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Second Vatican Council Class IV: Third Session Fr. John Mayo.

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1 Second Vatican Council Class IV: Third Session Fr. John Mayo

2 Pope Paul VI Visits the Holy Land Paul VI intended this visit to be religious, not political. One of reasons why council did not really debate Judaism Day I: Holy Mass at Church of Holy Sepulchre and walk along Via Dolorosa Day II: Meets Patriarch Benedict (Orthodox)

3 While out Sightseeing... Before returning to the old city of Jerusalem, Paul VI makes a defense of Pius XII Upon return, meets with Patriarch Athenagoras Greatly moves the Pope

4 Challenging Words The next day, the Pope makes a challenging speech in Bethlehem framed as the confession of the Church of Rome Also met the Patriarch again

5 Intersession Activity There were still a dozen schemata waiting to be presented to the Council The Council was still suffering from poor planing and execution during this period Some even proposed a lengthy recess of several years to reflect and experiment before promulgating reform

6 Rule Changes Moderators can now call speakers together and group them together Summary 5 days ahead of time Cardinals now subject to rules Now actually harder to debate Change in membership

7 Opening of Third Session Began September 14, 1964 with a concelebrated Mass Expressed need for Church to define herself, while at same time maintaining Papal primacy Reaffirms openness to collegiality

8 Debate on The Church Now 8 chapters 4 new chapters on the universal call to holiness, religious life, eschatology, and the Blessed Mother Eschatology- Need to speak about purgatory and hell Mary- Need clearer text

9 Finally A VOTE!!! Chapter I De Ecclesia- 2,114 yea, 11 nay, 63 revise Chapter II approved- 1,615 yea, 19 nay, 553 revise

10 Pastoral Office of Bishop Fathers like it in terms of defining their office and role Some still attack collegiality

11 Religious Liberty Question of relativism Cardinal Ritter- Accept Religious Liberty, perhaps not give motive for it? Attacked- need to give a motive for it, especially in Communist countries. Motive given Man has natural right to search and find truth Natural right to follow conscience Supernatural Order Unless we have this declaration there can be no dialogue with men of good will.

12 Declaration on the Jews Presented on September 25th by Cardinal Bea Revised from original draft; no more political overtones Cardinal Lercaro- Makes a special attempt to see this happen

13 Divine Revelation Document which created crisis at Session I Totally rewritten Cannot simplify too much

14 Collegiality Approved Against the theological arguments pro and con, Archbishop Pietro Parente makes a brilliant point Changes the debate Approved, with changes recommended

15 The October Crisis Concern begins to sweep through the chamber that Archbishop Felici was swinging the council toward the minority Example: During debate on collegiality

16 Black Week Oct. 7th: Cardinal Cicognani convenes Coordinating Commission Secretary General Felici is tasked there by Cicognani to delay the schema on the Jews and Religious Liberty Felici writes two letters to Cardinal Bea Letter I: Make the document on Jews a subset of De Ecclesia Letter II: Holy Father desires a special mixed commission to study Blown by names Bea and Felici have words Counteroffensive: Petition to Paul VI Paul VI does order commission to study Religious Libery, but in accord with council rules

17 Debate on Laity Presented by Cardinal Cento No laity really consulted Badly Organized Ritter: The document is clericalist, suffers from juridicism, as well as favoritism

18 Debate on Eastern Churches Shorter document (54-30), but still to Western Need for Eastern Churches to convert to Western All but 3 of the provisions will pass

19 The Church in the Modern World Also known as Schema 13; had been worked on since session I Almost did not make it to the floor because of Black Week Cardinal Cento: No other document had aroused so much interest and raised so many hopes.

20 Contents of Document 4 Chapters Church service to the world Poverty Overpopulation War

21 Pros and Cons of the Document Pros Dealt with issues of the world Clarity Generosity Cons Lacked doctrinal foundation

22 Cautious Optimism October 23rd Schema approved for discussion 1,579- 296 (200 not there!) Third session would end on November 21st We might actually finish our work!

23 Chapter I Atheism Especially as seen in Communism Renewed vision of world based on God and Christ

24 Chapter II and III Church and the World Church seemed to withdrawn in text Leaven Meat on Fridays Bishops attire and poverty Science

25 Chapter IV Most Controversial? As a whole: Cardinal Ritter. Racial Discrimination Denounced religiously Role of women Birth Control

26 Church and Culture Culture or civilization? Need to speak about proper level of human existence Triumphalism vs poverty? West vs. East

27 Economic Private property: primary and absolute? Applause of social encyclicals Solidarity

28 Nuclear War Nations without bomb: ban it! Nations with bomb: just war

29 Debate on Christian Education Parents should be able to choose Catholic schools Government assistance vouchers More religious spirit? Catholics in public education

30 Votum on Marriage 1. Suppression of minor impediments 2. Less rigid standards for mixed marriages 3. Revision of canonical form for marriage Sent to Holy Father for consideration 1,592-426

31 De Ecclesia on Collegiality Chapters 3-8 of De Ecclesia handed back to Council Fathers with revisions added and an explanatory note from a higher authority. Most likely Paul VI College- juridical sense Consecration vs. exercise College always understood as bishops with pope College always existed, but not always in a collegial manner

32 Collegiality Not a solemn definition like infallibility at Vatican I Instead, a solemn statement

33 Two more documents approved Declaration on non-Christian Religions 1,651 Yea, 242 Yea with revisions, 99 Nay Decree on Ecumenism Only 64 Nay Decree on Eastern Catholic Churches Religious liberty next session

34 End of the Session Strained New Marian Dogma Mother of the Church Speech itself Preoccupied with new dogma No new details

35 Until Next Week...

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