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Chapter 10 C President Adams – President Jefferson (____________)(___________)

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1 Chapter 10 C President Adams – President Jefferson (____________)(___________)

2 1796 Presidential election: WHERE IS WASHINGTON???? ________________- is passed as a candidate because of his arrogance – created too many rivals and became contrary to political agendas in America. Pres. John Adams (____________________) – considered a Sub-Federalist by Hamilton Vice Pres. Thomas Jefferson (________________________________________________) PROBLEM / ISSUE:____________________ - *** __________________________*** - placing the interests of one region over the nation as a whole! North – votes for Adams South – votes for Jefferson More issues: (1) _____________________________________________________ (2) _____________________________________ (3) 2 separate parties are forced to collaborate for the ____________

3 Adams as President Like Washington, wants to ___________ War French reaction under Adams – VERY UPSET at America (1) ____________________________________ (2) ____________________________________ (3) ____________________________________ French response: capture American ships in the Caribbean Term: ____________________ RESULT: ________________________________________________ Names: _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ____________________________ Adams sends 3 delegates to “talk it out” / Point: avoid war since it will stunt the nation’s growth! = known as the ____________________________

4 ___________________(1797) American reaction: (1) _______________________________________________________ (2) 3 American delegates or officials are rejected by the French! Charles ___________ / John _________________ / Elbridge __________ French reaction: XYZ = 3 “secret” Frenchmen that represented the French government (1) ___________________________________ (2) ___________________________________ (2) bribes America by demanding __________________________ and seizing American ships (impressments)= American reaction to bribe: America NEVER paid a thing! “______________________________________” (Rather fight than honor bribes)


6 Results of XYZ Affair (1) UNDECLARED WAR BETWEEN THE ___________________________ (2) __________– anti immigrant feeling / major support for your own country (escalates) (3) ___________ – deep devotion or pride in one’s country (escalates) - Never paid the bribe! (4) __________________________ Final Reaction Adams sends NEW delegates to France to speak to Napoleon Napoleon's reaction: Wants to take over Europe so he needs to stop any warfare with America across the pond! Outcome: _____________________ (1) ___________________________________(1778) – alliance is over! Adams reaction to the XYZ cost him reelection in 1800

7 BEFORE JOHN ADAMS LEAVES! _____________________________________________________ - increased the number of circuit court justices by 16 *____________________________________ midnight before Adams left office, he appointed FEDERALIST Judges to the Circuit Courts – WHY? __________________________________________ Problem: Jefferson is president the next day –and said some were invalid *________________________________* Result: _____________________and helped define Checks and balances for the federal court system (Supreme Court has the right to “review” acts and ensure they do not violate rights of people set down by the Constitution)

8 MARBURY vs. MADISON (1803) _________________ = Midnight Judge Sect of State (James ________) was instructed to deliver papers according the __________________. Marbury never got papers and sued _________________(Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) ruled Marbury’s claim was UNCONSTITUTIONAL OVERALL OUTCOME: ***________________*** – the ability for the Supreme Court to declare an act of Congress Unconstitutional

9 John Marshall and the Supreme Court Adams as President appointed John Marshall (__________) as Chief Justice of Supreme Court *MOST IMPORTANT: John Marshall wanted to _________the size and power of the ______________over the ________ & increase power in the Supreme Court

10 ________________________(1798) Alien Acts (1) raised the residence requirements for American citizenship from ____________________ purpose: ______________________ would have a greater stance in the life of an immigrant) *Made it much more difficult to obtain ____________________________ (2) The president has the power to ______________________________________through any means. FEDERALISTS “TRUE” MOTIVE: immigrants would, more than likely, vote for the Democratic- Republicans rather than Federalists….so if you elongate the process of naturalization and citizenship, the benefit would work in the hands of the Federalists Sedition Acts (1) ____________________________________________________________________________ (2) Set fines or jail time for anyone AGAINST the operation of the American government (_____________________________________________________________________) Result: Jailed a lot of Democratic – Republicans (didn’t support a strong central government) – ______________________________________________________________ 2 Arguments: (1) Violated the _______________________________of free speech and press (citizen's rights) (2) Dem-Republicans – claims the Alien and Sed. Acts are a _______________________________________________________________________ How were they passed: Pro-Federalist laws passed by a Federalist Congress, signed by a Federalist president, and upheld by a Federalist-dominated court system


12 _____________________________ Jeffersonian / Democratic – Republicans HATED the Alien and Sedition Acts (Due to: misuse of federal power) so……… ____________________and _________________wrote the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions Virginia & Kentucky Resolution: - _______________________________________________(why?) State ARGUMENT: _________________(13 states, under contract, committed to the creation of the Federal court system *** The states created the federal system, the federal system creates the laws, therefor the states have the right to….. _________________________________________________________________________________ ********* __________________________________********* established in the V and K Res. = states have the right to nullify, or void, ANY act of Congress that they see unconstitutional Federal ARGUMENT / Counteracting the Compact Theory: The ____________, not the states, created the federal government – so _______________________________instead of the entire state not adopting a law form the federal government

13 T.Q. Which statement best describes relations between the U.S. and France in the late 1790s? A. They were strong allies B. They were on the verge of war C. They were mutually respectful D. They had little contact *Due to what major event??

14 Burr – Hamilton Duel (1804) Aaron Burr (Hamilton’s political rival) – reads unflattering comments from Hamilton Burr challenges Hamilton to a “duel” (for political publicity) Hamilton shoots in the air while Aaron Burr shoots him in the stomach

15 President Thomas Jefferson __________________ 1800 Presidential election = _____________________________________________ Adams – Federalist vs. Jefferson – Dem-Rep. (WINNER) *___________________________________________= “peaceful transfer of power” from one political party to another (Federalist to Dem-Rep) *Nickname for 1800 presidential election *_______________________________________________________ Major platform for Republicans or Dem-Republicans (1) Downsize the influence of the national government (simplify it – best for a republic) (2) try to dispose of the Bank of the U.S. (why?) (3) Represent the South (STATES) *(4) ________________________________________________________________ Famous address in Washington, D.C.: “We are all Federalists, we are all Republicans” "…honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none. - Jefferson

16 Jeffersonian Democracy on Alien and Sedition Acts and the Whiskey Excise Tax Jefferson tries to downsize the influences of the these acts by (1) Pardoning all convicted of crimes regarding the acts (2) Lowered the residency from 14 BACK down to 5 years - how would that benefit his party? (3) Disposed of the Excise Tax on Whiskey Farmer reaction: Effect of Debt:

17 Louisiana Purchase under Jefferson ****______________________________**** (1803) 1800, Napoleon and the French persuaded Spain to return the Louisiana Territory. ______________________is revoked – U.S. can no longer travel in and out of the Mississippi river and the New Orleans Port. Major problem: France is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to America (___________________)  Story: ________________was sent by Jefferson to iron out a deal with France for just a piece of the ___________________(South for port)….France asked if America would pay _________________for the entire area….U.S. couldn’t refuse! (3 cents an acre) 2 Reasons why France would sell: (1) ________________________________made Napoleon decide it wasn’t worth it (2) _________________________________(help to take over Europe) "This accession of territory affirms forever the power of the United States, and I have given England a maritime rival who sooner or later will humble her pride.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

18 *Jefferson’s views on Louisiana Purchase Jefferson’s _________________ interpretation of the Constitution made him doubt the purchase T.Q. = Why was Jefferson apprehensive about the Louisiana Purchase??? *Importance: _________________

19 ____________________________(1804) “________________________” Commissioned by Jefferson / Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Purpose: Explore _____________________________________ (St. Louis Missouri through the Rocky Mountains to Pacific Coast) (1) _______________________________( 2 and a half years) (2) Be friendly with Native Americans and create _________ and take notes on new animals and plants Side note: ____________ :acted as guide and interpreter __________________: explored Spanish Territory in the Southwest

20 Positive and Negative Aspects (Chapter 10 A B and C) Directions: Argue the Positive and Negative aspects of each topic / issue (ALL THAT APPLIES) - Set it up so you will benefit (any manner or form) 1) Size and Power of the Federal government 2) Bank of the United States / Hamilton’s Economic plan 3) Excise taxes 4) Whiskey Rebellion 5) French Revolution 6) Edmond Genet’s Intentions 7) Battle at Fallen Timbers 8) Jay’s Treaty 9) Pinckney’s Treaty 10) Proclamation of Neutrality / Washington’s Farwell Address 11) Election of Adams 12) XYZ Affair 13) Midnight Judges Act or Judiciary Act of 1801 14) Marbury V. Madison 15) “Marshall Court” 16) Alien & Sedition Acts 17) Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 18) Election of Thomas Jefferson 19) Louisiana Purchase 20) Lewis and Clark Expedition

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