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Wordlist 21 Coober Pedy: Really Down Under

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1 Wordlist 21 Coober Pedy: Really Down Under

2 1. Aborigine (n.) Definition: one of the original or earliest known inhabitants of a country or region Synonym: original inhabitant Example: They were form the aborigines of Australia. Word Family:

3 2. Assume (v.) Definition: to accept something to be true without question or proof Synonym: bear, undertake Example: Let's assume (that) they're coming and make plans on that basis. Word Family: as·sum·er, noun o·ver·as·sume, verb (used with object), o·ver·as·sumed, o·ver·as·sum·ing. pre·as·sume, verb (used with object), pre·as·sumed, pre·as·sum·ing. re·as·sume, verb (used with object), re·as·sumed, re·as·sum·ing.

4 3. Atop (pre.) Definition: on or at the top of Synonym: on top of Example: She sat atop a two-metre wall. Word Family:

5 4. Blast (v.) Definition: to explode or destroy something or someone with explosives, or to break through or hit something with a similar, very strong force Synonym: blow up, explode Example: A tunnel was to be blasted through the mountains. Word Family:

6 5. Blessedly (adv. ) Definition: enjoyably Synonym: enjoyably
5. Blessedly (adv.) Definition: enjoyably Synonym: enjoyably. pleasantly Example: The garden was blessedly peaceful. Word Family: bless·ed·ness, noun su·per·blessed, adjective su·per·bless·ed·ness, noun well-blessed, adjective

7 6. Burrow (v.) Definition: to make a hole or passage in, into, or under something Synonym: tunnel, excavate Example: The worms burrow deep into the ground. Word Family: bur·row·er, noun un·bur·rowed, adjective

8 7. Dispute (n.) Definition: a debate, controversy, or difference of opinion Synonym: debate, discussion, argument Example: There is a dispute between two countries about the border. Word Family: dis·pute·less, adjective dis·put·er, noun pre·dis·pute, noun, verb, pre·dis·put·ed, pre·dis·put·ing. re·dis·pute, verb, re·dis·put·ed, re·dis·put·ing. un·dis·put·ed, adjective

9 8. Emerge (v.) Definition: to appear by coming out of something or out from behind something Synonym: appear, come into view Example: She emerged from the sea, blue with cold. Word Family: re·e·merge, verb (used without object), re·e·merged, re·e·merg·ing. un·e·merged, adjective

10 9. Endure (v.) Definition: to suffer something difficult, unpleasant, or painful Synonym: tolerate, stand, bear Example: We had to endure a nine-hour delay at the airport. Word Family: en·dur·er, noun un·en·dured, adjective

11 10. Ethnic (adj.) Definition: relating to a particular race of people Synonym: tribal, native Example: Conflicts between the different ethnic groups in the country exploded into civil war. Word Family: eth·ni·cal·ly, adverb in·ter·eth·nic, adjective

12 11. Far-flung (adj.) Definition:describes places that are a great distance away, or something that is spread over a very large area Synonym: distant, far away Example: The news spread to all corners of our far-flung empire. Word Family:

13 12. Fleck (n.) Definition:a small mark or spot Synonym: spot, mark Example: I got a few flecks of paint on the window. Word Family: fleck·less, adjective fleck·less·ly, adverb fleck·y, adjective un·flecked, adjective

14 13. Groove (n.) Definition: long, narrow, hollow space cut into a surface Synonym: channel, cutting Example: The window slides along a deep metal groove to open and close. Word Family: groove·less, adjective groove·like, adjective groov·er, noun re·groove, verb (used with object), re·grooved, re·groov·ing.

15 14. Immigrate (v.) Definition: to come to live in a different country Synonym: migrate Example: He immigrated with his parents in 1895, and grew up in Long Island. Word Family: im·mi·gra·tor, noun un·im·mi·grat·ing, adjective

16 15. Liberal (adj.) Definition: respecting and allowing many different types of beliefs or behaviour Synonym: open-minded, unprejudiced Example: Her parents were far more liberal than mine. Word Family: lib·er·al·ly, adverb lib·er·al·ness, noun an·ti·lib·er·al, adjective, noun an·ti·lib·er·al·ly, adverb an·ti·lib·er·al·ness, noun

17 16. Moonscape (n.) Definition: the general appearance of the surface of the moon Synonym: Example: Word Family:

18 17. Nook (n.) Definition: a small space that is hidden or partly sheltered Synonym: opening, gap, cavity Example: a shady nook that was ideal for a picnic. Word Family: nook·like, adjective

19 18. Notwithstanding (adv.) Definition: despite the fact or thing mentioned Synonym: despite, regardless of Example: Notwithstanding some members' objections, I think we must go ahead with the plan. Word Family:

20 19. Outcrop (n.) Definition: a large rock or group of rocks that sticks out of the ground Synonym: rock shelf, mantel Example: A rocky outcrop is visible far away. Word Family:

21 20. Overlook (v.) Definition: to provide a view of, especially from above Synonym: dominate, Example:Our hotel room overlooked the harbour. Word Family:

22 21. Patron (n.) Definition: a person or group that supports an activity or organization, especially by giving money Synonym: sponsor, supporter Example: The Princess Royal is a well-known patron of several charities. Word Family: pa·tron·al, pa·tron·ly, adjective pa·tron·dom, pa·tron·ship, noun pa·tron·less, adjective sub·pa·tron·al, adjective

23 22. Refuge (n.) Definition: protection or shelter from danger, trouble, unhappiness, etc. Synonym: protection, safety Example: The climbers slept in a mountain refuge. Word Family:

24 23. Rig (n. ) Definition: the equipment used in drilling an oil well
23. Rig (n.) Definition: the equipment used in drilling an oil well. Synonym: Example: Word Family:

25 24. Settlement (n.) Definition: an official agreement that finishes an argument Synonym: Example: As part of their divorce settlement, Geoff agreed to let Polly keep the house. Word Family: non·set·tle·ment, noun o·ver·set·tle·ment, noun pre·set·tle·ment, noun re·set·tle·ment, noun

26 25. Sprawl out (v.) Definition: to be stretched or spread out in an unnatural or ungraceful manner Synonym: Example: The puppy sprawled out in all directions. Word Family:

27 26. Stop off (v.) Definition: to halt for a brief stay at some point on the way elsewhere Synonym: Example: On the way to Rome we stopped off at Florence. Word Family:

28 27. Striking it rich (exp.) Definition: to get a lot of money especially suddenly and unexpectedly Synonym: Example: Word Family:

29 28. Vein (n.) Definition: a streak or marking, as of a different shade or color, running through marble, wood, Synonym: stripe, line Example: The floor was covered with white marble with gray veins. Word Family: vein·al, adjective vein·less, adjective vein·like, adjective in·ter·vein, verb (used with object) in·ter·vein·al, adjective

30 29. Watch one’s step (exp.) Definition: Walk carefully Synonym: Example: Word Family:

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