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Recruiting IC practitioners

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1 Recruiting IC practitioners
Quentin Cowdry MD Libero Consulting

2 The big picture Two key drivers: Increased demand for IC
Supply shortages (quantity and quality)

3 Why the “crunch”? Quickening change cycles Rise of engagement agenda
HR slowness/inability to react IC’s growing professionalism Poor marketing of function

4 Effects Salary inflation Recruitment difficulty
Development of specialist IC roles More clarity on aims & competencies Buoyant consultancy sector

5 The species - basics Female dominated (70:30 gender split)
Increasingly degree educated White, middle class Migrated into IC Values conscious Passionate about work and function Most based in London and South East

6 The species - behavioural
Bias to right brain thinking Relationship builders Collaborative Organised and organising Committed Assiduous

7 Career start-points Mainly migrated from:
PR, HR, Sales/Marketing,Customer Service …but also from: General management, management and comms consultancy, journalism and publishing …and even from: Software design, teaching and engineering

8 Career pathways A development need! Stepping stones to IC leadership?
IC in-house, IC consultancy, what next? Tiny migration from IC to other functions or business areas IC training imperative Limited scope for flex working

9 Employers’ perspective
IC has growing status …but many still see as a “post box” Business value add? Irritation over: lack of commercial nous functional “flag waving” tech comms capability lack of through-the-line delivery

10 The juicy bit Private sector salaries:
Directors/Heads of £80,000-£130,000 Business partners £50,000-£70,000 Heads of channels £45,000-£70,000 Channel managers £35,000-£45,000 IC executives £25,000-£35,000

11 The juicy bit – part 2 Public sector salaries (heads of):
Central govt £55,000-£110,000 Quangos £50,000-£80,000 Transport bodies £60,000-£75,000 Local authorities £40,000-£45,000

12 The juicy bit – part 3 Independent contractors:
Top end change/interim £800-£1,300 a day Snr business partners £500-£650 Business partners £400-£500 Media/cmpgn managers £250-£350

13 How to get the job? Great candidates balance: IQ and EQ
Self-assertion and listening Big picture and detail Positivity and realism Resolution and flexibility ….and ask the right questions

14 How to get the job? Vital that IC practitioners:
First explain business context Show clear grasp of comms issues + strategies Clearly highlight the link between comms strategy & action and business need

15 How to succeed in the job?
Strategic thinking Business awareness Linking IC to business need Relationship management Sharpness of tech comms skills Self-confidence and resilience

16 The way forward - needs Attract more people into IC and more
fast-streamers Boost skills (generic and specialist) Reduce attrition “Educate” other functions/business areas about role and power of IC Achieve healthier balance between in-house and consultancy resources

17 The way forward - solutions
Improve promotion of function Clearly position IC as a strategic business tool (and change enabler) Enhance training & development Define career pathways More job flexibility to help practitioners with young children

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