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Scientific Classification of Plants

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1 Scientific Classification of Plants
17.00: Apply procedures used in horticultural plant identification including scientific classification

2 Objective 17.01 Classify plants using the scientific classification system.

3 Taxonomy The science of classifying and identifying plants
Scientific names are used because the same common name is used for different plants in different areas of the world.

4 Karl von Linne Swedish botanist that developed the binomial system of naming plants using two Latin words to indicate the genus and species. Linne changed his name to the Latin name Carolus Linneaus.

5 Scientific Names Latin is the language used for scientific classification. The first word is the genus and the second word is the species. If there are additional words, they indicate a variety or cultivar.

6 Genus vs. Species Plants in the same genus have similar characteristics. Plants in the same species consistently produce plants of the same type.

7 Scientific Classification
The broadest category of scientific classification is the Kingdom--either plant or animal. The broadest category in the plant kingdom is division or phylum.

8 Divisions The four most important divisions of the plant kingdom are:
Thallophites Bryophytes Pteriophytes Spermatophytes

9 Spermatophytes Contains flowering or seed-bearing plants
Two subdivisions are: Gymnosperms and Angiosperms

10 Common Plant Genus Pinus-Pine Acer-Maple Ilex-Holly Ficus-fig
Cornus-dogwood Rhododendron-rhododendron Quercus-oak

11 Classify plants using the scientific classification system.

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