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#290 - Aliance Workshop: Celebrating success of a partnership approach to invasive species management.

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1 #290 - Aliance Workshop: Celebrating success of a partnership approach to invasive species management

2 Pacific Invasives Initiative (PII) 6.30 Programme & introductions 6.50 PII Overview 7.00 New Zealand’s role in PII 7.05 Demonstration Projects and lessons learned 7.20 Discussion: Meeting the needs of your region 7.45 Next steps 7.50 Summary and conclusion 8.00 Finish Welcome to Aliance Workshop #290


4 A cooperative approach to meeting the invasive species challenge in the Pacific Pacific Invasives Initiative

5 Cooperative Islands Initiative (CII) Proposed by island nations Launched at COP 6 in 2002 Initiated by NZ Government and Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) Hosted by ISSG at The University of Auckland, New Zealand Pacific Invasives Initiative (PII): First regional programme of CII

6 Pacific Invasives Initiative: a Partnership Birdlife Pacific Conservation International Invasive Species Specialist Group IUCN Regional Office for Oceania New Zealand’s International Aid and Development Agency Secretariat of the Pacific Community Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme The Nature Conservancy

7 Pacific Invasives Initiative Goal: To contribute to the conservation of island biodiversity and the sustainability of island livelihoods by minimising the spread and impacts of invasive species within Pacific Island Countries and Territories Objective: To assist Pacific agencies to effectively manage invasive species Generating support Developing capacity Promoting and facilitating cooperation Demonstration Projects Technical support Training and skills exchanges

8 PII-supported Demonstration Projects

9 Key outcomes Increased awareness of invasive species impacts on biodiversity and livelihoods Increased support for invasive species management Increased capacity for managing invasive species Increased coordination and information sharing First successful rat eradication in Fiji!

10 Lessons Integrating biodiversity and livelihoods outcomes makes the best sense Building of strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect is essential Demand driven (ownership) Realistic timelines Coordination is essential


12 PII Project Development and Implementation Process: maximising the likelihood of project success Proposal Selection Feasibility Study Project Design Operational Planning Operational Phase Peer review Implementation Funded Implementation Development Generating support + Developing capacity

13 PII process maximises the likelihood of project success Provision of technical support and advice Coordination and facilitation Access to expertise Training Peer review

14 Pacific Ant Prevention Programme

15 Pacific Islands Ant Surveys

16 Invasive Ant Taxonomy Training

17 TEAM 2 TEAM 1 Yasawa, Mamanuca, Denarau Vatulele Beqa Fiji: Operation Kadridri


19 Vatu I Ra Restoration Project Cooperation and coordination in action!

20 Some lessons Even “small” operations require careful planning & appropriate consultation Project management and community engagement skills are as crucial as the technical ones Celebrating success Leveraging success $$$, ACTION Regional-scale effects can result

21 People are central to successful invasive species management Consult Engage Empower Acknowledge

22 Visit us at: Acknowledgements: Taholo Kami: IUCN ROFO Mick Clout: ISSG Andrew Bignell: NZ DOC Stas Burgiel: TNC Souad Boudjelas: PII Alan Saunders: NZ Landcare Bill Nagle: PII ISSG colleagues David Mudge (rat eating bird photographs) PII Partners and our Pacific colleagues

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