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The Advisor Sage ACT! Add-ons for Financial Professionals.

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1 The Advisor Sage ACT! Add-ons for Financial Professionals

2 The Advisor THE ADVISOR integrates with Sage ACT! – The leading CRM solution – and is designed for financial service professionals. THE ADVISOR has been developed over 15 years and is the most sophisticated and powerful offering connected to the Sage ACT! CRM system.

3 The Advisor features You asked...we delivered! Fully compliant FileManager Household and Company Layout designed for the financial industry Track client information Address Container System Auto-Age ROTI Factor Back Office Tracking Business Intelligence The Advisor

4 The Advisor Contact Screen All the data fields an Advisor needs to manage client relationships

5 Household Screen All family members have their own record The Advisor

6 The Advisor Proactive Strategies Know exactly what is going on when you NEED to know! ROTI Factor (Return On Time Invested) Know which client are making you money or costing you money!

7 The Advisor Products Sold With the table structure in The Advisor, you can know exactly what investments, life insurance or living benefits you sold, for how much and when they need to be renewed etc.

8 The Advisor Communication With 60 industry specific document/e-mail templates it is easy to communicate to your clients. Reports...Yes we can do reports, like a client holdings report.

9 The Advisor Comparison The Advisor & The Advisor Lite ACT! 2012 out of the BOX! $199/user The Advisor Lite Fully Compliant - Capture: meeting notes, histories, letters, e-mails, etc. Household/Company Management System Address Container System - Primary, secondary address and mailing label Back Office Tacking - Track underwriting, switches etc. Auto-Age® - Calculates the contacts age from their birthday 60 - Financial Document/E-Mail Templates Custom Financial Layout - Database designed for Financial Pros Works with ACT! 2012 Premium - Recommended for Workgroups Works with ACT! 2012 Pro - Not Recommended for Workgroups Product Tables - Capture multi investments and insurance policies FileManager® - Document/File management system, with scan technology Crystal Report Integration - Business Intelligence reporting ROTI Factor® - (return on time invested) See what clients are costing you money Investment Strategy Product Totals - All Investments Insurance Strategy Product Totals - All Life Ins. and Living Benefits Product Tracking - i.e. Finding all the policies that expire next month $399/user The Advisor NEW

10 As an Advisor working in an ever changing highly regulated financial services industry, I can honestly say that the single most valuable tool we now have is our Sage ACT CRM solution with The Advisor add-on by Corelogix. We have used many different CRM solutions over the years, but the seamless integration of ACT and intuitive and easy to use ADVISOR add-on, makes us more productive and compliant each and every day. In addition, our smartphones running HANDHELD CONTACT have allowed us to be as productive when we are outside the office, as we were sitting in front of our desktops". Marc S. - Horizon Financial Group Our Clients What they are Saying... We have use CRM software for years, it wasnt until we started to use ACT! and The Advisor that we really took our business to the next level. I have to say that it was the training we received from Corelogix that really helped us put everything together, we dont just use 20% of the software like we did in the past, its much, much more. We manage our client relationships better than we ever thought possible ". Gerry M. - Vision Financial Group The Advisor

11 QUESTIONS? about The Advisor Professionals

12 FileManager THE The Easiest File & Document Management System Made for ACT! Click here to select the location to store existing client files or click here to open existing client folder. Click here to scan a document directly into existing client folder. Now is the Time to Go Paperless with The FileManager Its Just That Easy!

13 Manage Files and Scan Documents Right from Sage ACT! 2012 1

14 11 1 2 3 Scanning Documents Into Client Folder, Easy as 1,2,3.

15 QUESTIONS? Professionals about The FileManager Professionals

16 Contact us... Gary Robillard - Corelogix Corporation (403) 692-8805 Ext. 222 Victor Krahn - J2X Technologies (519) 579-1408 Ext. 702 Ask for a complete Demo today! The Advisor Webinar will amaze you.

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