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Warm-up Honors English IV: August 26, 2013 Welcome to Honors English IV! Two things… Pick up a tell me about you sheet from the front of the room. Find.

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1 Warm-up Honors English IV: August 26, 2013 Welcome to Honors English IV! Two things… Pick up a tell me about you sheet from the front of the room. Find your seat number on the list attached to the white board. (Seat #s are located on the back of the desks.) Complete the survey for your warm-up today. Please take your time on this and complete it thoroughly.

2 Agenda Warm-up Roll/Introductions Course and unit introduction Policies and procedures Assignment Exit

3 Mrs. Ashworth, Room 407, English IV Honors (A1, A3) Students in Honors English IV will… Explore both issues in England and the development of England through literature, film, and other media. Students will gain an appreciation for literature. Students will develop a critical consciousness that will guide them in navigating the world around them. Students will write with their own voice apparent in their final products. The teacher will be a resource for students as a guide, facilitator, and mentor. The students will understand forces such as power, law, corruption, roles, revolution; and their impact on real and imagined societies of the past, present, and future. The students will graduate prepared for reading and writing in their lives beyond high school.

4 Overview of Units Guiding Questions: What is a hero, and what is a villain? Who do we demonize in society, and are they really worthy of it? Unit 1 – Stories that Shape Us College Essay The Canterbury Tales by Geoffery Chaucer Unit 2 – Monsters and Heroes Beowulf Grendel by Matt Wagner On-demand writing assessment

5 Overview of Units (cont.) Unit 3 - Power and Corruption Macbeth by William Shakespeare Socratic Seminar Literary Analysis Essay Unit 4 – Systems and Oppression 1984 by George Orwell Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Socratic Seminar Critical Analysis/Persuasive Essay

6 Overview of Units (cont.) Unit 5 – Crushed Identity Colonial literature (selected works from textbook). Socratic Seminar On-demand writing/test preparation.

7 Policies, Procedures, and such… You will have a quiz on these procedures, so pay attention.

8 Part of preparing for the adult world means working with and around people you did not choose. It stretches you as a person and helps create a community environment. This is why I have assigned seats in my classroom. Sometimes I will let you choose the group you work with but not most of the time. The groups are always changing and random, which means you will often get put with a combo of friends and other classmates anyway. You will know your seat by the number assigned to you. Seats will change every few weeks. You will be notified beforehand. If you have a seating preference (left-handed, eye sight, etc.), let me know. Sit in your assigned seat for that day, then complete a form, and I will try to accommodate your request. Where a Seating

9 Supplies (pg 2 of syllabus) 1. Three ring binder with college-ruled paper and dividers. Suggested labels: Notes, Vocab, Writing, Handouts, Other 2. Blue or black pens. You can use pencil/colored pens for personal notes. If you use pencil/colored pens on an assignment, you will receive a point deduction

10 Start of Class: Warm-ups When the bell rings, you are quiet and starting work on the warm-up. Make sure homework is on desk! Every day, warm-ups will be on overhead. These will be completed in a packet. I will grade one or two entries. You wont know which ones. Youll get minor points for completing the rest. 5% of your grade. If you lose your packet… Turn in your warm-ups stapled on line paper for a minor point deduction. Download and print a new one from the website and get caught up. Warm-ups are online. If youre absent, find them there and make them up. If you are late, find them there and finish at home. Due when we complete them and then you get new ones.

11 Note about warm-ups… Warm-ups are supposed to take 5-10 minutes MAX. We have a lot to get through and cant afford to spend 30 minutes writing a paragraph. Do them right when class starts!!! Dont be annoying and whine when I move on before youre finished. You chose to talk or stare at the wall the first five minutes of class instead of work. And dont make me start having to give a participation grade for warm-ups. Most of you are going to college; you need to act like it and not make me babysit you.

12 Exit Respond to the I can statement on the board in 2-3 sentences. I can understand the policies and procedures of Mrs. Ashworths classroom. Ex: I feel that I can understand most of Mrs. Ashworths policies, but she really is crazy thinking were going to get through all those units. I need her to explain that one to me more. I can write a thesis statement. Ex: For the most part, I can do this. But I still struggle with getting all of my points listed in one sentence. Ex: What is a thesis? I still dont get what that word even means.

13 Classroom Guidelines

14 1. Treat everyone with dignity and respect your environment. 2. Be prepared, always. 3. Keep your cell phone put away. 4. No food or drink. (beverages with caps that twist on are okay) 5. Challenge yourself both as a person and student. 6. Follow all JHS/DPS policies.

15 Consequences Verbal warning/redirection/conference. Lunch detention, parent contact. Referral to office.

16 Exceptions… I reserve the right to bypass the standard steps of consequences when there are offensive things said, verbal or physical altercation, harassment of any kind.

17 How will I be graded? Major Assignments = 50% Minor Assignments = 40% Vocabulary = 10%

18 When You Are Tardy… Students who come late to class without an official pass from the office or another teacher indicating the excuse have an unexcused tardy. 1 tardy – warning 2 tardies – warning and parent contact 3 tardies –parent contact, lunch detention 4 tardies – parent contact, lunch detention 5 tardies – referral to office and parent contact 3 rd Period (split period)If you are late coming back from lunch, you get one warning. After that, it is an automatic lunch detention with me. First one is 15 minutes; second one is the entire time. Most of you are almost if not already 18. If you are adult enough to handle the freedom of going off campus for lunch, then you need to be adult enough to get back in time for class. Once you show you arent ready for that freedom, youll stay here for lunch. NOTE: Your body must be INSIDE the room in order not to be counted as tardy.

19 Absent Work Check class website to see what you missed. Get work from absent bin. Excused: You have one day for every day absent to make up work. Exception: If you are absent on a day a project or essay is due, you must give it to me the DAY you come back. Otherwise, it will be half credit. Unexcused: Late policy will apply.

20 Late Work What is late? -Student does not have work ready RIGHT when I come to get it. -Student tries to give work to me after I collect it. -Student says they were sick but do not have an excused absence. -Student forgets to give me their work even when it was done on time. -Student has to go to locker to get their work. Work is late if not given to be the FIRST time I ask for it. Late work policy… Any assignment not turned in right when I ask for it will be marked down 10% for every day it is late. You have one week from the due date to submit the late assignment. After that, NO LATE work will be taken. *Minor assignments: If its turned in later on the same day that its due, it will be a minor point deduction. *Note: Dont expect late work to be graded in a timely manner. I give priority to work turned in on time.

21 Bathroom I understand needing a break from sitting for a 90 minute period. I understand the need to remove yourself from the room for various reasons, and I want to give you a chance to do that but I also want to help remove the temptation of doing it too much and missing important things in class. So, heres the deal… -4 hall passes -You sign the log when you leave with the date. -After you use up your passes and still want to leave the room, you may do so; but, it will require the payment of a lunch detention with me. -So make sure you use your passes wisely.

22 A note to you… I am not out to get you, however, I am not perfect either and may do things that seem unfair to you at times. Heres how we sort out differences… If you approach me inappropriately, there will be consequences and no discussion. If you approach me appropriately, I will hear you out and take a fair course of action. If a student who never does his work wants leniency, it will not be granted. If a student who is always diligent and respectful wants leniency and never asks for it, I will be more likely to grant it.

23 Remember This is an honors class. Dont take it if you… -Cant overcome senioritis. -Cant be a mature learner and person. -Plan on sleeping in or skipping class. -Whine a lot about work. -Expect to do nothing the second half of the year or during the last quarter. -Think that I will give you any points toward graduation that arent earned in line with my policies. -Struggle in English class OR think that you have nothing to learn.

24 If none of these apply to you, then I look forward to a great year. I will be using what I see in the first few days of class to help advise those I am not certain are in the right place. But if you know you probably arent, go ahead and transfer now. If youre unsure, come talk to me.

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