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Nations Going Green By Jr. High Students.

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1 Nations Going Green By Jr. High Students

2 Emergency Banking Act of 1933

3 INTRODUCTION The Emergency Banking Act was introduced on March 9,1933,at a session of Congress and was passed on that same evening. Four days after FDR declared a nationwide bank holiday He combined with the Federal Reserve commitment to supply unlimited amount of currency to reopen banks.

4 Pictures of Emergency Banking Act

5 FACTS Within two weeks Americans had redeposit ed more than half of the currency that they had squirreled away before the bank’s suspension. on march 15, 1933 the first day of trading after the extended closure, the New York stock exchange recorded the largest one-day percentage price increase ever.

6 Creating Jobs USGBC on Wednesday, November 11th , green build predicts green will create 7.9 million jobs between Will put $554 billion into the U.S. domestic product. The economy will produce more than 750,000 jobs and is projected to make 4.2 million green jobs in 30 years If nations can go green, we can create millions of jobs by creating factories.

7 Facts Environmental programs learned all they know from Franklin Roosevelt and how to find unexpected environmental disasters.

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