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Kewirausahaan Dr. Alva E.Tontowi

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1 Kewirausahaan Dr. Alva E.Tontowi
Teknik Industri UGM

2 Daftar Isi Introduction: Studi kasus kewirausahaan
Pengembangan wilayah berbasis teknologi Kreativitas dan inovasi Presentasi dan negosiasi Before you start Am I a Businessman? Market research Preparing a Business Plan Raising the finance Aspek legal Starting out Marketing Sales dan Promotion Exporting Employing staff Staying in Business Controlling the finance Keeping ahead Guest lectures

3 Referensi Cusumano, M.A., 2004, The Business of Software : What Every Manager, Programmer, and Entrepreneur Must Know to Thrive and Survive in Good Times and Bad, Free Press, ISBN: X. Hingston, P.,2001, Starting Your Business, Dorling Kindersley Ltd., London, ISBN Nesheim, J., 2000, High Tech Startup (by John) High Tech Start Up, Revised and Updated : The Complete Handbook For Creating Successful New High Tech Companies, Free Press; 1st edition, ISBN: X. Poltorak, A. I. and Lerner, P.J., 2002, Essentials of Intellectual Property (Essentials Series), Wiley; 1st edition, ISBN: Timmons, J., 2003, New Venture Creation - Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century , McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 6 edition. U. S. Department of Commerce, 2000, Patents and How to Get One: A Practical Handbook, Dover Publications, ISBN:

4 Evaluasi Tugas Mandiri =30 % Tugas Kelompok =30 % UTS =20 % UAS =20 %
70B<85 60C<70 50D<60 E<50

5 Cycle of Lifefrom Lab to Market
Patent Aging/Decay Time (Years) 6 Level of Maturity Production Market Research (Lab Scale) Prototype Business Plan Publication  Innovation  Research AET

6 Intra+Inter Preneurship
TechoPreneurship Intra+Inter Preneurship Technology

7 Lecture 2 -

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