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Advertisements in America “Dentrim’s Dentrifice”.

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1 Advertisements in America “Dentrim’s Dentrifice”

2 WE ARE OUR ADVERTISEMENTS Many of us do not realize the strong effect advertisements play on us and our psychology daily Montag was naive too, until he met Clarisse

3 Let’s see how “brain washed” you are! Get with a partner You will have a few seconds to think of what the icon stands for (company) and what it sells/advertises


5 What is this place? What does this company do for February? What is the song?

6 Their logo is:

7 Kars for Kids- what is the slogan/song?

8 Finish the following… 733-___ ____ ____-__ __ _ _

9 Company and slogan

10 Which do the following logos represent?

11 *Who is this? What did he create? *What is TiVo? What does it do?

12 Logos continued…

13 How many did you get correct? What does this say about us as an American society? Now, we will read the highlighted poritions of the following article: “Effects of Advertising on Society” In a different color pen, star or highlight specific portions you agree with

14 Advertisement/Propaganda Project Pair with a partner I will give you two ads from magazines. Together, you will answer the following questions based on the ads (worksheet provided):

15 Questions for Ads How can I be a critical thinker through the lens of media control? Questions to discuss with your partner… 1.Study the picture/advertisement: who is in it? What is that person (or people) wearing? What is the attitude? What are the actions? 2.Who is the intended audience? 3.What is the subliminal message? 4.What does this say about women/men and roles in society? 5.What does this say about young/old and roles in society? 6.What does this say about race in society? 7.What does this say about class in society? 8.What would Ray Bradbury say about this ad? 9.What does this ad say about how we SHOULD be living in America?

16 Language Questions 10.Look at the language of the ad: – What is the purpose? – What does it say literally? – What does it say “symbolically?” - What is the intended message behind it?

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