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Wordlist 19 I Love Me.. 1. Admiration (n.) Definition: the feeling of admiring someone or something Synonym: applause, acclaim Example: My admiration.

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1 Wordlist 19 I Love Me.

2 1. Admiration (n.) Definition: the feeling of admiring someone or something Synonym: applause, acclaim Example: My admiration for that woman grows daily. Word Family: ad·mi·ra·tive, adjective ad·mi·ra·tive·ly, adverb self-ad·mi·ra·tion, noun su·per·ad·mi·ra·tion, noun

3 2. Applause (n.) Definition: the sound of people clapping their hands repeatedly to show enjoyment or approval of something such as a performance or speech Synonym: clapping, cheering Example: His speech met with (= received) loud applause. Word Family: ap·plau·sive, adjective self-ap·plause, noun un·ap·plau·sive, adjective

4 3. Athlete (n.) Definition: a person who is very good at sports or physical exercise, especially one who competes in organized events Synonym: sportsperson, competitor Example: He became a professional athlete at the age of 16. Word Family: non·ath·lete, noun su·per·ath·lete, noun

5 4. Brag (v.) Definition: to speak too proudly about what you have done or what you own Synonym: boast, crow Example: She's always bragging about how much money she earns. Word Family: brag·ging·ly, adverb brag·less, adjective out·brag, verb (used with object), out·bragged, out·brag·ging. o·ver·brag, verb, o·ver·bragged, o·ver·brag·ging. un·brag·ging, adjective

6 5. Chatter (n.) Definition: purposeless or foolish talk. Synonym: chat. gossip Example: Jane’s constant chatter was beginning to annoy him. Word Family: chat·ter·ing·ly, adverb chat·ter·y, adjective out·chat·ter, verb (used with object) un·chat·ter·ing, adjective

7 6. Coincide (v.) Definition: to happen at or near the same time Synonym: accord, correspond, match Example: I timed my holiday to coincide with the children's school holiday. Word Family: un·co·in·cid·ed, adjective un·co·in·cid·ing, adjective

8 7. Constant (adj.) Definition: happening a lot or all the time Synonym: continual, continuous Example: He's in constant trouble with the police. Word Family: con·stant·ly, adverb non·con·stant, noun, adjective o·ver·con·stant, adjective o·ver·con·stant·ly, adverb o·ver·con·stant·ness, noun

9 8. Demand (n.) Definition: the act of to asking for something with proper authority Synonym: request, order Example: The demands of the client could not be met. Word Family: de·mand·a·ble, adjective de·mand·er, noun coun·ter·de·mand, noun o·ver·de·mand, verb, noun pre·de·mand, verb (used with object)

10 9. Demonstrate (v.) Definition: to show or make something clear Synonym: show, indicate, determine Example: These problems demonstrate the importance of strategic planning. Word Family: dem·on·strat·ed·ly, adverb coun·ter·dem·on·strate, verb (used without object), coun·ter·dem·on·strat·ed, coun·ter·dem·on·strat·ing. pre·dem·on·strate, verb (used with object), pre·dem·on·strat·ed, pre·dem·on·strat·ing. re·dem·on·strate, verb, re·dem·on·strat·ed, re·dem·on·strat·ing. sub·dem·on·strate, verb (used with object), sub·dem·on·strat·ed, sub·dem·on·strat·ing.

11 10. Drown (v.) Definition: to (cause to) die by being unable to breathe underwater Synonym: inhale water Example: He drowned in a boating accident. Word Family: drown·er, noun half-drowned, adjective half-drown·ing, adjective un·drowned, adjective

12 11. Exaggerate (v.) Definition: to make something seem larger, more important, better, or worse than it really is Synonym: overstate, over-emphasize Example: The threat of attack has been greatly exaggerated. Word Family: ex·ag·ger·at·ing·ly, adverb ex·ag·ger·a·tor, noun non·ex·ag·ger·at·ing, adjective o·ver·ex·ag·ger·ate, verb, o·ver·ex·ag·ger·at·ed, o·ver·ex·ag·ger·at·ing. un·ex·ag·ger·at·ing, adjective

13 12. Excessive (adj.) Definition: too much Synonym: immoderate, extravagant Example: She was polite but not excessively so. Word Family: ex·ces·sive·ly, adverb ex·ces·sive·ness, noun non·ex·ces·sive, adjective non·ex·ces·sive·ly, adverb non·ex·ces·sive·ness, noun

14 13. Exploit (v.) Definition: to utilize, especially for profit; turn to practical account Synonym: utilize, benefit from Example: We need to make sure that we exploit our resources as fully as possible. Word Family: ex·ploit·a·ble, adjective ex·ploit·a·bil·i·ty, noun ex·ploit·a·tive, ex·ploit·a·to·ry, ex·ploit·ive, adjective ex·ploit·er, noun half-ex·ploit·ed, adjective

15 14. Failure (n.) Definition: the fact of someone or something not succeeding Synonym: defeat, falling Example: The meeting was a complete/total failure. Word Family:

16 15. Flirt (v.) Definition: to behave as if sexually attracted to someone, although not seriously Synonym: trifle with Example: Christina was flirting with just about every man in the room. Word Family: flirt·ing·ly, adverb

17 16. Gorgeous (adj.) Definition: very beautiful or pleasant Synonym: attractive, handsome, charming Example: What a gorgeous room/dress/colour! Word Family: gor·geous·ly, adverb gor·geous·ness, noun

18 17. Gossip (v.) Definition: conversation or reports about other people's private lives that might be unkind, disapproving, or not true Synonym: tattle Example: Her letter was full of gossip. Word Family: gos·sip·ing·ly, adverb in·ter·gos·sip, verb, in·ter·gos·siped or in·ter·gos·sipped, in·ter·gos·sip·ing. un·gos·sip·ing, adjective

19 18. Lifelong (adj.) Definition: lasting for the whole of a person's life Synonym: permanent, eternal Example: She was a lifelong member of the Labour party. Word Family:

20 19. Nourish (v.) Definition: to provide people or living things with food in order to make them grow and keep them healthy Synonym: feed, nurture Example: Children need plenty of good fresh food to nourish them. Word Family: nour·ish·a·ble, adjective nour·ish·er, noun o·ver·nour·ish, verb (used with object) re·nour·ish, verb (used with object) self-nour·ished, adjective

21 20. Overshadow (v.) Definition: to cause someone or something to seem less important or less happy Synonym: spoil, ruin Example: Karen has always felt overshadowed by her famous elder sister. Word Family: o·ver·shad·ow·er, noun o·ver·shad·ow·ing·ly, adverb

22 21. Reflection (n.) Definition: the image of something in a mirror or on any reflective surface Synonym: echo Example: In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. Word Family: re·flec·tion·al, adjective re·flec·tion·less, adjective in·ter·re·flec·tion, noun non·re·flec·tion, noun o·ver·re·flec·tion, noun

23 22. Self-esteem (n.) Definition: belief and confidence in your own ability and value Synonym: self-respect Example: The compliments she received after the presentation boosted her self-esteem. Word Family:

24 23. Subsequent (adj.) Definition: happening after something else Synonym: following, succeeding, upcoming Example: The book discusses his illness and subsequent resignation from the government. Word Family: sub·se·quent·ly, adverb

25 24. Surround (v.) Definition: to be everywhere around something Synonym: enclose, encompass, ring, gird Example: Snow-capped mountains surround the city. Word Family: pre·sur·round, verb (used with object) un·sur·round·ed, adjective

26 25. Therapist (n.) Definition: someone whose job is to treat a particular type of mental or physical illness or disability, usually with a particular type of therapy Synonym: healer Example: I'm seeing my therapist on Friday morning. Word Family:

27 26. Uninhibited (adj.) Definition: free and natural, without embarrassment or too much control Synonym: unrestrained, unrestricted Example: The students we spoke to were surprisingly uninhibited in talking about sex. Word Family: un·in·hib·it·ed·ly, adverb un·in·hib·it·ed·ness, noun

28 27. Worthy (adj.) Definition: deserving respect, admiration, or support Synonym: trusted, reliable, virtuous Example: He is unlikely to succeed in getting his bill through Congress, however worthy it is. Word Family: wor·thi·ly, adverb wor·thi·ness, noun pre·wor·thi·ly, adverb pre·wor·thi·ness, noun pre·wor·thy, adjective

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