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Le Morte Review for Test #1 Kuczek-GHS-English II Pre-AP 2013.

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1 Le Morte Review for Test #1 Kuczek-GHS-English II Pre-AP 2013

2 The test breakdown  Characters-1 point each  True/False-1 point each  Quotations-1 point each  Multiple Choice-1 point each  Short Answers-10 points each-2  Essays-15 points each-2

3 Characters to study  Gwynevere  Morgan Le Faye  Morgauwse  Lyoness  Lynett  Elayne  Igraine  Lucius  Gawain  Gareth  Arthur  Merlin  Lancelot  Modred  Beaumains  King Lot  Sir Tarquine  Sir Gryngamour  Sir Kay  Pelleas  Sir Ector  Uther  Balin  Percival  The color knights

4 Quick Notes for Review  Written by Sir Mallory  Pentecost- “Pentecost is a Christian holy day commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament of the Bible. It is also known as Whitsunday, or Whit Sunday.”  SEIGE PERiLLOUS!!!  Excalibur?  Arthur’s parents  Uther Pendragon  Igraine  Courtly Love  Know more than the basics of each character

5 Arthurian Times  Regional Social Pyramid  Hereditary for Chieftain  King had absolute control  This foreshadows Feudalism during Malory’s Time  King’s position/power=prowess in battle  May challenge the King’s position.  King would start wars to prove position

6 Arthurian Times  Religion transcends all other loyalty  This is why appealing to divine right could help a King’s stance… “Foot print of Arthur.”  Each kingdom held together by  Courage  Honor  Generosity  Faithfulness of nobles

7 Mallory’s Time 1450-?  More organization than Arthurian times  Economy more stable and allows small states to survive on own  Leader-Lord. A Lord could be both Lord and Vassal.  Vassals are gentlemen and warriors who pledge to support their lord and be faithful.  They also give military support, money, and entertainment.  The Lord, in turn, must honor his vassals and protect them as well.

8 Mallory’s Time  Fief- Land & property.  Passes from father to son  Before this time the lord had to approve the passing down of land.  Sometimes given for loyalty and protections  Primogeniture=fief to oldest son  Urban dwelling class expands.  Rise of the middle class=death of feudalism  Published around 1485

9 Chivalry  The noble qualities a knight was supposed to have, such as courage, honor, and a readiness to help the weak and protect the women.  All women?  Ugly women?  Poor children?  This version seems to apply to the wealthy NOT Tiny Tim.

10 Arthur and Lucius

11  Page 102- Lucius’ destruction of lands involves the murder of women and children.  Page 101-False kingship is equated with rape (the giant and Lady Howell)  True kingship is equated with marriage  The relationship between king and state is considered to be marriage

12  Page 116-Arthur rules…danger to women, children and the defenseless.  Arthur is therefore given the right to rule…because he protects  This adds to the Chivalric ideal of the group

13 Launcelot

14  Page 118- Begins the Chivalric ideal of a man  Page 119-120-Tarquine represents personal vengeance and delight in cruelty.  While Launcelot fights in defense on the Order of Knighthood  Tarquine scorns the order

15  Page 129- Seems to fight not for personal glory but for virtue’s sake because he takes and wears Kay’s armor. He does later take credit for the fighting  Dangerous potential here for adultery. Launcelot denies any love for Gwynevere and says she is loyal, yet he sends all his prisoners to her instead of to Arthur as all other knights in this story do. Who is he trying to impress?  What appears on the surface as model knighthood is in fact a prelude to adultery  Irony: “It is Launcelot’s need to prove himself to the woman he loves that makes him the great knight he is.”

16 Test Date Thursday November 14 th -”A” day Friday November 15 th -”B” day

17 Good Luck on your test!

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