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0 17 th June 2007, Podar College, Dadar, Mumbai HIGHLIGHTS 3 rd FORT CONSERVATION WORKSHOP.

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1 0 17 th June 2007, Podar College, Dadar, Mumbai HIGHLIGHTS 3 rd FORT CONSERVATION WORKSHOP

2 1 107 participants, 35 groups (including few from Akola, Nashik, Pune) 10% participants from non-Marathi backgrounds The Participants … Attachment-1 PARTICIPANT DIRECTORY

3 2 Shri Vishwanath Yadav Shri Rajendra Phadke Prasad Nikte

4 3 The Minutes of the Proceedings … Attachment-5 MINUTES of Workshop Attachment-2 WORKSHOP AGENDA

5 4 RESULTS of SURVEY on Forts & Base Villages 1.50% participants have done >5 but <25 treks last year. 2.50% participants have conducted conservational activities on max 2 forts last year. 3.33% participants experienced minor or a few major incidents of robbery, theft, cheating, assault by local people during a trek. 4.Most participants found villagers to be quite cooperative during conservation activities, with/without expectation. 5.Most participants found villagers to be extremely hospitable, with/without monetary expectation. 6.60% participants are sure of being able to commit for the cause of Fort Conservation for more than 3yrs, While 14% could not commit to any duration at all in future.

6 5 7.57% participants feel that the fort conservation work they have been doing has temporary effect on the fort & may not last for more than a year. 8.83% participants feel that One-Group-Focusing- On-One-Fort-Consistently is more effective than Various-Groups-Inconsistent-On-multiple-forts. 9.Majority participants found the local guides to be completely ignorant of the history of the forts. (Attachment-3) DETAILED SURVEY RESULTS

7 6 Forts & Base Villages – ek atoot bandhan A prime factor that can make a huge difference towards Fort Conservation Over 400 forts in Sahyadris with almost 85% in dilapidated state … Its nearly impossible for few trek groups/communities to single-handedly save these from complete destruction within next few years Base Villages being closest in the vicinity of the Forts are in the most favorable position to consistently help conserve them in all respects over a long run... Hence the need to mobilise the Base Villages towards the cause of Fort Conservation …

8 7 Base Villages Not Being Involved in Fort Conservation Major Causes – Fishbone Analysis Complete ignorance about the value of the Fort (historical, religious, cultural, geographical). Fort does not provide a means of livelihood required for survival. Lack of basic amenities (water, electricity, medical-aid, education, transport, communication). Government Negligence. Attachment-4 FISHBONE ANALYSIS & SOLUTION IDENTIFICATION

9 8 Base Villages Not Being Involved in Fort Conservation Key Solutions for Major Causes Provide the villagers with authentic information on history & significance of the Fort, thru slideshows, films, plays, talks, posters. Train the villagers as Guides by providing info on history etc & then take city people on treks to those forts & pay the Guides. During treks, buy your food & other necessities from the villagers. Rigorous Appeal to Government authorities for providing basic amenities (electricity, transport, medical facilities, schools) to the village, using RTI Act effectively.

10 9 Right to Information (RTI) Act For more info visit: Format for Applying for Information Format for followup on the application for information

11 10 ACTION ITEMS for ALL in next 6 months One Group Adopt One Fort & consistently focus on mobilising the Base Village to help conserve the fort. Refer to exhaustive list of Causes & Solutions identified during the Workshop, to chose the activities applicable for the Fort you select for Adoption. Share the progress/results of your activities on the Adopted Fort, on that will help other groups. Also share any issues, hurdles so that they can be collectively resolved by all. Strengthen & leverage the powers of Durg Vikas for resolving any govt. policy related issues or to take any collective decisions. Status-update of the implementation of the Action Items of each group will be communicated to ALL over the yahoogroup

12 11 DURG VIKAS – the umbrella body representing various groups for the cause of Fort Conservation Comprises of key representatives from various groups, organisations, independent bodies that strive for the cause of Fort Conservation To track the information/data (history, location, routes, architecture, tradition/culture, flora/fauna, waterways, hydrology, forests, topology,local people, religious significance being collected by various groups on various forts & its surroundings and make it available to anyone seeking it. To strive for maintenance, restoration of the Forts To represent the Fort-lovers community in any Government-involving initiatives for the cause of Fort Conservation and to monitor the Governments actions closely To be the single common point of contact for the Fort-lovers community for the rest of the world To guide & provide advise to various groups on legal aspects or help resolve any political hurdles Creating a network of various groups to locally carry out fort preservation activities Each base village at each fort to have a clean room with basic amenities like clean toilet, drinking water The room to be maintained by a local person who will charge a nominal fee for his services including the provision of a small priced booklet giving all possible information about the fort A local guide (who would be trained) with atleast basic knowledge of the forts history will be available for a reasonable fee Act as a mediator b/w local NGO carrying out actual conservation work & the govt Raise funds for initial pilot models of forts, establishing infrastructure like room, guide-training Pilot survey along with govt. officials & NGOs. Eg. At Prabalgad, Lohagad, Karnala etc 1857/1907 Flag Hoisting Treks to 300+ forts on Aim & Objectives Current Initiatives Address: 15, Laxmi Bldg, Sai Nivas, Gokhale Road(N), Dadar, Mumbai-28 Phone: (022)24459428, email:

13 12 TOGETHER WE WILL STRIVE TO SAVE OUR NATIONAL HERITAGE Subscribe to this yahoogroup on internet to stay updated: 3 rd Workshop Organising Team TCS Maitree Adventure ClubKshitiz Sanstha

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