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Passé Composé avec Être

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1 Passé Composé avec Être
(It only gets more complicated from here)

2 Avoir vs. Être While most french verbs use avoir as the helping verb in the passé composé, two groups of verbs use être as their helping verb. The first group includes verbs of motion (see masion d’être) the second group is that of reflexive verbs.

3 To form (motion verbs) You form the passé composé of motion verbs with two parts: the present tense form of the helping verb être and the past participle of the main verb. When using être, the past participle has to agree in gender and number with the subject. (I know… you hate me right now.)

4 aller- to go Je suis allé(e) Tu es Il/elle/on est allé(e)(s) nous
sommes allé(e)s vous êtes Ils/elles sont

5 Negation To for the negation of a sentence, put the ne…pas around the helping verbs. Je ne suis pas allé à l’école hier. Je ne suis pas revenu chez moi.

6 The Good News The good news is!!!!!!! Verbs of motion are limited in number and easy to memorize. And reflexive verbs are very easy to recognize. YAY!!!!!!!

7 La Maison D’être tomber rester devenir monter descendre naître mourir
Pass out maison d’etre worksheets. naître mourir sortir Entrer dans partir arriver Retourner Rentrer revenir venir passer aller

8 Passé Composé with Ref. Verbs
How do we recognize a reflexive verb? What is the formula for a reflexive verb? What do you already know about making a reflexive verb passé composé?

9 To make the passé composé of a reflexive verb, you need to use être as the helping verb.
The past participle must agree in number and gender with the subject when there is NO direct object following the verb. (I know…I just blew your minds AGAIN!) So what on earth does that mean? Elle s’est lavée. BUT Elle s’est lavé les mains.

10 La formule Se Laver je me suis lavé (e) tu t’ es Il/elle/on s’ est
nous sommes (e) s vous êtes Ils/elles se sont

11 Negation To make a reflexive verb negative in the passé composé, place ne…pas around the reflexive pronoun AND the helping verb. EX- Je ne me suis pas levée tôt samedi.

12 Pratiquez! I showered. You brushed your teeth. He shaved. We woke up.
They got ready. They (elles) were mocking.

13 Pratiquez I combed my hair. You dried your hair.
She went to bed (se mettre au lit). We went to school. They (Vous) went to work. They (ils) washed their hands.

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