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Where Do We Want to Go?. Starting Out Keep doing what has been working – –Mid-Winter/Lobbying Meeting – –Claims Roundtable Get the Tools to do the Job.

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Presentation on theme: "Where Do We Want to Go?. Starting Out Keep doing what has been working – –Mid-Winter/Lobbying Meeting – –Claims Roundtable Get the Tools to do the Job."— Presentation transcript:

1 Where Do We Want to Go?

2 Starting Out Keep doing what has been working – –Mid-Winter/Lobbying Meeting – –Claims Roundtable Get the Tools to do the Job – –Rearrange Office to be more workable/suitable for meetings – –Tools to Communicate with our members Constant Contact Free Conference Call Webinar Service – –Integrated Association Management Software – –Website – –Social Media Tools

3 Starting Out Expand and Improve on what hasn’t been working so well – –Advocacy – –Newsletter – –Convention Then Focus on bringing additional value to our Members

4 Guiding Goals Effective Advocacy Communicate & Interact – –With Members – –With Affiliated Industries Provide Value for our Members Drive Membership Growth & Participation Have Fun!!

5 The Value Proposition -- Underwriters Effective Advocacy & Communication – –Reducing Class Action Risk with Rate Simplification Information in Useable Format for Bulletins Providing Services to Agents so They Don’t Have To – –Education – –Guidance that would appear over-reaching or create liability FLTA for Unpopular or Sensitive Positions Having a Critical Mass of Agents

6 The Value Proposition -- Agencies Tougher to identify -- We don’t have it Right Yet Price of Membership > Perceived Value Problem: Too used to getting things free from their underwriters Problem: Too Many years of promising without delivering. – –We have been Accomplishing More, but it hasn’t been visible to average agent yet. – –Focus on Increased Communication of Value – –Must give away some of the value to non-members to attract Get to the Point Underwriters are Not Embarrassed to Strongly Urge/Insist on FLTA Membership

7 Directions for FLTA Short Term

8 Projects Membership Drive – –Collateral Materials for Underwriter Push – –Compensate/Motivate underwriter staff and affiliate members to market for us – –Top Recruiter award. – –Lower price point

9 Projects Continue Adding Website Content Agent Section Information Info on Creating a New Agency Info on Obtaining Agent License Past Newsletters More Pictures Bios and Contact info for Board Other Ideas?

10 Projects Government Affairs – –Redraft of Rule to Reduce Class Action Risk & Gain Clarity – –Participate in Foreclosure Redraft – –Transferee Tax Liability – –Prep for Legislative Session – –Coordinate Giving Programs among Underwriters & Agents

11 Projects Step Up for Students – –Florida Law allows insurers to redirect their premium tax to scholarships. This does NOT increase the tax at all – –Organization will set up PR events around the state for each participating underwriter – Fidelity in Jax, First Am in Tally, ORT in Tampa, etc. – –Awaiting feedback from OIR

12 Projects Driving Attendance at the Convention – –Day Pass for CE – –Full Attendance – –Fun People & Activities Turn-Out Committee for Convention & Other Programs

13 Medium Term Projects 2012

14 Projects Education – –¾ day programs run locally (5-6 CE hours) In lieu of one of zone meetings Underwriters reduce focus on their own but Maintain marketing benefit Cost savings to Underwriters – –Online – tapping into other peoples’ resources for the benefit of our members – –Webinars

15 Projects Agent’s Title Forum – –Must be Managed by an Independent Agent with 3-4 others regularly participating – –Don’t take live until there are half of dozen topics pre-loaded. – –Invite Ray Wenger & Peter Rice to participate – –Policy Decided up front on attacks, divisive issues, & admissions/allegations of violations

16 Projects Improve Newsletter Content – –Prettier Format – –Pictures – –More Authors – –Regular column on Real Estate Fraud from US Attorney – “Can I go to jail if…? – –Volunteer Editor

17 Projects Enhance Political Effectiveness Push PAC Support Explore Other Funding for PAC? Regular meetings of lobbyists to coordinate and divide workload Expand Interface with other Real Estate Industry Lobby Better coordination of legislative/regulatory positions among industry Develop a grass roots political model

18 Longer Term Mid-2012 and Beyond

19 Projects Communication – –Weekly Video Blog (2-3 minutes, not fancy) – –Drive Participation Level on Blogs/Forums – –Push Email Subscription to Blog – –Blog pushed to Facebook and Linked In Increase bulletin frequency to members

20 Projects Downloadable and Customizable Brochures: – –Quick Facts about Title Industry – –What is Title Insurance? – –Why do I need an Owners policy? – –Explanation of Form 9 Coverages – –Explanation of 2006 Policy – –Ways to Take Title (joint w/ RPPTL?) – –Marketing Brochures, Cards and Flyers – –Short Sale Problems and Issues (joint w/ RPPTL?) – –FIRPTA (joint w/ RPPTL?)

21 Projects Realtor CE – –FLTA maintains and sponsors Realtor CE which is available for member agencies to present to the local board, as lunch ‘n learn for a local office, etc. – –FLTA provides Powerpoint, handouts & scripts for education

22 Realtor CE Topics: The Role of the Title Agent Helping your Customers understand the Title Insurance Process Working effectively with Title Agents -- Making the Title Process go more smoothly What is going to happen at Closing – what Should Protecting your Customer from Title Defects -- Reviewing the Title Commitment for your Customer – what to watch for There are some things a Title Agent just won’t do -- RESPA, Unlawful inducement and the rules governing title agents. Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud – Why Your Title Agent Says No! What a Survey can tell You? When is it “safe” for your buyer to rely on an old survey?

23 Projects Support on Running & Promoting your Business – –Discussion Forum (Should this be separate from the Agent Forum? Or just separate topics in the agent forum?) – –Marketing and Advertising Resources Brochures Realtor Brochures Realtor CE Tips on FR/BAR MLTA type video that members can link into their site

24 Projects Forms for use by Agencies – –Escrow, Employment & other forms which Underwriters Don’t provide – –Title Clearing forms (coded to standard requirements) which may develop into something we can charge to license or allow only members to use similar to ALTA policy forms. Bait to drive membership???

25 Projects Non-Traditional Training for Agent members – –Management How to run a business How to motivate a Staff Non-Conventional, but RESPA compliant marketing Proper Escrow management/Risk management E&O and other necessary insurance coverages

26 Non-Traditional Training – –Staff Training At the Table Closing Understanding the Real Estate Process – who does what, who should do what The other roles in the process – mortgage banker, mortgage broker, realtor, surveyor, appraiser.

27 Project New Board Member Training – –Background on FLTA – –Financial Info – –Expectations as to Marketing/Membership roles – –How to Turn out a Crowd

28 Project Mentorship Program – –We were All Mentored in this Industry – –Not Happening As Much Anymore – –Mentoring is part of Being a Profession

29 How are we Going to Make it All Happen? Several Years of Projects Here – –Some will never happen Tom Sawyer Approach Linda and Alan are nearing capacity. We can’t take on much more UNLESS we can get other people to volunteer to paint the fence. Increasing member involvement is critical As is willingness to take on projects large & small.

30 Committees Needed Membership Drive – Responsible for designing and implementing a membership drive and related materials (subcommittee of Membership Committee) Turn-Out Committee(s) – responsible for calling all agents in a given area and hounding them to attend our events. Personal invite not just email. And periodic follow-up. Legislative Action Committee -- Responsible for PAC solicitations and setting up Grassroots political operations. Realtor Education – responsible for developing the educational programs and materials for Realtors (sub- committee of Allied Industries) Agent Marketing – To assist in Drafting Brochures and marketing materials for use by agents. Practice Forms – responsible for gathering and polishing escrow and other forms we might make available to agents.

31 Priorities Before Convention – –Membership Drive – –Gov’t Affairs Projects – –Coordination of Political Donors – –Driving Attendance at Convention – –Step Up for Students Program Winter/Spring 2012 – –Live Education around State – –Start Development of Agent Brochures – –Develop Grassroots & PAC Committee Program

32 Volunteers Needed – –To Manage and Add Content to Different Portions of the Website Gov’t Affairs Forum Title Forum/Agents Forum Search References Becoming an Agent/Agency Pictures Our Partners – –Newsletter Editor – –PR – –Pictures at Convention

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