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SOL Review Help IV 200 400 800 600 800 Potpourri 600 400 800 400 200 1000 200 400 600 800 1000 Potpourri.

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2 SOL Review Help IV

3 Potpourri Potpourri

4 Row 1, Col 1 The completion of this after the Civil War, intensified the westward movement of settlers into the states between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean What was the Transcontinental Railroad?

5 1,2 Prohibited states from denying equal rights to any American. What was the 14 th Amendment?

6 1,3 His election in 1860 sparked the secession of several southern states who feared he would abolish slavery. Who was Abraham Lincoln?

7 1,4 This battle is considered the turning point of the Civil War. What is Gettysburg?

8 1,5 The belief that America should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. What is Manifest Destiny?

9 2,1 She served as a guide and translator for exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. Who was Sacagewea?

10 2,2 The growth of these helped the growth of the industrial economy and supported the westward movement of settlers. What is Canals/Railroads?

11 2,3 This led to the spread of the slave based cotton kingdom in the deep south. What was Eli Whitneys cotton gin?

12 2,4 This act repealed the Missouri Compromise and produced bloody fighting between pro and anti- slavery forces. What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

13 2,5 This compromise drew an east-west line through the Louisiana Purchase prohibiting slavery above that line with the exception of Missouri which was north of the line. What was the Missouri Compromise?

14 3,1 He won the 1800 Presidential election. Who was Thomas Jefferson?

15 3,2 Who warned, A house divided against itself cannot stand. The nation couldnt be half-free and half-slave. Who was Abraham Lincoln?

16 3,3 As a result of the Compromise of 1850 this territory became a state. What is California?

17 3,4 Federalists believed the economy should be base on this. What was industry?

18 3,5 This act required escaped slaves fleeing to free states to be returned to their masters. What was the Fugitive Slave Act?

19 4,1 This section of the country was most likely to support the Federalists. What was the Northeast?

20 4,2 This was the central issue in the election of 1832 with Jackson running against Henry Clay. What was Jacksons Bank veto?

21 4,3 He led the Democratic-Republicans. Who was Jefferson?

22 4,4 This court case established the Supreme Courts right of Judicial Review. What was Marbury v. Madison?

23 4,5 These were the first two political parties. What were Federalists/Democratic- Republicans?

24 5,1 The Democratic-Republicans believed in this type of economy. What was Agricultural?

25 5,2 He was the National Republican candidate in Who was Henry Clay?

26 5,3 This American Presidential election marked the first time power had been peacefully transferred from one party to another. What was 1800?

27 5,4 This act led to the formation of the Republican Party which opposed the spread of slavery. What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

28 5,5 This team won the first two Super bowls and is undoubtedly The best team ever in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers?

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