrom Joes back on the brink of the ditch when we came up, and had not moved since. Great Expectations Charles Dickens alight: to land upon; to touch down; to get down from a height; to arrive alighting, Great Expectations Charles Dickens and stirred up the fire… We got a chair out, ready for Mrs. Joesalighted Great Expectations Charles Dickens at his feet.Swooping down, theyalight Great Expectations Charles Dickens as soon as we touched the town, and I took myself out of his hearing. I resolved to Synonyms: descend upon; perch Antonyms: ascend from; embark Forms: N: 00 Adj: 00 V: alight, alights alit, alighting Adv: 00 Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 493 pages of text.

15 apprehension: fear and nervousness about a specific event in the future apprehension. because I was in an agony of Great Expectations Charles Dickens All these things I saw without knowing that I saw them, apprehension exceeding a mere Great Expectations Charles Dickens As I walked on to the hotel, I felt that a dread,l much or disagreeable recognition, made me tremble. apprehensivelook; they all took deep breaths and then dived at the gnarled Great Expectations Charles Dickens She gave the other two an stump between them.. apprehension. As Mr. Kraler speaks, they all listen with Diary of Anne Frank Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett (play version) Synonyms: uneasiness; trepidation; anxiety Antonyms: eagerness; assurance; confidence Forms: N: apprehension Adj: apprehensive V: 00 Adv: apprehensively Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 157 pages of text.

16 sabotage: to destroy a plan in a scheming manner sabotage If you wish to leave with your students, we shall not our resistance or take arms against us within this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows J.K. Rowling castle, then Horace, we will duel. stop you, but if any of you attempt to sabotage One good piece of news is that the Labor Exchange was set on fire in an act of Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank sabotage, All subsequent crimes against the Party, all treacheries, acts ofdeviations, heresies sprang directly out of his teachings. 1984 – George Orwell A day never passed when spies and Thought Police. under his direction were unmasked by the 1984 – George Orwell saboteurs Antonyms: support; assist Synonym: undermine Forms: N: sabotage; sabateur Adj: 00 V: sabotage, sabotages sabotaged, sabotaging Adv: 00 Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 3,488 pages of text.

17 liberal: free, generous, easygoing liberal Forms: N: liberty; liberality Adj: liberal V: liberate, liberates liberated, liberating Adv: liberally Synonym: lenient; flexible; yieldingAntonyms: rigid; unyielding Related word: library benefactor is to be kept a secret. Now, you understand, Mr. Pip, that the name of your Great Expectations -- Charles Dickens one… Also, I was told what my allowance would be– it was a very Great Expectations -- Charles Dickens Great Expectations -- Charles Dickens same And he was so very free of the wine that he called for the other bottle and handed it out with the Great Expectations -- Charles Dickens,when the first was gone. liberality Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 111 pages of text.

18 acute: sharp; intense; knife-like; acutely. Pride and Prejudice -- Jane Austen Her head ached acutestpain… The Scarlet Letter -- Nathaniel Hawthorne …a crisis ofacutelysorry… Native Son -- Richard Wright …feelingacute.The longing to leave becomes Song of Solomon -- Toni Morrison Synonym: angular Antonyms: obtuse; rounded; mild Forms: N: acuity; acuteness Adj: acute V: 00 Adv: acutely Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 339 pages of text.

19 emphatic: strongly stated; emphasized emphatically Great Expectations Charles Dickens The other lady, who had not spoken yet, said, True, very true.gravely and emphatic Great Expectations Charles Dickens …he made answing at the ditch with his manacled hands. Great Expectations Charles Dickens voice, The boy has been a good boy here, and that is his reward. I heard her say to Joe, in a most At first I was very afraid of going to places where H. and I had been happyour favourite pub, our favorite wood. But I decided to do it at oncelike sending a pilot up again as soon as possible after hes had a crash. Unexpectedly it makes no difference. Her absence is no more in those places than anywhere else. Its not local at all. I suppose if one were forbidden all salt, one wouldnt notice it more in any one food than another. Eating in general would be different, every day, at every meal. It is like that. The act of living is different in all through. Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything. A Grief Observed --C S. Lewis Synonym: vehement Antonyms: mild; unsure; tentative Forms: N: emphasis Adj: emphatic V: emphasize, emphatizes, emphasized, emphasizing Adv: emphatically emphatic Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 485 pages of text.

20 reproach: (v) scold, reprimand (n) disapproval I wanted to make Joe less ignorant and common that he might be worthier of my society and less open to Estellas Great Expectations --Charles Dickens reproach. But he eyed me severelyas if I had done anything to him!and departed with the words delivered: Boy! Let your behavior here be a credit unto them which brought you up by hand. Great Expectations --Charles Dickens reproachfully No, Joseph, said my sister, still in a manner, while Joe apologetically drew back the back of his hand from his nose. Great Expectations --Charles Dickens reproachful She made it a powerful merit in herself and also a to Joe that she wore this apron so much. Great Expectations --Charles Dickens reproach Synonym: (n) berate Antonyms: laud; praise; support endorse; compliment Forms: N: reproach Adj: reproachful V: reproach, reproaches, reproached, reproaching Adv: reproachfully Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 188 pages of text.

21 Ceremonial: related to a formal ceremony unceremoniously My dear Sybill, said Dumbledore in a slightly exasperated voice, there is no question of throwing youfrom anywhere, but Harry does have an appointment… Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince --J. K. Rowling unceremoniously These extensive arrangements occasioned us to be cut offin respect of breakfast. Great Expectations --Charles Dickens ceremonious As we neared home, Joe vaguely acknowledging the occasion as an impressive and Great Expectations --Charles Dickens one and went on ahead to open the front door. way of renderingThis was not a very Great Expectations --Charles Dickens homage to a patron saint. ceremonious Synonym: ritualistic, solemn Antonyms: casual, everyday Forms: N: ceremony Adj: ceremonial,ceremonious V: 00 Adv: ceremonially, ceremoniously Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 115 pages of text.

22 Contempt: open expression of hatred and scorn; open violation of authority contemptfor authority, fateTo punish me for my --Albert Einstein made me an authority myself. contempton his face,There was an expression of Great Expectations --Charles Dickens and he bit the side of a great forefinger as he watched a sea of faces. contemptuously locked the gate upon me.,pushed me out, andShe laughed Great Expectations --Charles Dickens contempt infectious, and I caught it. for me was so strong, it wasHer Great Expectations --Charles Dickens Synonym: disdain Antonyms: admiration, regard esteem Forms: N: disdain Adj: disdainful V: disdain, disdains, disdained, disdaining Adv: disdainfully Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 155 pages of text.

23 Morose: gloomy; sad morose Those around him had never seen the Count so and irritable. War and Peace --Leo Tolstoy moroselysilent.He fell Of Mice and Men --John Steinbeck morose and Only old Benjamin was just the same as ever, and, since Boxers death, more taciturn than ever. except for being a little greyer around the muzzle, Animal Farm --George Orwell morose and lonely, unloving The clay of White Fang had been molded until he and ferocious, the enemy of all his kind. became what he was, White Fang --Jack London Synonym: melancholy, sullen Antonyms: cheerful, sanguine Forms: N: moroseness Adj: morose V: 00 Adv: morosely Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 2,157 pages of text.

24 Vapid: Empty-headed; mindless; meaningless mentally blank; without thoughts vapidlittle thing, vacantly pretty, curvy, perhaps fourteen. She was a The Moon is a Harsh Mistress --Robert Heinlein as the glass eyes of your stuffed fox. Your eyes are as Ulysses --James Joyce ly across the street, frowning a little. The man looked Atlas Shrugged --Ayn Rand and a violet dress sat on the glass top of a cabinet. doll with gold curlsA large Call it Sleep --Henry Roth Synonym: inane, superficial Antonyms: profound, sophisticated, intriguing Forms: N: vapidity, vapidness Adj: vapid V: 00 Adv: vapidly Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 6,238 pages of text.

25 Bereft: grief-stricken; in mourning bereftof her, so it must be.If he were doomed to be The Mayor of Casterbridge --Thomas Hardy bereavements ;for he woresustained a good many at leas four mourning rings… condition of his linen, and he appeared to have I judged him to be a bachelor from the frayed Great Expectations --Charles Dickens bereaved little things are in black? as long as the poor Good Lord, said he, Camilla, what can it signify Great Expectations --Charles Dickens bereftme of all words. Only my blood speaks to you in my veins. Madam, you have The Merchant of Venice --Wm Shakespeare Synonym: grieving Antonyms: celebratory, joyful Forms: N: bereavement Adj: bereft, bereaved V: 00 Adv: 00 Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 2,122 pages of text.

26 Genial: friendly, sociable; favorable to genial So soft was her step, it failed to make even a sound, but for the magical thrill imparted by her touch. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer --Mark Twain genial had begun to beam under the gin-and-water. influence of Great Expectations --Charles Dickens The course terminated, and Mr. Pumblechook Harry, thats three of my little suppers youve missed now! said Slughorn, poking him Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince --J. K. Rowling in the chest. genially congenialwith theThey would doubtless be generality of female minds. Pride and Prejudice --Jane Austen Synonym: gregarious; amiable Antonyms: aloof; sullen Forms: N: congeniality Adj: genial, congenial V: 00 Adv: genially, congenially Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 499 pages of text.

27 Nettles: thickets of weeds, usually with thorns Nettles the windows, which were tiny and thick with grew all around it, their tips reaching Great Expectations --Charles Dickens grime. bleak place overgrown with At such time I found out for certain that this Great Expectations --Charles Dickens was the churchyard. nettles Forms: N: nettles Adj: nettlesome V: 00 Adv: 00 nettles,1.As I saw him go, picking his way among the and among the brambles that bound the green Frequency: Forms of this word appear once in every 1,725 pages of text.

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