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Brent Museum & Archives Resource for Schools A history of the Olympics in the London Borough of Brent Brent - Our Sporting Heritage: 1908-2012.

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1 Brent Museum & Archives Resource for Schools A history of the Olympics in the London Borough of Brent Brent - Our Sporting Heritage: 1908-2012

2 1908 Olympics Why are the names of these cities on the medal? Who do you think owned this medal?

3 Look at this picture. What race do you think is being run in this picture? What are the spectators doing? Where are they? Do you think spectators would be able to get this close to the athletes today? How can we tell that this photograph was taken some time ago?

4 1948 Olympics Look at the image taken from the official programme for the opening ceremony for the 1948 Olympic Games. Where did the opening ceremony take place? When did it take place? What major event in world history had ended three years before the 1948 Olympic Games? Why was it important to Britain to be able to host the Olympics in London? Why would it have been important to Londoners in particular? Why would it also have been hard for London to host such an important event?

5 Image of the souvenir programme for athletics events at Wembley Stadium and American athletes straining towards the finishing line.

6 Look at this postcard of Wembley Stadium. It used to be called the Empire Stadium. What events during the 1948 Olympic Games were held in Wembley? Can you see what event is being advertised in this postcard? What events happen in Wembley Stadium today?

7 Look the picture closely. Do you know what this building is? It is still an important building in Brent today. In 1948 it was decorated to celebrate the Olympic Games. What decoration has been added to the building?

8 Female drivers outside the Empire Pool. Why do you think women drivers were employed for the 1948 Olympic Games? What jobs do you think women had been doing during the Second World War? The Empire Pool was built in 1934. Do you know what building it is today?

9 This is a ticket stub from the closing ceremony. Where was the closing ceremony held? Some of Brent’s residents collected souvenirs, press cuttings and ticket stubs to remind themselves of all the events. Do you keep a scrapbook or have a place where you keep things which are important to you?

10 London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games What is happening in Brent during the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games? Which venues will be used? Wembley Stadium will be used as a venue for the 2012 Olympics. What events and activities will be taking place between now and 2012 in Brent? There will be lots of cultural events and festivals during the Olympics. Where can you find out information? Look at Brent 2012 online: Look at London 2012 online for more information about the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games:


12 Wembley Stadium – London 2012 Olympic Venue Men’s & Women's Football Finals and Semi Finals

13 Wembley Arena – London 2012 Olympic Venue Badminton & Rhythmic Gymnastics

14 How can you get involved with the London 2012 Games? What does the London 2012 Games mean to you? What is your school doing to celebrate the 2012 Games? Are you feeling inspired about the London 2012 Games? Go to to find out more about what Brent is doing for young To find out how to get involved with London 2012 go to

15 Inspiring Brent is Brent Councils programme for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The London 2012 Games are not just about competitive sport; it also includes culture, education, volunteering and business opportunities. As we move closer to London 2012 we are committed to using the power of the Games to celebrate our rich cultural heritage, develop skills and provide business opportunities across London and the UK.

16 Brent Inspires Award The Brent Inspires Award provides young people with the opportunity to participate in exciting projects which celebrate the London 2012 Games and promote the Olympic and Paralympic values of excellence, friendship, respect, courage, determination, inspiration and equality. For more information visit:


18 How will people in Brent benefit from the Olympics and Paralympics in London 2012? Think about the needs of the following people: – People living in Brent – Visitors coming to Brent to watch events What facilities do people need to enjoy the events? Think about travel, food, entertainment, safety, cleaning facilities and even toilets! Make a list of as many things as you can think of

19 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Visitors to Brent will need......

20 Planning a celebration in Brent Lots of different festivals happen in Brent every year. Can you think of different festivals such as Eid, Diwali, Chinese New Year and how people celebrate these festivals? Brent is planning a number of activities and events that celebrates the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Imagine you were going to plan a festival to celebrate the Olympics and Paralympics in Brent. What activities would you include in your festival? Think about what different people of different ages might enjoy.

21 For my Olympic and Paralympic celebration I would include..............

22 © Brent Museum and Archives, 2010

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