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Digital Photography and Design Spring 2013 Katie Rauch.

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1 Digital Photography and Design Spring 2013 Katie Rauch

2 Alphabet Photography

3 Triptych

4 Mono Practice

5 Mono With a Splash

6 Lines

7 Lines Cont.


9 Shapes

10 Shapes Cont.

11 Space

12 Positive and Negative Space

13 Deep Space w/ foreground, middleground, and background

14 Shallow Space

15 Framing

16 Value

17 Value Cont.


19 Contrast

20 Snow Day

21 Color

22 Color Cont.

23 Texture

24 Texture Cont.

25 Principles of Design  Repetition/Pattern  Balance  Emphasis  Contrast  Movement  Unity

26 Repetition/Pattern

27 Balance

28 Emphasis/Focal Point

29 Contrast

30 Movement/Rhythm

31 Unity

32 Portrait

33 Portrait Cont.

34 Paschke Research Slide  born June 22 at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Chicago  His work was regularly shown in Chicago, New York and Paris.  Taught art full-time at Northwestern University.  Referred to as “Mr. Chicago” because he was born and raised in Chicago and went to college at the Arts Institute of Chicago.  Painted on principles of abstraction and expressionism.

35 Pashke Portrait

36 Foreshortening

37 Obscuring the image

38 Forced Perspective

39 Surreal Research Slide  Surrealism is an artistic movement that produces fantastic imagery by means of unnatural combinations.  Some famous surreal artists are Pieter Bruegel, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, and Frida Kahlo.  Surrealism began in the 1920’s and the most important center for surrealism was Paris. Surrealism spread from just Paris to all around the world rapidily.

40 Juxtaposition Practice

41 Distortion Practice

42 Disguising Practice

43 Fragmentation Practice

44 Feathering Practice

45 Surreal Collage For the surreal collage I used juxtaposition, distortion, and feathering. I used the blending tool to juxtapose the image and make Cassie’s legs into a tail and I used the distort and warp options to distort the fish.

46 Cameo Appearance in a Work of Art For my Cameo Appearance in a Work of Art I used the work of art by Georges Seurat. I used the filter tool to make it look like I belonged in the picture after using the quick select tools to select the part of my picture that I wanted to insert.

47 Cameo Appearance in Movie Scene For this project I inserted myself into a movie scene from the movie Karate Kid. I used many tools to make it look like I was part of the scene. I used the transform options to make the colors match more.

48 Impressionist Research Slide  Impressionism characteristics include small and thin brush strokes, emphasis on light, ordinary subjects, inclusion of movement, etc.  Famous impressionist artists include Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Gustave Caillebotte.

49 Impressionist Practice

50 Impressionist Painting

51 Op Art Research Slide  Op Art is a style of art that creates an optical illusion. These works are abstract and are done with patterns of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibration, and swelling or warping.  It originated in Germany when it was founded in 1960’s. It was then taught in many colleges around Europe.  Some famous Op Art artists are Yaacov Agam, Bridget Riley, and Victor Vasarely.

52 Op Art

53 Op Art with Color

54 Spring Art Show Poster

55 Typography #1

56 Typography #2

57 Typography #3

58 Typography #4

59 Typography Project

60 Final Project

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