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Varium et Mutabile Voices of Authority in Aeneid IV.

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1 Varium et Mutabile Voices of Authority in Aeneid IV

2 Boy Meets Girl We all know the story... Tragic story of love Dido and her demise –In her authority Dido as a political figure replaced by Dido as a romantic figure

3 A Question of Guilt – Where does the fault lie? Dido Betrays her vow to first hubby Bad king – spiritual disease Surrenders to passion infelix Aeneas Incomplete humanity- misleading Good king – not afflicted Remains steady pius

4 Didos Perspective Book I –Paralleled to Aeneas – leader, exile, widowed –Dido at a distance Book IV –Paralleled to Juno – regina, caeco igni –68-73 - First simile – Dido, victim, and Aeneas, hunter –60-66 – Dido as a sacrifice, but to whom? –396 – Aeneas, turns away – we attend to her while she dies

5 Allusion To and Use of Tragedy Aristotelian definition of tragedy – to force the audience into an ironic, even cathartic, relationship with the text Employment of foreshadowing, dramatic irony, and tragic figures

6 Allusion To and Use of Tragedy Book divided into complex plot – Hamartia – moral flaw – Didos guilt regarding Sychaeus – Peripeteia – Mercury visiting Aeneas and giving Jupiters mandate – Anagnorisis – Didos unawareness -> Didos realization – Katharsis – our pity and fear for her

7 Patterns of Allusion Contribute to readers tragic anticipation Fall of Dido comparable to Book II fall of Troy –Burn, destroyed by an outsider, left by Aeneas –Aeneas story in Books II and III infiltrate Didos heart Aeneas, Book II victim of Greek guile, makes Dido victim in Book IV

8 Patterns of Allusion Dido compared to other tragic figures –Suffering of furor –Orestes –Pentheus in Bacchae Knowledge of Roman History –Punic Wars –Cleopatra

9 Overturn of Paradigms Book I –Juno complains of lack of power –Neptunes power of orator displayed by speeches of Aeneas and Jupiter –Carthage busy like ants –Controlled by logos Book IV –Juno all in control –No speeches are powered like an orators –Carthage at a standstill –Controlled by furor

10 Speech and Authority Dido at the beginning – compared to Nausicaa and Diana – directed, organized, in control, authority, in power As furor takes over, she loses these moral qualities and authority she once embodied The book itself grants a voice to furor s cause – engages us as the audience on the side of difference and against the cause of empire A conflicted book from the rest of the text

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