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My Pour quoi Tale Why does the Robin Bird have a red belly?

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2 My Pour quoi Tale Why does the Robin Bird have a red belly?

3 Chapter 1 There was a plain black and white Robins. Then didn’t mind being black and white. Until one day they saw another bird that had bright beautiful color.

4 Chapter 2 Pretty so before they new it they were so jealous of the other birds that they started to try all different ways to get some color into their life's. ods/photos/gckinglet.htm

5 Chapter 3 One day a Robin bird few over a picnic, and the red punch was spilled on the plastic table cloth. Naturally he went down to go get a drink. On the way down his foot got cut on a tree branch. Making it hard to land so it slid on its belly throw the punch. m/birds/pages/robin.html

6 Chapter 4 Then he flew back to his buddy's, and told them about how he got to have a red belly. –Then pretty soon they all started doing it. That’s how they to have red bellies.

7 For this fieldtrip we went to Spring Hollow

8 These are pictures of things that we sighted walking up the trail. It has kind of a flaky bark. It is a Evergreen that means that it has its pine needles all year. Douglas Fur

9 This is a Choke C herry This plant has leafs. On parts of the bark some times have a black stuff on it looking like it is choking it.

10 This one is a Box Elder tree. It loses it leafs in the winter. A good way to tell if it is a Box Elder tree. Is the leafs have hole in it from the box elder bugs Box Elder

11 This plant is called Elder Berry. The flowers and the shapes of the plants are a dead give away on how to find it.

12 This is a plant called Currents These are not to hard to point out. With the shape of the leafs,and having the flowers.

13 Yellow Willow The leafs make you think that it is a willow tree. It normally grows by water.

14 Oregon Grape This plant is fairly small. It naturally has orange or red.

15 Water or River Burch As you can tell by its name it grows by the water. You can also tell what it is by the bark and leafs.

16 This is a picture of a Douglas fur pinecone. A pourquatail of this pinecones fringy looking things is a mouse was being chased by a cougar. The mouse ran up the pinecone, but the feet and tail didn’t fit.

17 Thoughts of the day If Barbie is so popular, why must you buy all her friends? If girls like perfume and guys like cologne, why don’t girls wear cologne and guys wear perfume? Why do they sterilize lethal injections? If seven-eleven is 24 hours a day why do the doors have locks?

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