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FRESHMEN High School Planning 101 Mrs. Oyer (A – L) Mr. Burns (M – Z) Counseling Center Website.

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1 FRESHMEN High School Planning 101 Mrs. Oyer (A – L) Mr. Burns (M – Z) Counseling Center Website

2 Freshman Year Start planning now for a successful high school career – and beyond! Graduation Requirements 4-Year College Minimum Entrance Requirements 2-Year College Minimum Entrance Requirements Career Resources Career Interest Areas Career Information Web Site

3 PBL Graduation Requirements CourseYear Taken 4 units of English9, 10, 11, 12 3 units of Math9, 10, 11 ( must include Geometry & Algebra ) 2 units of Science9, 10 ½ unit of Government10 1 unit of U.S. History11 ½ unit of other Social Studies9, 10, 11, 12

4 PBL Graduation Requirements ½ unit of Health9 ¼ unit of Drivers Ed9 or 10 ½ unit of Consumer Education12 (may be Intro. To Business, ICE, or Intro. To Ag. w/ Ag. Bus. Mgt) PE9, 10, 11, 12 (waived during Health, Drs Ed., marching band and sports for grades 11 and 12) ½ unit from music, art, foreign9, 10, 11, 12 language or career tech 22 total credits required to graduate

5 Freshman Transcript (Good) Rank: 22/129 GPA: 2.8 Credits: 7.0 Absences: 4 days English 101BB1.0 Algebra ICC1.0 ChorusAA1.0 P.E.B-0.50 HealthC-0.50 Intro to BusAB+1.0 BiologyCC1.0 Spanish IAA1.0

6 Freshman Transcript (Bad) Rank: 120/129 GPA: Credits: 2.0 Absences: 13.5 days English 101FF0.0 Algebra IFF0.0 BandBB1.0 P.E.F0.0 HealthF0.0 Intro to BusFF0.0 Physical SciD+D1.0

7 MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS TO 4-YEAR COLLEGES 4 years of English 3 years of Math (Alg. I, Alg. II, Geometry, etc.) 3 years of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Physical Chem) (BSAA at IL public universities) 3 years of Social Science (U.S. History, Geography, World History Sociology, Psychology, Govt, Economics) 2 years of Fine Arts (Music, Art or Foreign Language)

8 MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS TO 2-YEAR COLLEGES Entrance requirements to 2-year colleges such as Parkland are open – no certain classes are required. It is highly-recommended that students still take as many of the above courses as possible so that they get a good preparation for 2- year colleges. A student who attends Parkland and wishes to transfer to a 4-year college will have to eventually take the above courses or their equivalent, either in high school or at the 2-year institution.



11 Career Identification Career Interest Areas - Agriculture / Natural Resources / Environmental Sciences - Arts and Communications - Business, Management and Computer Technology - Healthcare - Human Services - Industrial Technology and Engineering - What specific career are you interested in?

12 Agriculture / Natural Resources Environmental Sciences Ag Engineer Ag Mechanic Ag Teacher Animal Trainer Botanist Dairy Manager Farm Manager Farmer Fish & Game Warden Forest Fire Control Officer Florist Landscaper Park Ranger Taxidermist Veterinarian Water Technologist Zoologist

13 Arts and Communications Actor/Actress Advertising Designer Announcer Artist Fashion Designer Instrument Repairer Interpreter for hearing impaired Journalist Landscape Architect Magician Model Photographer Public Relations Specialist Seamstress Telephone Technician Writer

14 Business, Management and Computer Technology Accountant Advertising Agent Bank Officer Bank Teller Computer Operator Computer Consultant Court Reporter File Clerk Food Service Director General Manager Hotel/Motel Manager Marketing Analyst Paralegal Real Estate Broker Receptionist/Secretary Systems Analyst Tax Preparer Travel Agent

15 Healthcare Aerobics Instructor Athletic Trainer Biomechanical Engineer Chiropractor Dental Hygienist Dentist Dietician Hospital Administrator Nurse Optician Paramedic Pharmacist Physical Therapist Physician Radiologist Speech Pathologist Surgical Tech

16 Human Services Armed Services Career Athletic Trainer/Coach Chef Child Care Worker Clergy Cosmetologist Counselor Detective FBI Agent Flight Attendant Firefighter Judge Lawyer Mortician Police Officer Psychologist Social Worker Teacher

17 Industrial Technology, Scientific, and Engineering Aircraft Tech Architect Astronomer Bricklayer Building Inspector Carpenter/Construction Engineer Gunsmith Laser Tech Meat cutter Mechanic Meteorologist Painter Pilot Plumber Sheet Metal Worker Truck Driver Welder

18 Career Identification While in high school, do you plan to take a sequence of courses that will help prepare you for your future career? Post high school education plans? None, 2-year community college or apprenticeship program, 4-year degree, beyond a bachelors degree (lawyer, doctor, physical therapist, etc.) Will you be taking computer courses in high school to gain technical skills?

19 Career Information Website 1. Go to 2. Individuals 3. Search for jobs, or 4. Career information

20 Summary Know the graduation requirements Learn about yourself Likes/dislikes Careers you may be interested in pursuing What are your long-term goals Know entrance requirements for colleges

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