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GAMMA Training Kit 4 V 3 (GTK4.3)

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1 GAMMA Training Kit 4 V 3 (GTK4.3)
Update: Contouch integrated ! SIEMENS IC BT CPS BD SRA TR

2 Robust Trolley case „Trolley“ like with trailing wheels
Dimensions approx H550 mm xW620 mm xD340 mm Weight approx. 24 kg Produced by Siemens SIDEMO Fuerth, Germany Trolley

3 GTK4.3 – Distribution board
DALI Error simulation N526E/02 N141/02 N501 GTK 4-S DALI ECG N148/11 N146/02 N305 8 Switches for N501 inputs N350E N125/22 N151 DALI-Sockets KNX-Sockets Image shows GTK4.3_S230 School version 230 V

4 GTK4.3 Model and operation
UP223/13 UP237KB11 UP204 GTK 4-S UP220/31 UP587/12 UP233/14 UP255 UP588/23 UP233/15 Image shows GTK4.3_S230 School version 230 V

5 Model Conference room Stair case Office Studio 3x Lighting dimmable
3x Blinds proportional control Heating analog Air Con analog Window contact Wind alarm Stair case Lighting (dimmable) Office 2x Lighting dimmable Blinds proportional control Studio 6x lighting with DALI Error simulation Model

6 GTK4.3 Versions The versions differ only in the equipment of KNX devices GTK4.3_V Full version GTK4.3_D DALI version GTK4.3_S School version HLM Main line module There is a special version for operation voltage AC 110V („North America“) available on request. Versions

7 GTK4.3: basic assembly The following components are integrated in all GTK4.3 version (equals the „Full Version“) Power supply 640 mA N125/22 USB Interface N148/11 IP-Interface N148/22 IP-Router N146/02 LAN switch 8-way 3 sockets for KNX 6 x Switching / Dimming N526E02 4 x Blinds via N501 8x Binary input via N501 Push button interface 4-gang UP220/31 Push button single with LED feedback (via UP220/31) Text display with timer UP587/12 Heating controller UP237KB11 2x Push button 3-gang UP223/13 (with 6 Status LED) 1x Push button 3-gang UP223/15 (with 6 Status LED and IR Decoder) Window simulation (via UP220/31) Heat / cool simulation Wind simulation (via UP220/31) Motion detector UP255 Handheld transmitter GAMMA IR S425/72 GTK4 Full version

8 GTK4.3_V Full version useful for training and presentation of:
switching, dimming, shutter, value control central control Motion detection heating, cooling, window contact, display, communication via IP with 3 integrated IP devices and LAN switch 8 way Handheld transmitter GAMMA IR for wireless remote control via infrared Alarm function „Wind“ Weekly schedules via display UP587 Annual schedules and logic/event control via N350E GTK4 Full version

9 GTK4.3_D DALI Version useful for training and presentation:
additional to GTK4.3_V: DALI Interface with 6 LED Error simulation DALI Interface power failure DALI Shortcut DALI ECG Failure Additionally equipped with DALI Interface N141/02 6 LED controlled via DALI ballasts 4 Error simulation buttons One BTM button (UP223/14) is equipped with a temperature sensor GTK4 DALI version

10 GTK4.3_S School Version useful for training and presentation:
additionally to GTK4.3_D: Scene & Event controller N305 IP viewer N151 (web browser) Touch panel UP588/23 (KNX TP) Contouch UP204 operation panel & room temp. controller With the above listed device additionally one can show the benefits of simple operation via scene and event control, remote control and monitoring via web browser and via KNX TP (small visualisation functions). The Contouch Multifunction touch panel demonstrates the all-in-one option of smart room control. GTK4 School version

11 HLM for certified KNX training: connectable to GTK4.3:
Coupling via line coupler Main line module Choke N120/02 Line coupler N140/13 BTM button UP221/13 Connection kit Dim: H9xW21xD17 cm³ HLM

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