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Ms. Preston Block 7 Do you want to fly? What if you could breathe fire? Well now you can! With Dragon tongue Dragon Tongue is not responsible for any.

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2 Ms. Preston Block 7

3 Do you want to fly? What if you could breathe fire? Well now you can! With Dragon tongue Dragon Tongue is not responsible for any bleeding, swelling, itching, or deaths that may occur while using dragon tongue Limited time offer! Click here for awesome stuff

4 lately and his family was starving. This distracted Zeus, causing him to throw his lightning bolt into space. The lightning bolt Gained speed and reached light speed. Souring through the skies, the lightning bolt strikes a star. The star then exploded into a scorching ball of fire that we now know as the sun. The Sun by: Ali Mortazavi One day, Zeus was practicing his accuracy of his lightning bolts. Hephoestus, Zeus’s son, made incredible lightning bolts. His bolts were the strongest and the fastest. Zeus decided to throw the lightning bolts at a target on Mt.Olympus when something went terribly wrong. As Zeus drew back his arm with lightning bolt in hand, a nymph named Billy pegged him in the arm with a rock. Billy was angry with the gods that the crops had not grown

5 The Sun

6 Sun Screen Get your sunscreen here! It is the only thing in the world that can stop the sun’s UV rays! Zeus created the sun so of coarse it must be big and powerful just like Zeus himself! So please, buy your bottle of sunscreen TODAY!

7 Zeus and the Snake Brandon Lee The four legged, poisonous snake bit all of the mortals in its path. Everyone was running in terror. This went on for days. Humans were hiding when Zeus looked down and saw that the city was empty. He came down from Mt. Olympus to find a human hiding in the fountain. Zeus asked him what happened. When Zeus learned about the snake, he called for a meeting on Mt. Olympus. The gods decided that every million years, they would take away some trait from an animal as a punishment. The snake had ruined life for every living animal. The next million years passed by and they took away the speed of the snake by taking away his legs. The gods did not realize that this made them even faster. They were able to slither on their bellies on land and in water. Something was taken away from every animal as a punishment for their bad behavior. The animals used their punishment as their gift. This is why we have evolution of living things overtime. EVOLUTION GODDESS GODS LEGS MILLIONYEARS MORTALS MOUNTOLYMPUS POISONOUS SNAKE ZEUS


9 Once along time ago on top of mount olympus all the gods and godeess wanted to rebel againts Zeus. This was because Zeus took all the fame and was greedy and cruel to all the gods and godeses. All the other goddeses and gods made an army even hefestus who made Zeus’s lightning bolts rebeled against Zeus. But luckeily for Zeus he had a batch of lightning bolts left. Later that day the gods and goddesses found Zeus and attacked him. Zeus managed to fend of the gods and goddesses for 3 whole hours. But then Zeus was down to his last lightning bolt. Zeus got mad because prometheus shot him with a bow arrow. So out of fusteration Zeus threw his lightning bolt into the air but Zeus threw the lightning bolt so far that it hit a star and formed a huge explosion that created the sun. After the huge explosion the gods and goddesses saw how powerfull zeus was and surendered and zeus forgave the gods and goddesses. And lived hapily ever after BY: Donny Quinn THE BIG BATTLE

10 Aries You will fall in love soon! Taurus Their will soon be a big fight in your life Gemini You will have great fortune Cancer You will meet a mystical stranger Capricorn You will get struck by lightning Libra Your life is going to be great! Virgo Their will be a dark cloud following you all day Pisces You will fall in love with a rich stranger Leo You will be surrounded with friends Scorpio You will fined your pot of gold Sagittarius Your day is going to turn out bad Aquarius Others will envy you as the day goes on

11 Promothon By Bradley David Promothon slayed the dragon from the inside and the dragon died. The dragon was on the edge of the cliff and there was a ocean at the bottom. Dermety and Sunbena escaped but Promothon was stuck and they both fell. Promothon found the opening under water and escaped. Dermety and Sunbena were saved and Promothon was a hero. In Mt. Olympus, Goddess Zeus was sitting at his throne with his wife Sunbena. Hermes that arrived and gave a message to Zeus saying that there is a new knight arrived and his name is Promothon. He is very strong, fast, and brave. Zeus’s daughter Dermety is very good at knitting and is beautiful. Promothon and Dermety became very good friends. One day, Sunbena and Dermety went shopping and suddenly they were missing. Until Hermes saw them in a cave in the mountain side. He was a huge beast and looked like a dragon. He loved human flesh. Hermes returned and told promothon to get them. The dragon and Promothon met face to face. Sunbena and Dermety were no where to be seen. The dragon was to fast and ate him alive. In the dragons body he found Dermety and Sunbena alive.


13 Posidean’s Wave By Ray Murray In the southwest of North America, there lived a town that was more advanced then any other place in the world. The people were advanced in many ways. They had a vast knowedege of math, physics, science, you name it. They also had devices that did their work for them so they didn’t have to lift a finger. These advances were given to the people by Zeus as gifts for being loyal to him. However, as time went on, the people became arogant and began turning away from Zeus. Zeus grew angry because of this and plotted against them. “ This is an outrage, I gave these people numorus advances and now they’re treating me like I don’t exist anymore.” “ Well I’ll show them not to anger the gods.” Then Zeus called his brother Posidean. “ You called me,Zeus?” “ Yes Posidean, I have a job for you. These people once worshiped me and now they think they don’t need me anymore. “ “They must be punished for their arogants.” “I understand Zeus, I shall create my biggest wave to destroy the town and its advances forever. “ So Posidean returned to the ocean and got to work constructing his biggest wave yet. It took Posidean 10 years to finish his wave. Posidean was pleased with his work and informed Zeus that the wave was finally complete. “ Good work Posidean.” “This town will regret turning away from me.” “The next day, Zeus sent Hermes to the town to deliver a message to the people. “The mighty Zeus has brought me here to deliver a message. He has seen your arogants and has seen you turning away from him. He demands you stop and stay loyal to him or there will be conseqences. The towns people talked it over for a few minutes. When they were done, one man spoke to Hermes. “ Tell Zeus that we don’t need him.” So Hermes returned to Zeus and gave him the message. Zeus grew very angry and told Posidean to unleash his wave. The wave swallowed up everything, from the buildings, to the towns people. The wave was so powerful that it created what is called as the Grand Cayon.

14 In the morning lights there was two rivals in Mount Olympus. sCronus Was to powerful f or zeus to fight. One day Zeus was gathering all the gods to fight against Cronus. In the meeting poseidon said “what is the reward if we beat cronus.” “Well zeus said you will get gold silk for free. Then the next day all the gods Went to where cronus and all the muscular gaurds were and they started fighting. Hera was crying on the side because she hates watching father and son fight. At last the world was at peace once again. Then hera was crying Because cronus was her brother And that was the end of cronus Every god got there silk and was Happy. The end


16 After Persephone was captured and taken to the underworld by Pluto, he was ashamed of his home. Persephone hated every part of it. The lack of plant life, the ugly pits full of despair, and she especially hated the houses. So one day after torturously listening to his maiden complain, Pluto decided to do something about it. He called and interviewed many gods to do construction on his home. Eventually he decided on Hephaestus. And as soon as Persephone left for a bit of the year, he sent for Hephaestus to begin construction. When a tower was needed to be constructed,Hephaestus brought in the big heavy machinery. Cranes, jackhammers,and other workers were brought in for a short time. And when these heavy machines were used they would vibrate the ground around them. Since they were in the underworld the above ground would shake wildly. This creates a phenomenon known to humans as an earthquake. And every year when Persephone comes to the underworld again, she wants to stay a little longer, so every year Pluto hires Hephaestus again to improve his house. By: Austin Adamczyk

17 By: Cameron Hochheiser One day at the oceans directly below Mt. Olympus the Great White Sharks were very angry. They were very angry at Poseidon. They had thought that Poseidon was getting cocky and getting a big ego of himself. Poseidon was best friends with the Great Whites but now he never visits them anymore. Now he just makes bad jokes about them to some of the other gods on Mt. Olympus. This was making the Great Whites furious at Poseidon and they really wanted him to feel the pain that they have felt for months now. Jazzy, a young Great White shark admired the gods but wished that they didn’t say the horrible things that he had heard his dad, beasting, tell him. His father was one of the top great whites in the population out of the 7 greatest. The 7 greatest sharks all worked together and right now their new discussion is how to take down Poseidon for good. Jazzy of the sharks did not like this but he obviously could not do anything about it.” Son look up there” Beasting said to Jazzy. Jazzy looked up and all the way out of the water was a small shining dot in the sky. “What is that father?” Young Jazzy said. “That is the portal that leads to Mt. Olympus. I and the other six will trick Zeus into letting us into it and to grow legs and we will destroy the gods once we kill Poseidon and use his powers!” Beasting said in a chantey voice. “Dad you shouldn’t do this! Its wrong and you know it! Your acting crazy! This isn’t you!” Jazzy shouted at his dad. “Son do not boss me around! “Beasting shouted back at his son.

18 A couple of months passed and it came to the night where the 7 great whites finally mustered up the strength to go to the top of the ocean and call for Zeus. “Zeus! Mighty Zeus!” Ultimate, one of the 7 great whites called. Zeus then appeared quickly. “Yes?” the god responded. “Zeus will you spare us some of your power for us so we can have legs?” Zeus responded again saying NO. “I can’t let you fish have such power” Zeus called to them. “Fine” the sharks moaned. ”Its time for plan B” ultimate claimed. The sharks then called for Epimetheus, who can make animals, and he responded. Epimetheus can be easily tricked so when they asked for legs he gave them legs and they asked for wings and he gave them wings. They then flew to the shining portal that would lead them to Mt. Olympus. Jazzy came to the top of the water a couple of minutes after and called for Zeus. Zeus then of course came to Jazzy and responded. Jazzy told Zeus everything that had happened and Zeus was furious. Zeus immediately told Poseidon and he was also furious. Jazzy was brought to Mt. Olympus and the 7 Great White sharks were caught and their wings and legs were demolished. They were brought back to the ocean. “I am going to create the biggest storm that will hurt every fish in the sea and kill the 7 great white sharks!” Poseidon chanted. Jazzy was the only shark at Mt. Olympus and the only fish that would not be harmed When the storm was made their were so many clouds in the sky that after the storm they were still here and that’s why they are still here in the sky today! After the storm Jazzy was brought back to the sea and he lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER while he was good friends with Poseidon.

19 Earlier today, Prometheus begged Zeus for fire. Zeus refused to give Prometheus the fire, because fire is very important to the Gods. Later, Prometheus sneaks into the room of where the fire was hidden. Prometheus steals the fire to show to men in the city. Zeus found out that Prometheus stole the fire, and grew really angry. Now that is how this horrible storm happened. On Mount Olympus, the sky was pouring rain. The sky crackled and shot lightning everywhere. All over the Earth, the huge storm was happening. Zeus has gone mad. Smoke came out of his ears and his face changed to bright red. He was furious. Suddenly, Zeus started crying. The fire was one of his prized possessions. He always sat near the fire. He loved the fire so much. On Mount Olympus, it was raining. The rain was Zeus’s tears and the lightning was from Zeus too. Just remember, whenever there’s a storm…it’s Zeus crying. BY CATHERINA PARK

20 -_____________ -______________

21 G-ds usually have many problems concerning humans, but they also have problems that hurt them and the world. Zeus gets headaches very often. When he gets headaches, he gets them badly. Headaches cause Zeus to go insane and start jumping and stomping all over the place. It causes a great shake in the earth and sometimes it causes damage to the Earth’s ground wherever it hits. Poseidon also gets headaches, but when he gets his headaches, they happen in the ocean. When he has horrible headaches they cause the ocean to whirl and make a huge tsunami that can cause a huge disaster.

22 of a god should be cherished, not wasted. So, Athena sent a women to warn Cleo not to take Aphrodite’s favor for grant it. Cleo would not take the advice, though. She crossed the line. She insulted the gods, saying how ridiculous they are not to favor her like Aphrodite. Once Athena heard this, she cursed Cleo with terrible misfortune for the rest of her life. Cleo was taught her lesson, and from now on everyone who hears the myth of Cleo are careful to not take the good things in their life for grant it. By Julia D’Zmura There was once a beautiful women that lived in Greece and was named Cleo. She had won the heart of a handsome hero who she expected to marry. Now of course Aphrodite had taken a warm liking to this maiden and decided to help her out a little bit. As you can imagine, Cleo had only the best of luck after that. After a while though, Cleo’s usual admirers started to dwindle. She had become too self centered. She bragged that she had the blessing of Aphrodite, and was marrying a man that was handsome and strong. Predictably, Athena was not happy with this. She believed that the rare favor

23 Horoscopes Cancer- This month you will have good luck and get money from a stranger. Aries- You’ll get in a big fight this month, it’ll blow over by the end of the month. Taurus- Your month will be uneventful except on the first you will celebrate. Gemini- You will receive presents this month and learn a valuable lesson. Leo- All month you will have the feeling you are being followed by someone. Virgo- You will be moody all month long and lose a close friend. Libra- You will get sick, and recover at the end of the month. Scorpio- You’ll come up with an awesome idea this month, and be greatly rewarded. Sagittarius-Someone will give you a compliment that brightens up your whole month. Capricorn-You will search for something all month and find it in the last place you look. Aquarious- you will accomplish much this month, but feel you were not rewarded enough. Pices- You will be around friends all month, and really enjoy yourself. Authors note- These fortunes may not come true, and cannot be relied on. - Orcale of Delphi orcale of delphi

24 The Fight One day in the grassy plains of Greece, out in the wilderness, a terrible battle was being fought. Hades was trying to over throw Zeus and take control of Mt.Olympus. Zeus was flying around and hurling thunderbolts at Hades. Hades was rolling and jumping and dodging over them and hurling balls of fire at Zeus. Then, they both shot each other with a great ball of their energy. The energy hit each other in mid-air and created a huge explosion, and they were both thrown to the ground. When they got up, they noticed another figure between them. He sat up, a fully grown man. “Where am i? Who am I? What the heck?” But Zeus and Hades were also very confused. “Did I just give birth?” Asked Hades “No idiot It’s not possible. He just appeared.” They decided to name him loner, since he had no family. He didn’t have any special godly power and no one liked him. Loner was shunned. Zeus and Hades were especially disappointed because all of there sons grew to be the greatest of gods. They were also embarrassed they both had a baby together. One day Loner was roaming the vast mountains of Greece. He Hated life, as no one liked him, not even his own dads. He noticed a small basket lying in a rock crevice. He went up and looked inside, and saw a baby inside! It started crying. He set out on a journey to find its parents. As he did this the gods from above observed him and thought he was trying to steal the baby! He didn’t realize behind the rocks there was a picnic and a sleeping mother. He turned in the other direction and started walking in search of the mother. The gods got so angry at Loner, they came down and banished him to be the royal stable cleaner of the gods. After 6 years of boring staple cleaning, Hades paid a visit to Loner. Hades felt really bad for Loner so he invited him to the underworld to be his apprentice.

25 Loner could not have been any happier, and he wouldn’t have to deal with the other gods throwing rotten food at him. Loner Boarded Hade’s carriage pulled by pitch black horses and sailed right underneath a mountain, into the underworld. Loner was extremely excited because no one had ever taken pity on him and offered him a position that he actually wanted. He started taking lessons about the underworld for several months. After a year Hades just couldn’t take anymore of Loners stupidity. Hades opened a giant pit in the earth and dropped him into an eternal fall down until he lands in a giant pit of lava. Talk about depressing. Loner tried to use godly powers to escape, except he didn’t have any talents. He tried so hard, he exploded and his body parts rained into the pit of lava. As for Hades, he had to take a therapy class about anger management The End.

26 Slightly used Poseidon's trident! Only 499.99! Come on folks, who doesn’t need a handy trident laying around? Al kinds of uses stabbing, cutting, shearing, the list goes on and on! Buy today! Zeus’s Thunderbolt Good condition thunderbolt! Used by the god Zeus, and used as a major weapon in great battles. Who doesn’t wish you could strike people with lightning sometimes? Well now you can! Nobody can resist this great deal on a worthy thunderbolt. Buy today! Please use responsibly. Only 1999999.99! Advertisement Section

27 One beautiful day Echo was walking around alone on Mt. Olympus. Then she hears a faint sound coming from the forest. She starts walking towards the sound, and she sees it… a small nymph crying. Echo runs toward the nymph. “What seems to be the matter?” asks Echo. “I was talking to Hera and she said I was her best friend she could ever have.” The nymph cried even harder. Echo was now worried about the nymph. “Then Zeus came and talked to Hera about a party and I asked her who’s party it is and she said it was hers.” the nymph felt betrayed and lied to because Hera did not invite her but she invited about 20-30 other nymphs and gods. Then Echo realized that is the party she is going to later. “How cruel, I got invited to that party would you like to go with me?” Echo asked the nymph very politely. The nymph decided to go with Echo. The little nymph never thought that someone would take her to a party with them. When they get to the party there are about 25-30 nymphs and gods there. Since Hera was so cruel Echo gave her a curse of jealousy. Every time Hera sees someone having a conversation she needs to be the center of attention. So for now on Hera is always jealous of someone.

28 One day on the shores of Hawaii, the great god Poseidon was helping the young sea turtles get from there nets to the water. He saw a vision of beauty, a native islander. He feel in love. Unlike his brother Hades, he was not going to steal the one he loved, but wait till she came to him. After both spending time together, Naomi began to fall in love with Poseidon. Word had gotten around to mount Olympus, where Zeus became enraged. He had once been with Naomi, and would not let his brother love the woman he had once loved. Zeus went down to earth and told Naomi that if she didn’t stop seeing Poseidon, then he would make sure her son will have a painful death. Knowing what she had to do for the safety of her family, she ventured down to the dock. There she told Poseidon that they could no longer be together, and that she never had any feelings for him. This greatly upset the god. Since he was god of the ocean, the ocean reacted to his feelings. The once clear blue water, suddenly turned an upset grey and started swirling. the winds started picking up, and the first wave stared to build its turbulence. Closer and closer, the wave came to the shore of the island. Finally, the impact. Because of the wave, many died. The native islanders called this terrible wave a tsunami. The BIG Wave

29 JUST IN! Come out and catch the tsunami wave. Come get a surfboard. Better hurry fast, since the tsunami on Saturday came, these have been flying off the shelves. You never know when Poseidon will get angry again!

30 Athena Proves Wrong Rachel Paek Millions of years ago, Athena was known for teaching lessons. Lancing, the land owner, was an amazing crop planter. He could plant crops faster than anyone in the town. People from farms would adore and watch Lancing’s work. He would brag, and tell everyone that there was no one better. After Lancing was done planting crops for the day, he would tell the people watching that they should just stop farming. He told the people this because nobody was as fast as him and everybody would only buy from him. He didn’t want anyone to challenge him. Later, Athena hears about his mean comments and challenges Lancing to a competition. Whoever finished planting a whole acre first won the competition. When Lancing finished planting after Athena, he fell to the ground. Athena had proved him wrong. Since he made the other farmers feel like nothing, he deserved a consequence. Athena did admit that Lancing the land owner was a good farmer, therefore she turned him into a crop. He suffered for years and years. Every time Lancing got picked during corn season, he would suffer threw a very painful series. People would pick, then peel, cook, and finally eat. Then he would go through the whole process over. Now everyone from that town is obedient to each farmer. Unscramble The Gallery Of Gods And Goddesses IONSYUSD __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ MERSEH __ __ __ __ __ __ STUSAEHPEH __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ THEANA __ __ __ __ __ __ MIESRTA __ __ __ __ __ __ __ OLPOAL __ __ __ __ __ __ OSEIDONP __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ METREED __ __ __ __ __ __ __ RESA __ __ __ __ RAHE __ __ __ __ DITEROAPH __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ USEZ __ __ __ __

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