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Health Promotion Health People 2000 By Kathleen Giuntoli.

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1 Health Promotion Health People 2000 By Kathleen Giuntoli

2 Infancy Reduce growth retardation among low income children ages 5 younger to less than 10% Reduce iron deficiency to 3% among children age 1-4. Reduce infant mortality rate to no more than 7 per 1000 live births Increase babies ages 18 months and younger who receive recommended primary care services at the appropriate intervals. Increase immunization levels as follows: basic immunization services among children under age 2 at least 90%.

3 Toddlers Reduce iron deficiency to less than 3% among children aged 1-4. Reduce drowning deaths among children age 4 and younger to no more than 2.3 per 100,000. Increase use of occupant protection systems such as safety belts Reduce middle ear infections. Reduce nonfatal poisoning among children age 4 Reduce sexual and physical abuse in children

4 Preschoolers Increase primary care for children who routinely refer or screen infants and children for impairments (visual, hearing, language) Access of care to disabled children Reduce death among children age14 and younger caused by motor vehicle crashes. Increase to at least 80% of 2-12 yo immunization status.

5 School aged Reduce dental caries Reduce obesity Increase physical activities Increase quality of education K-12 th grade Reduce death caused by motor vehicle crashes

6 Adolescent Reduce dental caries Reduce untreated dental caries Increase Calcium intake Reduce overweight Reduce incidence of injurious suicide Reduce incidence of ETOH, marijuana and experimental recreation drugs. Reduce sexual activity, unmarried people age 19 and younger.

7 Young adult Reduce the death rate caused by ETOH –related motor vehicles crashes Reduce suicides among mend aged 20-34. Reduce deaths among youth age 15- 24 from motor vehicle crashes Increase people age 18 and older to promote maintenance of cardio- respiratory fitness. Reduce the HS seniors and college students engaging in heavy drinking.

8 Middle Adult Reduce the death rate for adults by 20% Reduce CAD Reduce stroke deaths Reduce overweight to a prevalence Reduce dietary fat intake to average of 30% of calories or lean and saturated fate to less than 10 % of calories.) Decrease salt and sodium intake Reduce iron deficiency in women aged 20-44 yo. (Birthing years) Reduce HIV and chlamydeia. Reduce cigarette smoking to a prevalence of no more than 15%. Reduce infertility

9 Older Adult Reduce CAD Reduce stroke Reduce disability from chronic conditions Increase to at least 80% of receipt of home food services by people. Reduce significant visual impairments among people Reduce epidemic – related pneumonia and influenza deaths Reduce deaths among people aged 65-84 from falls and fall-related injuries

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