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Welcome 5th grade Parent Meeting

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1 Welcome 5th grade Parent Meeting
Staley Middle School Welcome 5th grade Parent Meeting

2 Introducing… Dennis McDonald – Principal
Brad Helenberger – Ass’t. Principal Paige French – Ass’t Principal Gail West – Counselor – Grades 8 & 7B Allene Byroad – Counselor – Grades 6 & 7A

3 A word from the boss…

4 Classes Students will have 8 periods a day. Math
ILA (Integrated Language Arts – 2 periods) Social Studies Science Computer Lit/Study Skills PE Elective Each class last about 46 minutes with 4 minute passing periods. Core subjects are located close to each other. Students will have a different teacher for each subject. Each teacher has a different style of teaching yet strives to remain consistent in policies and procedures. The grading policy for states that students may retake a test of 84 and below for a maximum score of 85. Original scores of 85 and higher will not qualify for a retest.

5 Lunches Three lunch periods: most 6th graders will have “A” Lunch.
Students may choose where they would like to sit during lunch.

6 Lockers Each student will receive his/her own locker at Colt Camp – August 15th – 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Students may want to practice with a combination lock before school begins. Don’t give your combination to anyone. Keep it organized.

7 Registration Tuesday, Feb. 25th: Bright Elementary
Wednesday, Feb.26th: Rogers Elementary Thursday, Feb 27th: Christie Elementary Course cards are due no later than MARCH 5th.

8 Registration cards

9 Now, let’s skip to the back yellow course card!
Please be sure all contact information at the top is filled in completely and accurately. If you are not sure how to fill in these blanks, do not worry. Your parent can help you fill this out at home. Staley Middle School 6th Grade Registration Student Last Name: __________ First Name: ___________ FISD Student ID#: _______ Gender: _______ Parent Name (s): _________________________________ _______________________________________ Phone #: _____________________________________ Elementary Campus Attended: ________________________ March5th

10 We’re still on the yellow course card!
Let’s talk about ILA!! Which one should I take? See course descriptions. Talk to your parent. Talk to your ILA teacher. REQUIRED COURSES Choose 1 from each of the following required areas: Social Studies Science _____Social Studies _____Science 6 Integrated Language Arts Mathematics ____ILA _____Math 6 ____ Pre-AP ILA 6 (Review Pre-AP Expectations) _____Pre-AP Math 6 Technology Applications/Study Skills (Alt days) _____ PE _____ Let’s talk about Math!! Which one should I take? See course descriptions. Talk to your parent. Talk to your Math teacher.

11 What is Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP)?
A rigorous advanced course designed to prepare students for high-school advanced placement courses. A Note about Pre-AP Courses Students who enroll in these courses should expect high standards and allow for additional time requirements. Recommended Maintenance Criteria for all grade levels: Above 70% Attending tutorials whenever necessary Tutorials are offered before and after school. Student can always go to the other teacher’s tutorial if necessary. Complete and submit all assignments

12 P.E.

13 Electives! ELECTIVE COURSES All electives are full year courses. Rank your choices 1 to 3, with 1 being your first choice, from the following: _____Exploratory Wheel (9 weeks each of Theater, Skills for Living, Technology, Art) _____Band (Instrument – Per Band Director: _____________________) _____Orchestra (Instrument – Per Orchestra Director: ___________________) _____Choir


15 Band and orchestra Information

16 What are the steps to joining Band and Orchestra
Any students interested in continuing in music should mark Band or Orchestra as your FIRST choice. Students are ‘screened’ by directors to see what instrument best suits them. Counselors will schedule you into the correct class once you know what instrument you are playing. You are not enrolled in a class until you mark it on your schedule! (screening does not automatically enroll you in the class)

17 What are the instrument choices
Orchestra Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Band Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion (Drums)

18 What if I have financial concerns?
Every student has a chance for Band or Orchestra Both Band and Orchestra have programs for reduced or free rentals if needed. Band and orchestra have a student work program to help cover the cost of supplies if needed. Let the directors know if you are concerned about financial obligations so they can reserve an instrument.

19 Other considerations Students are encouraged to enroll in Band or Orchestra in 6th grade as that is the designated ‘beginner year’. You can still enroll in 7th grade, but will be in classes with mostly 6th grade. Band or Orchestra students will not be ‘behind’ the other students when they add an elective in 7th grade.

20 Band Important Dates Monday, 3/3 – Petting Zoo
5:15 pm-6:15 – Staley Band Hall Beginning Band Concert 6:30-7:15 Saturday, 3/22- Instrument Carnival! SMS Cafeteria 9:00-3:00 (individual appointments) You can sign up for a screening (even if you are not sure about band) on the band website!

21 Orchestra important dates
March 24th through the 28th private appointments can be made for after school times (between 3:35-4:15)

22 Choir 6

23 Important choir information
Any students interested in this class should mark Choir as your FIRST choice. All 6th grade students that sign up for choir will be placed in beginning choir. The only required cost is the purchase of a choir shirt and a $5 supply fee. Scholarships to cover this fee are available for families in need. For more information visit

24 Special Programs English as a Second Language Gifted and Talented
Special Education Dyslexia Reading/Math Labs Learning Lab

25 Schedule Changes The master schedule for the next year is built based upon student schedule requests made at this time; therefore, it is important you and your child carefully prepare for his/her 6th grade course selections.

26 Sign & Date the Registration Card It is very important that parents read through all the statements on the front and back of the registration card, then sign and date at the bottom of both sides. Staley Middle School 6th Grade Registration

27 Staley Website has it all!
Updated supply list Important dates, such as Colt Camp. FAQs Access to addresses for administration, counselors, office, etc. 6th-Grade Teacher Pages!

28 Go mustangs! We are looking forward to having you join us at STALEY Middle School for the school year! Your child will be well taken care of, and we are here to help!

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