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Rels. 205 Lecture 3.2 It’s a Myth. What do we mean by "myth"? “It’s a myth. Santa does not exist.”

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1 Rels. 205 Lecture 3.2 It’s a Myth

2 What do we mean by "myth"? “It’s a myth. Santa does not exist.”

3 Conspiracies sometimes happen Hans Ernst Schneider = Hans Schwerte (1909-1945) (1945-1999)

4 Myth “It’s a myth. Prof. Hexham didn’t win the $10,000,000 lottery. Rudolf Bultmann (1884-1976) Jesus Christ and Mythology (1960) Demythologize

5 Myth and Mystification Mircea Eliade (1907-1986)

6 Joseph Campbell (1904-1987 )

7 Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961)

8 Richard Noll and Adriane Berger Tainted Greatness Antisemitism and Cultural Heroes edited by Nancy A. Harrowitz Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1994 Random House New York, 1997 Princeton University Press Princeton, 1994

9 Academics in Denial Fascism and Myth Robert S. Ellwood SUNY, New York, 1999 Bryan S. Rennie SUNY, New York 1996 David Cave Oxford University Press New York, 1993

10 “Eliade had Jewish friends …”

11 JOSEPH GOEBBELS (1897-1945) So did he, and a Jewish mistress too …

12 Judentum not individual Jews

13 JOHANN VON LEERS – OMAR AMIN (1902-1965) Cf. Karl Marx, On the Jewish Question, Deutsch-Franzosische Jahrbucher, 1844

14 Spirituality Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946)

15 Stark Realities Fascism and Myth Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927)

16 Myth in Anthropology Bronislaw Malinowski, (1884-1942). "Myth in Primitive Psychology," in Magic, Science and Religion, (1954:96-111).

17 Summary of Malinowski’s View It is essential to ask how are myths used in social situations where they are important and not to base theories on the reading of texts.

18 John Middleton (1921-) "a myth is a statement about society and man's place in it and in the surrounding universe....Myths and cosmological notions are concerned with the relationship of a people with other peoples, with nature and with the supernatural." John Middleton, ed., Myth and Cosmos, New York, Natural History Press, 1967: x.

19 Myth and Narrative Walter Fisher, Human Communication as Narration Columbia, University of South Carolina Press, 1987

20 Political Myth Henry Tudor, Political Myth, London, Macmillan, 1972

21 Myth defined: A story with culturally formative power that functions to direct the life and thought of individuals, groups or societies.

22 Types of Myth Fiction Semi-fiction Historical stories

23 Fiction – Myths The Bodhisattva in the deer park

24 Semi-Fictitious Myths King Arthur

25 King Arthur and Glastonbury

26 Historical Myths

27 Life in the Cape

28 Burgersdorp

29 Crossing the Orange

30 The Trek

31 Trek Routes

32 Settlement


34 Tugela

35 Zulu

36 Dingane (d. 1843)

37 Treachery

38 Troubles

39 Resolution

40 A Saviour Andries Pretorius (1789-1853)

41 Blood River

42 Defenses

43 Sacred Ground


45 Salvation History Battle of Blood River 16 December 1836

46 The Vow

47 Church of the Vow

48 The First Church

49 The New World

50 Voortrekker Monument

51 Myth and Doctrine “The Lord your God is One” “Jesus is Lord” God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit Three gods or One God? What does the Hebrew Bible say? What does the New Testament say? What do Christians say?

52 Doctrines That which is believed, a dogma. The official teachings or beliefs of a religious group.

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