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Delivery Services USA Montana Home Delivery Project + Better World Books.

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1 Delivery Services USA Montana Home Delivery Project + Better World Books

2 Bøger til Døren Det store forbillede for amerikanske biblioteker

3 Ny OCLC rapport: Online Catalogs: What Users and Librarians Want eport.pdf eport.pdf Brugerne ønsker at søgning, udvælgelse og adgang skal ske i en kontinuerlig proces Brugerne ønsker IKKE at kunne søge, vælge og dernæst få vejledning i hvordan man får fat i materialet Levering er lige så vigtigt – hvis ikke vigtigere – end søgningen, og brugerne ser ingen ide i at finde ting, som de ikke kan få.

4 Montana Project Overview Components – Funding for equipment and postage by OCLC – Facilitate equipment and packaging materials for home delivery (and return) of materials – Survey patrons and librarians on use and value Participating systems Participating libraries

5 Pilot Setup Participating systems – MSC Unicorn GL3.1 and Hi-Line Horizon 7.3 Participating libraries – 10 MSC Libraries (5 Partners) and 2 Hi-Line Libraries Requirements for Montana libraries to participate – OCLC Member and ILL Lender – NCIP vendor certification – ILS with NCIP service

6 OCLC Pilot Goals Expose libraries and patrons to home delivery of materials Determine level of patron interest in home delivery Define logistics of offering home delivery Test NCIP for patron authentication and workflow savings for libraries

7 The Montana Shared Catalog Created in 2002 with 17 original member libraries in western Montana. Currently has 91 member libraries statewide. Multi-type. 2.4 million items. 3 Resource sharing groups. Challenges: Geography and lack of organized courier services.

8 Pilot Experience: Challenges Time needed for item to arrive at borrowing library Due date passed from WCRS to ILS Changes in library staff’s workflow Staff training: when to let NCIP do the work Home Delivery without NCIP functionality

9 Pilot experiences: Successes Patrons love the home delivery option Patrons from communities outside of the pilot interested in service Less work for library staff (when NCIP worked as planned) Pilot participants continue to support the concept of central user authentication via OCLC and home delivery as an option OCLC and SirsiDynix support and commitment

10 Library Staff Comments The whole idea and "mission" of the program is great. We all learned a lot by participating in this pilot program and tried to keep that in mind throughout the program. Patrons loved it. Even those who may not have tried it talked as if they saw the merit in the service. It is a great service for those who can afford to offer it. This is a great service! We would love to continue providing the service to our patrons, but because of budget constraints we will not be able to continue this service. Very happy they were able to provide service to users Difficult to implement – Due to workflow modifications – NCIP problems Larger than expected time commitment to manage home delivery Very low loss rate (2-3 items)

11 Montana Patron Experience Stats and Comments MSC – 17,930 home delivery requests – July 2007 – May 2008 – Majority of requests filled within 2-5 days. Survey Results (403 responses) – 86.4% very satisfied with overall service – 72.8% cited “convenience” as reason for using the service – 90.1% said they would recommend this service to others – 60% willing to pay up to 5$/item for this service Comments overwhelmingly positive – “Wow, I’m very impressed with this service” – “Great way for homebound and rural users to access the library” – “We were thrilled to get the books in the mail…”

12 What we learned NCIP did not work as expected – Turned off NCIP component in Dec. – Two outstanding issues complicated workflows NCIP placing holds on incorrect items MTSC has duplicates records in the database and NCIP isn’t smart enough to choose the better record

13 What we learned Time commitment greater than expected – Process, as established, did not result in any savings of staff time – Additional ½ hour to 3 ½ hour per day End of the day--$$ rules Users willing to pay up to $5 per item ontana_ncip_home_delivery_report.pdf ontana_ncip_home_delivery_report.pdf

14 Better World Books Nyt OCLC projekt OCLC symbol: Quick Hit rate: Forskningsbibl.: 15%, Folkebibl.: 25% Bøger sendes med returkuvert Kan købes af låner

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