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New Prague Public Schools. MMembers Include: SStudents with a Disability PParents SSchool Board Members TTeachers (Regular and Special Education)

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Presentation on theme: "New Prague Public Schools. MMembers Include: SStudents with a Disability PParents SSchool Board Members TTeachers (Regular and Special Education)"— Presentation transcript:

1 New Prague Public Schools

2 MMembers Include: SStudents with a Disability PParents SSchool Board Members TTeachers (Regular and Special Education) AAdministrators DDirector of Individualized Student Services

3 The purpose of SEPAC is to empower families of children with disabilities and other special needs, to advise and recommend effective and responsible education services, to provide a vision for the future, to advocate for programs and system change, and to represent everyone's voice regarding students with disabilities.

4 CCo-Chairs = Parent and School Member 22 Year Service For All Members FFrequency = Minimum 4X Annually (2 Hours in Length) MMinutes Are Recorded & Displayed For Public Viewing GGoals Every School Year

5 “Minnesota legislators realized the value of parent involvement in school district decision and policy-making by requiring SEPACs… SEPACs can be an effective way for parents and school professionals to work together for the benefit of children with disabilities.” - Pacer (2007)

6  Special education accounts for a large percent of the total district budget.  Special education provides a substantial amount of revenue for the school district.  Special education students attend and participate in all buildings within the district.  Legal obligation for all school districts.  Provides guidance of special education programming and opportunities to the school district.

7 DDistrict Pupil Count = 4,012 students DDistrict Special Education Pupil Count = 456 students 11.3% of Total District Population 13% is State Average in Minnesota (Dec. 1, 2007)

8 SSpecial Education Staff CCommunity Services PParents / Families RRegular Ed. Staff BBuilding Administration

9  Early Childhood Special Education  3 Elementary Schools  1 Middle School  1 High School  1 Transition Program

10  Early Childhood (Birth – 5 years old)  13 Disability Areas  Related Services  Outside Services  Community Services  Transition Services

11 PARENT INVOLVEMENT - Increase parent involvement to a level of minimum one parent from each school building. - Increase parent involvement as a whole.

12 DISABILITY AWARENESS - Increase disability awareness and literacy, as it relates to special education and disabilities through information and guest speakers.

13 TRANSITION - Improve and increase education on student transitions within the district.

14 - High School Transition Night - Annual S.E.P.A.C. Staff Appreciation Breakfast - Enhanced 911 forms - Adaptive Sports - Website improvement through collaboration * newly identified special education students * parent satisfaction survey

15  Pacer Organization (  ARC Greater Twin Cities (  Minnesota Department of Education; Family Support (  New Prague Area School District (

16 MRVSEC Tour Thursday, Dec. 4 th or Thursday, Dec. 11 th Educational Forums : Guest Speakers in Disability or Service Areas. Autism Support Group: Amy Vandenberg – start up discussion

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