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2 POINT A point is a location in space that has no length, width, or height. C READ: point C WRITE: C

3 LINE A line is a straight, continuous, and unending path made up of a collection of points. C D READ: line CD WRITE: CD

4 LINE SEGMENT A line segment is part of a line and has two endpoints.
C D READ: line segment CD WRITE: CD

5 RAY A ray is part of a line made up of one endpoint and all the points on one side of it. C D READ: ray CD WRITE: CD

6 PLANE A plane is a flat surface made up of a continuous and unending collection of points. ·J ·L ·K READ: plane JKL WRITE: plane JKL

7 INTERSECTING LINES Intersecting lines have one point in common.
B D READ: Line AB intersects line CD at point E.

8 PERPENDICULAR LINES Perpendicular lines intersect at right angles.
W X T READ: Line RT is perpendicular to line WX. WRITE: RT  WX.

9 PARALLEL LINES Parallel lines lie in the same plane but never intersect. P Q M N READ: Line MN is parallel to line PQ. WRITE: MNPQ.

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