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CHAPTER 3: Drafting Equipment

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1 CHAPTER 3: Drafting Equipment
Mrs. Kampf Engineering Graphics I

2 Drafting Board Drawing sheet attached to it. 9X12, 16X21 or 18X24
Wood with vinyl cover Stay flat and straight

3 T-Square A head that lines up with a true edge of the drafting board
Straightedge provides a true edge Metal, wood with plastic

4 Triangles Used with t-square 45° has a 90° angle and two 45°
30° -60° triangle has a 30° a 60° and a 90°

5 Protractor Used to measure or lay out angles right, acute, obtuse

6 Irregular Curves French curves
Used to draw noncircular curves like spirals and ellipses.

7 Templates Save time in drawing shapes of details.

8 Vellum Tracing paper that has been treated to make it more transparent.

9 ANSI American National Standards Institute

10 ISO International Standards Organization

11 Paper Size A - Letterhead 8.5” X 11” Size B - Tabloid 11” X 17”
Size C - 17” x 22” Size D - 22” X 34” Size E - 34” X 44”

12 Case instruments Drawing instruments that come in a set.

13 Dividers Lines can be divided and distances can be transferred with this Bow and Friction-joint

14 Compass True circles or arcs can be drawn with this
Bow and Friction-joint

15 Bow instruments Can be adjusted with either a center wheel or a side wheel Easy to use and accurate.

16 Graphite pencils 17 degrees of hardness or grades
Grade you use depends on paper type, line weight and darkness of lines made 6B to 9H, #2/HB is middle Hardness, Blackness, Fine Point

17 Eraser Vinyl erasers for film, kneaded, pink pearl, gum, Magic rub

18 Erasing shield Use to avoid erasing nearby lines accidentally
Plastic or metal and have different size and shape openings

19 Scales Instruments used to lay off distances and make measurements
Full size or some proportion Scaled.

20 Architect’s scale Inch Scale
Divided into proportional feet’ and inches” Used for drawing buildings

21 Mechanical Engineer’s scale
Inches and fractions of an inch divided to represent inches Use for drawing machine parts

22 Civil Engineer’s scale
Inches divided into decimals Units could be inch, feet, miles etc Used for maps and drawings of roads

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