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Orientation - 6th Grade Mrs. Marti’s Room 2009-2010 School Year Welcome back to school!

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1 Orientation - 6th Grade Mrs. Marti’s Room 2009-2010 School Year Welcome back to school!

2 Education/Teaching Experience Education BS in Education – MLC, New Ulm MA in Education, emphasis in Special Education – Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA Teaching License – State of MN renewed, 2009 Teaching Experience Kent, Washington - Holy Trinity Lutheran School (various combinations of grades K-4) for 8 years. I even coached soccer! Anoka-Hennepin School District – training adults, sub taught in K-8. Bloomington Living Hope Lutheran School (Grades 5-8 1998 to present). Continuing Education University of MN, Twin Cities Campus Workshops at Hamline University and the Science Museum of MN Bloomington School District Workshops

3 Professional Activities and Organizations Member of Advisory Panel for the State of MN Science Test (2005-present). State of MN Science Test Storyboard and Item Writer (2005-present). Member of National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA). Member of the Minnesota Science Teacher’s Association (MnSTA). Visiting team evaluator for the Minnesota Non- public School Accrediting Association (MNSAA) (2008-present).

4 This is how 6th Grade works! Find out what’s different and what’s the same!

5 School Year Theme Be the Bridge! John 14:6 “Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

6 Word of God Catechism – Mrs. Marti New Testament – Mrs. Marti Memory Treasures Mission money (collected the last day of each week) Mission Projects (see green sheet) Church Attendance

7 6 th Grade Teachers Miss Bauder – Music, Chorus Mrs. Koch – Literature, English Mrs. Mohr – Geography Mrs. Schmidt – Art Mr. Zoellner – Math, Phy. Ed. Mrs. Marti – Science, Catechism, New Testament, Spelling, Joyful Noise

8 Classroom Schedule Check out the schedule in your packet (goldenrod sheet)! Starting the day – Please be on time to school. Start time is 9:15AM. Ending the day, dismissal times. Before or after school students – Mrs. Aker’s Room.

9 Catechism What is covered? Exciting power point presentations, songs and skits. Assessments: participation points, skit points, worksheets, tests.

10 New Testament Capstone of Grades 2 and 4. Taught with the best book, the Bible. Application is stressed. Assessment: worksheets, projects

11 Science Hands-on Technology of Paper first Assessed: lab work, projects, notebooks, worksheets, tests. Science Fair in the Spring –Scientific topic –Solid, repeatable experiment –Research all areas Where things can go wrong –Topic – kids think they have to love it. –Experiment isn’t repeated enough –Research in only one area.

12 Spelling/Penmanship A consumable book is used. Some words may be added. Test each Thursday. Cursive handwriting will be taught using the spelling words. Letter grade will be given. Writing the words is the best way to learn them.

13 Extracurricular Opportunities at BLS Acting/Public Speaking Music Opportunities Band (new teacher)- fee Piano lessons – fee Chorus and Singing in Church Joyful Noise Sports teams/Intramurals

14 Procedures Absence or Tardy (late to school) Sick child – note or email for school nurse Notes, permission slips - please get these back on time. Bathroom Washing hands before lunch Sharing food

15 Classroom Management Student responsibilities and rights. (see beige sheet) Respect yourself and others. Build up your classmates with your Christian words and actions. Respect your teachers. Listen carefully and follow directions. Please ask questions if you need help. Complete all assignments on time doing the best work you can do with your God-given talents. Respect school property and school rules. My teaching goal is to create a respectful Christian environment where each child is challenged to learn and grow in knowledge to the absolute best of their God-given ability! Consequences (see white sheet- top) Detention for Behavior Issues

16 Study Habits Use of time at school Homework (time/place at home) Assignment notebook Reports – planning, research, parent help Consequences for incomplete or late work (see white sheet – bottom and back)

17 Preparing for the 6 th Grade Year Be ready! Brush up on your math facts and skills. Read a few books before school begins. Don’t forget to read your Bible. Have a plan so you can be organized. You are ready! Use the things to remember card (white sheet) on your mirror. Usually it’s not the big things that stress students, but forgetting the little things. Don’t fall behind on homework. Schedule a time and place for homework. Parents - let natural consequences work.

18 Bits and Pieces Student charges $.25 for non-emergency phone use and for lost worksheets Pop No open cans in hallway. Wait to purchase until lunch or later. Gum None allowed Dress code Parents, please monitor! Book covers Please cover all books the first week of school. Grocery bags are the best! Personal items: money, I-pods, video games, cell phones, etc. We are not responsible for these items – see handbook. Gym shoes School attendance and vacation planning Lost & Found mark possessions Bus Safety Parents and students please obey crossing guards. Recruitment You are our best recruiters!

19 Tips for SUCCESS! Be the Bridge: read God’s Word, pray, attend church regularly, tell others about Jesus. Communicate with teachers! Try, try, try your hardest! Imagine success! Smile - have a positive attitude!!! Show your Christian acts!

20 Website Follow the instructions to find your Homeroom teacher, Mrs. Marti.

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