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Parenting Semester Course Unit IV Parenting Challenges.

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1 Parenting Semester Course Unit IV Parenting Challenges

2 Connect to the terms! As we look at each term, think what that word has to do with a challenge for parents.

3 Dual Career Family A family in which both husband and wife are employed outside the home.

4 Dysfunctional Family Family system in which one or more family members do not fulfill their responsibilities throwing the system out of balance Remember the defined responsibilities from last unit

5 Caregiver A person that provides care for and meets the needs of someone else.

6 Crisis An unstable or critical situation in which the outcome will make a decisive difference for better or worse

7 Postpartum Depression Feelings of sadness and hopelessness following the birth, delivery, and recovery period.


9 Child Abuse Physical, emotional or sexual violence against children

10 Child Neglect Failure to meet the childs physical or emotional needs


12 Shaken Baby Syndrome A serious type of physical abuse that occurs when a baby is violently shaken


14 Disabled Unable to perform certain physical, mental, and/or emotional tasks

15 What are some examples of conditions which would fit into this category?

16 Special Needs Population A group of people identified as needing assistance to compensate for specific disabilities


18 ADHD A learning disability in which a person is not able to control his or her activity or concentrate for a normal length of time.

19 Attention Span The length of time a person can concentrate on any one thing.


21 Hyperactive Being overly and uncontrollably active

22 Autism A disorder characterized by lack of communication, extreme concern with oneself, and detachment from reality.

23 Inclusion A term for enrolling special needs children into all areas of the curriculum.


25 Latch Key Child A child who regularly goes home after school to an empty house or apartment.

26 Sibling A brother or sister.

27 This or this? Why would sibling be included in a unit on Parenting Challenges?

28 Prodigy A gifted child Explain how this could be a challenge?

29 Gifted Child Children with unusual intelligence, special artistic talents, and/or the ability to understand relationships and abstract ideas.

30 Once a child is identified as gifted, how will this affect the Parenting process as the child grows older?

31 Review and application Using at least one of the terms in your response, write an answer for each of the following. Underline your term(s) used.

32 John and Suzanne are the parents of two-year old Noah. Lately, Noah has been engaging in repetitive rocking back and forth and banging his head against the wall. He does not look at his parents in the eye and has not begun yet to speak. It appears that Noah lives in his own world. What would you suggest these young parents do?

33 Five-year old Eli is fascinated by numbers. He has taught himself the process of addition and subtraction by playing with his blocks. Jonah, a boy in his child center class, takes the action figures in the classroom and develops complicated stories and acts out plays using them as the characters. What other traits would you expect these little boys to have? Give suggestions for parenting.

34 Philip, age seven, is easily distracted. He sometimes appears to be daydreaming during the math lesson. Other times he cannot sit still and starts talking without permission to the other children during spelling. He is impatient at home when trying to learn to set his alarm clock and impulsively throws it on the floor. His parents are seeking some guidance from you.

35 Laura has been a stay-at-home mom since little Marty was born. Now that he is in pre-school, she has decided to return to work outside the home in her old job at the bank. Her husband has gotten accustomed to his dinner being ready after he plays a round of golf after work. His clothes have always been washed and ironed and ready for him in the mornings. He is a real-estate broker. What challenges do you see in the future for this couple? Write the strategies you would suggest for them.

36 Conclusion Class check for terms and completion. A quiz over the terms tomorrow. Any questions? Turn in your written responses.

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