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How to annotate for an “A”! Please take good notes!

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1 How to annotate for an “A”! Please take good notes!

2 UGH. I HATE ANNOTATING. Studies show that when we annotate, we not only remember information more accurately, but we are active readers which helps to not only remember information, but to also get more from a book. Also, it will help you on your quizzes and tests! And if you still need yet another reason, I promise it is a lesson that will serve you well for the rest of high school AND college

3 Ways to annotate well… Have certain colors(of highlighters, pens, etc) represent certain themes TAKE NOTES on the side of the page Whatever you think, write down!

4 Note… it is NOT enough to simply underline a section in a book. It is also NOT enough to simply write “metaphor” above a metaphor. GOOD ANNOTATORS RELATE IT BACK TO THE BOOK, PLOT, AND CHARACTERS.

5 What to annotate for… setting, plot, characters, symbols, diction, syntax, figurative language, theme, allusion, other (personal connections, etc.)

6 Themes in LOTF… identity, civilization, evil, innocence

7 Essential Questions to the text/points to consider while reading: What does it mean to be an individual? What does it mean to be an outsider? Is it possible to go back?

8 To stay prepared… please keep these notes with you while you read until you get the hang of annotating well. Also, keep your bookmark and our class lists from the “Abandoned” worksheet with you as well. These will all help you to annotate!

9 Now for Mr. W.G. Is that Brad Pitt?!?! No. That’s William Golding.

10 Important points… He was brought up to be a scientist, but revolted (an INDIVIDUAL, if you will) Was an English teacher (hooray!) Was in the Navy during WWII. After the war, he wrote his best known novel Lord of the Flies Born and raised in England Golding was very interested in the idea of human violence, the idea of a conscience, and human nature

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