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Wordlist 11 Saving the oceans مرکز مطالعات و توسعه آموزش علوم پزشکی.

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1 Wordlist 11 Saving the oceans مرکز مطالعات و توسعه آموزش علوم پزشکی

2 1. Aggregation (n.) Definition: collection into an unorganized whole Synonym: collection Example: an aggregation of complainants. Word Family: ag·gre·ga·tion·al, adjective re·ag·gre·ga·tion, noun sub·ag·gre·ga·tion, noun

3 2. Annually (adv.) Definition: once every year Synonym: per annum, once a year Example: Your starting salary is £23,000 per annum and will be reviewed annually. Word Family: in·ter·an·nu·al, adjective in·ter·an·nu·al·ly, adverb

4 3. Cargo (n.) Definition: the goods carried by a ship, aircraft, or other large vehicle Synonym: load, shipment, freight Example: The ship was carrying a cargo of wood. Word Family:

5 4. Compatible (adj.) Definition: able to exist, live together, or work successfully with something or someone else Synonym: in harmony, suited, reconcilable Example: It was when we started living together that we found we just weren't compatible. Word Family: com·pat·i·bil·i·ty, com·pat·i·ble·ness, noun com·pat·i·bly, adverb non·com·pat·i·ble, adjective non·com·pat·i·b·ly, adverb non·com·pat·i·ble·ness, noun

6 5. Conduct (n.) Definition: personal behavior; way of acting; bearing or deportment. Synonym: behavior, habits Example: Sport has a strict code of conduct. Word Family: con·duct·i·ble, adjective con·duct·i·bil·i·ty, noun non·con·duc·ti·bil·i·ty, noun non·con·duc·ti·ble, adjective pre·con·duct, verb (used with object)

7 6. Contribute (v.) Definition: to give something, especially money, in order to provide or achieve something together with other people Synonym: give, supply, donate Example: Come to the meeting if you feel you have something to contribute. Word Family: con·trib·ut·a·ble, adjective con·trib·u·tive, adjective con·trib·u·tive·ly, adverb con·trib·u·tive·ness, noun non·con·trib·ut·a·ble, adjective

8 7. Demand (v.) Definition: to ask for something forcefully, in a way that shows that you do not expect to be refused Synonym: request, order Example: The car workers' union is demanding a seven percent pay rise this year. Word Family: de·mand·a·ble, adjective de·mand·er, noun coun·ter·de·mand, noun o·ver·de·mand, verb, noun pre·de·mand, verb (used with object)

9 8. Deplete (v.) Definition: to reduce something in size or amount, especially supplies of energy, money, etc. Synonym: diminish, lessen, reduce Example: The illness depletes the body of important vitamins Word Family: non·de·plet·a·ble, adjective non·de·ple·tion, noun de·plet·a·ble, adjective de·ple·tion, noun

10 9. Disappear (v.) Definition: If people or things disappear, they go somewhere where they cannot be seen or found. Synonym: vanish, withdraw Example: The search was called off for the sailors who disappeared in the storm. Word Family: non·dis·ap·pear·ing, adjective un·dis·ap·pear·ing, adjectiv e

11 10. Dispose of sth. (v.) Definition: to get rid of someone or something or deal with something so that the matter is finished Synonym: throw away. Cast out, discard Example: How did they dispose of the body? Word Family: dis·pos·ing·ly, adverb re·dis·pose, verb (used with object), re·dis·posed, re·dis·pos·i ng.

12 11. Dump (v.) Definition: to put down or drop something in a careless way Synonym: lay down. Set down, deposit Example: He came in with four shopping bags and dumped them on the table. Word Family: dump·er, noun un·dumped, adjective

13 12. Enterprise (n.) Definition: an organization, especially a business, or a difficult and important plan, especially one that will earn money Synonym: company. corporation, organization Example: Don't forget this is a commercial enterprise - we're here to make money. Word Family: en·ter·prise·less, adjective

14 13. Erode (v.) Definition: to rub or be rubbed away gradually Synonym: scrape away, crumble, disintegrate Example: The cliffs are eroding several feet a year. Word Family: e·rod·i·ble, e·rod·a·ble, e·ro·si·ble, adjective e·rod·i·bil·i·ty, e·rod·a·bil·i·ty, noun non·e·rod·ed, adjective non·e·rod·ing, adjective un·e·rod·a·ble, adjective

15 14. Facilitate (v.) Definition: to make something possible or easier Synonym: ease, smooth, assist Example: The current structure does not facilitate efficient work flow. Word Family: fa·cil·i·ta·tive, adjective un·fa·cil·i·tat·ed, adjective

16 15. Indestructible (adj.) Definition: impossible to destroy or break Synonym: unbreakable, permanent, enduring. Example: Whatever the degradation, the human spirit can be indestructible. Word Family:

17 16. Infinite (adj.) Definition: without limits; extremely large or great Synonym: boundless, unlimited, interminable Example: The universe is theoretically infinite. Word Family: in·fi·nite·ly, adverb in·fi·nite·ness, noun non·in·fi·nite, adjective, noun non·in·fi·nite·ly, adverb non·in·fi·nite·ness, noun

18 17. Leftover (n.) Definition: describes part of something that has not been used or eaten when the other parts have been Synonym: remainder, dregs Example: some leftover curry from last night's meal Word Family:

19 18. Malnutrition (n.) Definition: physical weakness and bad health caused by having too little food, or too little of the types of food necessary for good health Synonym: poor diet Example: Many of the refugees are suffering from severe malnutrition. Word Family:

20 19. Occupy (v.) Definition: to fill, exist in, or use a place or period of time Synonym: engage fill Example: The bathroom's occupied - I think John's in there. Word Family: oc·cu·pi·a·ble, adjective oc·cu·pi·er, noun mis·oc·cu·py, verb, mis·oc·cu·pied, mis·oc·cu·py·ing. o·ver·oc·cu·pied, adjective re·oc·cu·py, verb (used with object), re·oc·cu·pied, re·oc·cu·py·ing.

21 20. Recreation (n.) Definition: (a way of) enjoying yourself when you are not working Synonym: leisure, fun, entertainment Example: His favorite recreations are golf and playing Scrabble. Word Family: rec·re·a·to·ry, adjective

22 21. Spill (v.) Definition: to (cause to) flow, move, fall, or spread over the edge or outside the limits of something Synonym: pour, run, splash Example: I spilled coffee on my silk shirt. Word Family: spill·a·ble, adjective, noun non·spill·a·ble, adjective un·spilled, adjective

23 22. Starvation (n.) Definition: the state of having no food for a long period, often causing death Synonym: famine, undernourishment Example: The animals had died of starvation Word Family:

24 23. Steady (adj.) Definition: happening in a smooth, gradual, and regular way, not suddenly or unexpectedly Synonym: stable, firm, fixed Example: The procession moved through the streets at a steady pace. Word Family: stead·i·ly, adverb stead·i·ness, noun o·ver·stead·i·ly, adverb o·ver·stead·i·ness, noun o·ver·stead·y, adjective

25 24. Temporarily (adv.) Definition: not lasting or needed for very long Synonym: momentarily Example: The girl was temporarily placed with a foster- family. Word Family: tem·po·rar·i·ness, noun non·tem·po·rar·i·ly, adverb non·tem·po·rar·i·ness, noun non·tem·po·rar·y, adjective

26 25. Terminate (v.) Definition: to (cause something to) end or stop Synonym: end, finish, cease Example: They terminated my contract in October. Word Family: ter·mi·na·tive, adjective ter·mi·na·tive·ly, adverb non·ter·mi·na·tive, adjective non·ter·mi·na·tive·ly, adverb self-ter·mi·nat·ing, adjective

27 26. Toxic (adj.) Definition: poisonous Synonym: poisonous, venomous Example: toxic waste/chemicals/effluent Word Family: tox·i·cal·ly, adverb hy·per·tox·ic, adjective non·tox·ic, adjective non·tox·i·cal·ly, adverb post·tox·ic, adjective

28 27. Trace (v.) Definition: to discover the cause or origin of something by examining the way in which it has developed Synonym: track down Example: The outbreak of food poisoning was traced to some contaminated shellfish. Word Family:

29 28. Ultimately (adv.) Definition: finally, after a series of things have happened Synonym: eventually, finally Example: Everything will ultimately depend on what is said at the meeting with the directors next week. Word Family:

30 29. Yield (v.) Definition: to supply or produce something positive such as a profit, an amount of food or information Synonym: produce, provide, generate Example: The investigation yielded some unexpected results. Word Family: yield·er, noun out·yield, verb (used with object) un·der·yield, noun un·der·yield, verb (used without object) un·yield·ed, adjective

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