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Gavilan Peak Elementary

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1 Gavilan Peak Elementary
WELCOME TO 3rd GRADE! Gavilan Peak Elementary Kim Fate Qin Li

2 Mrs. Kim Fate Is originally from Chicago, Illinois
Taught 10 years in fourth grade in Illinois, and 1 year here at Gavilan Peak in fourth grade Has lived in Arizona for 3 years with her husband (Mike), stepson (Zach), daughter (Alexa), and son (Brayden). Loves to fish, travel, and spend time with my family.

3 Ms. Qin Li From Chengdu, China
Taught 5 years as a foreign language teacher in China, and this is the second year to teach at Gavilan Peak as the 3rd grade Mandarin teacher. Loves traveling, photo taking, and picture drawing. Has been to Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Zech Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, now is traveling the United States  Hope to share the Chinese language and culture and learn the American culture at the same time 

4 Da Jia Hao  (Hello everyone)
Qin Li



7 SCHOOL HOURS 8:10 a.m.– 3:00 p.m. If you know in advance that your child has an appointment or will not be in attendance, please me.

8 Reading Focus: Oral Reading Fluency Comprehension Questioning Using Context Clues Predicting Vocabulary Summarization

9 Accelerated Reader (AR)
Mrs. Fate’s Reading class will be participating in the Accelerated Reader program this year. Each student will take a test which will inform me of their reading level as well as a goal they should be able to reach by the end of each quarter. Although their percentage of their reading scores and goals are not a part of their grades, I am personally going to have a sundae party during lunch for any student who has reached their goal at the end of each quarter. There will also be the No Excuses Reading Incentive Raffle this year! A small raffle ticket will be given to the students. When they bring in a completed and signed No Excuses Log they will be entered into the school raffle at the end of each month. The log must show that the student read all five days, 20 minutes a day, during the previous week.  No Excuses means that it must be five days, even if we had a half day or day off, even if there was a game, practice, class, recital, illness, pet emergency, or family event. Late logs/signatures will not be accepted.

10 Position, Jobs, Schedules
Mandarin FOCUS ~ Ms. Li Position, Jobs, Schedules Position of various objects Professions Time Schedules of the day

11 Household Items, Activities and Hobbies, Phone Calls
Mandarin FOCUS ~ Ms. Li Household Items, Activities and Hobbies, Phone Calls Describe various rooms in a house Describe activities and hobbies How to carry on a phone conversation Greetings and manners

12 Classes in School, Senses, Rooms in a House
Mandarin FOCUS ~ Ms. Li Classes in School, Senses, Rooms in a House School subjects Five senses Rooms in a House

13 Zoo Animals, Invitations, Restaurant
Mandarin FOCUS ~ Ms. Li Zoo Animals, Invitations, Restaurant Descriptions and names of common zoo animals How to invite others to attend an event How to order food and drinks in a Chinese restaurant

14 MATH FOCUS ~ Ms. Li Number Sense and Operations
Addition and Subtraction Concepts and Basic Facts Repeated Addition- Multiplication Concepts and Basic Facts Division Concepts and Basic Facts Place Value and Money Time and Customary Measurement Geometry Fraction and Decimal Concepts

15 Social Studies ~ Mrs. Fate
3rd Grade Social Studies will be focusing on Our Communities. Harcourt Social Studies presents its Big Ideas through rich content, illustrations, graphics, and specialized features that connect to students’ concrete experiences and refine their perceptions. These resources facilitate students’ learning by exposing them to information, images, and stories that reinforce the meaning of symbols, events, and places. We will also be using nonfiction Leveled Readers from time to time. Technology will be used, as well as, hands on activities and projects.

16 Science ~ Ms. Li The main science units for 3rd grade are: Plants & Animals Rocks & Minerals Sound & Light There will also be science experiments in class.

17 WRITING FOCUS Personal Narratives Informative (Expository) Persuasive
Using the Six Traits

18 HOMEWORK It is important that the students do their homework when assigned as it is reinforcement of skills taught each day; students will be required to know the information on tests and/or quizzes. Students will fill in their agenda each day if there is homework. A parent signature is not required after each day in the agenda. If it becomes an issue with your child not turning in their homework, I will conference with you and begin requiring daily signatures to make sure the assignments are completed. There will not be homework in Mrs. Fate’s class over the weekend. However, at some points during the school year, we will have projects that may require weekend work. Please be reminded that Ms. Li’s homework packets are due every Monday morning.

19 Grading Policy Scores will be written on each assignment/test/quiz in the form of points (17/20) and/or percentage (92%) A check mark, stamp, or star means that I looked it over/checked it, but did not record it. A-F Scale: A ~ % B ~ 80-89% C ~ 70-79% D ~ 60-69% F ~ 0-59% Grades will come from tests, quizzes, in class activities, participation, and some homework assignments. If an “F” is received on a test, there will be a “Parent Signature” stamp on it which will require your signature. The date of a retest will be given. Assignments may not be graded or entered in the grade book on the same day as they are turned in.

20 Friday Take-home Folders ~ Mrs. Fate
Every student will have a “Friday Folder”. This folder goes home with the students every Friday with their work for the week, as well as, school notes. Please sign the folder every Friday on the correct date in the folder. Your signature will show me that you reviewed the work sent home for the week. The Friday folders are due back every Monday where I will be checking for your signature. I will keep these folders until the next Friday. Please keep all worksheets at home after reviewing. If your child is in my Reading class in the morning, his/her folder is yellow. If your child is in my Reading class in the afternoon, his/her folder is blue.

Only store bought food may be brought to school to celebrate a child’s birthday. Please me to set up a day to bring in the treat. Please be advised that our classroom is a nut-free classroom, therefore, nothing with nuts will be allowed. Because of the advances in technology and social media, it is suggested that parents take pictures of only their children. We have been having a healthy “working” snack every morning. This snack should be something small, just to hold them over until lunch. I have already spoken to the students about not bringing a snack that is messy or needs utensils. Bottles of water may be kept at the child's desk-we encourage hydration. 

22 COMMUNICATION Agenda Email or phone Web Site
Power Schools – Check Grades Graded Work Report Cards Parent Conferences Positive Notes Behavior Chart

23 VISITORS Please feel free to have lunch with your child. Our lunch/recess time is 11:45-12:15. All visitors must stop by in the office first to sign in and receive a visitors pass. Parents remaining on campus after 7:45 a.m. are considered a visitor and for school security reasons must sign in at the office. Instruction time is very important so I’m always happy to schedule an appointment.

24 TOYS/CELL PHONES No one may bring a weapon or any item associated with a weapon for any reason. School appropriate toys may be brought to school on designated celebration days. Cell phones must be secured in a backpack and turned off during school hours.

25 This minute will never occur again.
A Parting Thought ~ Enjoy each moment. This minute will never occur again.

26 Parents- YOU are your child’s first and BEST teacher
Parents- YOU are your child’s first and BEST teacher. Thank you for being great!

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