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1 Presenting IL T

2 General The IL T aircraft is a cargo version of well-known IL passenger aircraft with increased fuel capacity, stretched by 9.35 m and equipped with new turbofan engines and improved avionics. Designed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex (Moscow, Russia) and manufactured by Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Voronezh, Russia), IL T is capable of transporting up to 92 tones. The aircraft is powered by four turbofan two-shaft PS-90A1 engines complying with the international ecological requirements and with approved license to operate worldwide.

3 Specification Operating Weights & Fuel Capacity Max taxi weight, t
266 / 271* Max takeoff weight, t 265 / 270* Max payload, t 92 Max landing weight, t 220 Max zero fuel weight, t 208 / 210* Max fuel, t 116,3 Aircraft Performance Characteristics (ISA)‏ Cruising speed, km/h Maximum flight altitude, km 13.1 Required takeoff distance (with MTOW), m 2450 Required landing distance (with MLW), m 1700 Range with maximum payload, km 4750 / 5000* Range with 40 t payload, km 12000 Range with maximum fuel, km 14500 Airfield elevation (relative to sea level)‏ -300 ÷ 1800 Range of operational temperatures, С -45…+42 Crew 3 Maximum number of people on board 9

4 Specification Main Deck: Large cargo door (4850x2875 mm) port side
Lower deck: Cargo door 1 (2690x1840 mm) starboard Cargo door 2 (2690x1730 mm) starboard

5 Cargo Compartment Lower Deck


7 Cargo Compartment Lower Deck Pallets Types LD-3 LD-6 P9 / P6 / P1 P 2
1625 mm (64 in)‏ 1625 mm (64 in)‏ 1625 mm (64 in)‏ 1625 mm (64 in)‏ 1625 mm (64 in)‏ 3175 mm (125 in)‏ 3175 mm (125 in)‏ 1534 mm (60,4 in)‏ 1562 mm (61,5 in)‏ 1534 mm (60,4 in)‏ 1534 mm (60,4 in)‏ 2235 mm (88 in)‏ 2235 mm (88 in)‏ 2743mm (108 in)‏ 1562 mm (61,5 in)‏ 1534 mm (60,4 in)‏ 2438 mm (96 in)‏ LD-3 LD-6 3175 mm (125 in)‏ P9 / P6 / P1 2743 mm (108 in)‏ P 2 1562 mm (61,5 in)‏ P 8 1562 mm (61,5 in)‏ 1562 mm (61,5 in)‏ 3175 mm (125 in)‏

8 Cargo Compartment Lower Deck Variant Pallet type Dimensions inch mm
Max weight pound kg Quantity Front Back 1 LD – 3 60,4х61,5х64 1534х1562х1625 3300 1500 18 14 2 LD – 6 60,4х125х64 1534х3175х1625 7000 3175 9 7 3 P8 size K, NAS 3610 4 P9 size L, NAS3610,LD-5/10/11 6600 3000 5 P2 size B, NAS 3610 88х108х64 2235х2743х1625 8000 3628 6 P1 size A, NAS3610, LD-7/9/29 88х125х64 2235х3175х1625 10200 4627 P6 size M, NAS 3610 96х125х64 2438х3175х1625 11000 5000 8 Half size from size M NAS 3610 96х61,5х64 2438х1562х1625 5535 2500 10

9 Cargo Compartment Upper Deck

10 Cargo Compartment Upper Deck Р6 (one row)‏ Р2 Р6 (two row)‏ Р1 Р4 Р 4
2438 mm (96 in)‏ 3175 mm (125 in)‏ Р2 2743 mm (108 in)‏ 2235 mm (88 in)‏ Р6 (two row)‏ 2438 mm (96 in)‏ 3175 mm (125 in)‏ Р1 2235 mm (88 in)‏ 2438 mm (96 in)‏ Р4 4978mm (196 in)‏ 3175 mm (125 in)‏ Р 4 Р 6 2438 mm (96 in)‏ 2438 mm (96 in)‏ Р 6 Р 6 2438 mm (96 in)‏ 2438 mm (96 in)‏ 4978 mm (196 in)‏ 3175 mm (125 in)‏

11 Cargo Compartment Upper Deck Variant Pallet type Dimensions inch mm
Max weight Pound kg Quantity 1 Р6 (two row)‏ 96х125х96 2438х3175х2438 15000 6800 25+1Р2 2 Р1 88х125х88 2235х3175х2235 10000 6080 3 Р2 88х108х88 2235х2743х2235 8000 4530 26 4 Р6 (one row)‏ 12+2Р2 5 Р 4 96х196х96 2438х4978х2438 25000 11340

12 Cargo Area The cargo floor has mechanization for moving of containers and pallets along the cargo compartment.

13 Operating Weights & Range
12000 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 14000 16000 Tones Range, km Operating Weights & Range Payload 92 t 5200 km Payload 70 t 7400 km Payload 62 t 9000 km Payload 40 t 12000 km Main deck, cubic m 580 Lower deck, cubic m 196 (114+82)

14 Cockpit The IL T aircraft operated by 3 crew members is equipped with modern avionics which includes six multifunctional color-LCD displays (EFIS), Flight Management System (FMS), Inertial Navigation System, Collision avoidance System (CAS) including mode “S” transponder, EGPWS system, VHF communications (compliant with ICAO requirements of item 4.7 Appendix 10), and equipment permitting flights in RVSM conditions. The avionics complex comply with modern requirements on international routes in Europe and North America (RNP-1, RNP-5, RNP-10, RNP-12.6, RNP-20) and allows to navigate and land under ICAO CAT II category (IIIA category is optional), speed hold, automatic voice warning system (in English). The crew and cargo cabins correspond to aircraft requirements for protection against the illegal intrusion (the Amendment 27 to a Part 1 of the Appendix 6 to ICAO) and to safety requirements (Chapter 11 of the Appendix 8 to ICAO).

15 Cockpit Seat for supernumerary Crew member Co-pilot Flight engineer
Captain Co-pilot Flight engineer First observer Seat for supernumerary Crew member Cargo net Rest places

16 Certification IL T aircraft has Supplement to Type Certificate № /Д20 issued by Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK), corresponds to national aviation regulations and meets ICAO requirements (Chapter 4 of the Appendix 6). PS-90A1 engine has Supplement to Type Certificate № 16-Д/Д29 issued by Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK), corresponds to NLGS-3 national aviation regulations. Noise requirements – IL T aircraft has Noise Type Certificate №СШ175-Ил Т and is in compliance with requirements of Chapter 4 International Standard “Environmental protection”. Emissions – in compliance with requirements of Annex 16 to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation (volume II “Aircraft Engine Emissions”, issue 1981 with Amendments 1-4).


18 Avionics specification
Radio Unit Control Panel With radio navigation system control separately from Flight Management System (FMS); and 8,33/25 kHz frequency range. Aerodynamic stability and controllability system With preflight control panel Flight Management System compliance with RNP-1 requirements; correction according satellite navigation system; data base loading according to ARINС-424; amount of non-volatile memory (data base) 4 Mb; FDR access provision. FMS Interface Unit data transmitting for FMS; signals generation to voice alert system (on reaching the radio altitude)‏ Multifunctional Flight Display (MFD) with MFD control panel Inertial Navigation System EGPWS Contains data base on terrain relief and provides early ground proximity warning of terrain relief data along trajectory having characteristics of TAWS level, A class. From 1 January, 2004 (Amendment 27 to Part 1 of Addendum 6, ICAO). EFIS Includes liquid crystal displays of 6,25” x 6,25” size, 1 set. TCAS-II, Early Ground Proximity Warning System and weather radar data display. Air data computer Critical Condition Warning System

19 Avionics specification
Collision Avoidance System (CAS)‏ With changes 7, Mode S, 1 set providing aerial collision prevention and 2 Mode –S responders EICAS with 6,25" x 6,25“ LCD Flight Data Recorder with solid state data storage. Weather Radar System Featuring wind shear warning and turbulence detection Fault Detection Isolation System interaction with upgraded equipment; failure information indication on FMS display control panel Automatic Direction Finder VHF Omni directional Radio Range (VOR)‏ Dual set Dispatch transponder (Doubled)‏ Distance Measuring Equipment with scanning mode (DME)‏ Radio Altimeter Featuring Rz code (H3)‏ Instrument Landing System Tripled set, improved jamming resistance of HF broadcast. Electronic Chronometer Set of stand-by equipment including - Radio Magnetic Indicator, Standby Giro Horizon, Magnetic Compass, Instrumental Speed Indicator, Mechanic Pressure Foot-Graduated Altimeter. Automatic Flight Control System and Thrust Control System enable: automatic approach; automatic go-around; vertical speed hold with automatic and manual thrust control; override control;

20 Avionics specification
altitude hold; “reaching of the prescribed level” with automatic and manual thrust control; heading hold; thrust hold; automatic hold of speed and Mach number via thrust channel on route flight modes; automatic mode of horizontal navigation Selective Calling System providing selective crew radio call (up to 5 channels VHF-HF). 3 VHF Radio Satellite communication system operating in Inmarsat standard. 2 HF Radio with Intercom function Emergency VHF Radio Two emergency locator-transmitter (ELT) portable radio buoy providing operation in COSPAS-CARCAT (in compliance with ICAO Part 5 vol.III Appendix 10 requirements )‏ Cockpit Voice Recorder providing record of crew members talks and cockpit sound situation (4 channels) with keeping data records for more than 2 flight hours.






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