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Articles IV - VII Information in RED can/will be tested…

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1 Articles IV - VII Information in RED can/will be tested…

2 Article 4 – A major US city is the scene of domestic violence, or a natural disaster, and many people in the state are in danger. What happens? Section 4 – Natl govt will defend states from invasion or domestic violence. (States do not need to protect themselves – the Natl govt will) – Examples… Why is this needed?


4 Article 4 – Little Rock, Arkansas 1957

5 Article 4 – Relation between States A person is charged with a serious crime in one state then flees to another state. – What Happens? Section 2 – Extradition – States must return suspected criminals to the state where they committed the crime – they must help each other out… Sounds simple now, but why was this needed then?

6 Article 5 – Amending (Changing) the Constitution Propose 2/3 of Congress or 2/3 of the States must approve the proposed Amendment How many Senators? How many Reps? Ratify ¾ of the states must approve of the Amendment for Ratification How many states? Is this easy to do??? After the Bill of Rights were added in 1789, 17 more Amendments were added in 222 years. Average of one Amendment for every 13 years… Is that a lot???? 10 YEARS

7 Article 6 - Supreme Law of the Land These are the top 3 types of laws on the Country – nothing can top them… 1.Constitution 2.Laws of the United States 3.Treaties Why is this needed?

8 Article 7 – Ratifying the Constitution 9 states needed to Ratify the Constitution September 17, 1787 THATS ALL FOLKS!

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