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Primates in Laboratory Research: Is it Worth it?.

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1 Primates in Laboratory Research: Is it Worth it?

2 What is a primate?

3 What is Laboratory Research? Research is defined as any type of experimental work that involves altering the diet, living situation, psychological state, or body structure of primates in a considerable way.

4 What are some statistics on primate research?


6 Pro-Primate Research Reasoning


8 "We need to recognize at the outset that what we do to animals from their perspective certainly, and probably from ours, is morally wrong and unacceptable," Jane Goodall

9 Gains from Primate Research -Treatment for typhoid fever -Discovery of Mumps -Treatments for arthritis -Improved blood transfusions -Vaccine for polio -Development of chemotherapy -Yellow fever vaccine -Corneal transplants -Liver transplants -Heart transplants -Treatment for leprosy -Effects of alcohol on the body -Treatment for 'lazy eye' -In-depth data on Parkinson's -Lung transplants -Hepatitis B vaccine -Preliminary treatments for AIDS -Information on infant development -Discovery of Estrogen -Components of postpartum depression -Discovery of lead's toxicity -Information on puberty -Effects of ecstasy on the body -Early treatment for diabetes -Vaccine for anthrax -Stem cell data -Effects of radiation on the body -Psychological effects of isolation -Kidney transplants -Uses for chloroform -Information on brain growth rates -Discovery of effective methods for Restoring blood to the brain -Electroshock therapy -Development of the German measles Vaccine Wisconsin Primate Research Center Library

10 Anti-Primate Research Reasoning

11 NASA's Primate Research Plans

12 What are the possible solutions?

13 Questions?

14 Resources Pictures in order of appearance:

15 Resources Discoveries Through Primate Models., Wisconsin Primate Research Center, 11 Mar. 2010. Web. 29 Oct. 2010..

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